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Obituary - Pam Cornish 1944 - 2017

Issue: 29/09/2017


I remember as if it were yesterday the first day I met Pam. At the time I had a litter to sell, three dogs and three bitches. The dogs had all been sold before they were born to go abroad, but I still had the three bitches, writes Hazel Hunt
The film 'Lassie Come Home', had just been released and was very popular, so I just stuck a notice on the gate 'Lassie Collie Puppies for Sale'. I did not even mention the price, which was 15 each for the bitches. The following day Pam arrived clutching a 10 note, and wanted a dog puppy, but seemed happy to except a bitch.
She had something about her even then which convinced me she would be an asset to our Club. I pulled out one puppy, there was nothing between them, but I put it in her arms and said that I was not sure about this one, so you can have her for 10, and that I would come over later with the paperwork.
Pam was so keen to learn that I asked if she would like to come to a collie show, and so we went to the Collie Association Championship Show. As usual I bought 5 worth of Raffle tickets and Pam just bought one, result for me as usual was nothing, but Pam won the star prize a teasmade
When she whelped her first litter, Pam was in her element, she always was meticulous with her cleaning, and my goodness she was, everything from floor to the ceiling was cleaned and scrubbed, till it shone, she had two piles of vet beds one in use and the other just waiting.
Oh how she loved whelping I used to sit outside the whelping box, while Pam was inside with the bitch, extracting the puppies when necessary, (often saying it's another dog shall I put it back) sometimes it would go on all night but Pam's sense of humour never diminished.
As I have said Pam was gifted with a great sense of humour everywhere she went at a show you heard the laughter, I remember going to a collie holiday in Italy, there were about twenty of us. 
The waiters came out carrying their trays obviously with some trepidation at serving the English party but within five minutes she knew all their Christian names and had them and the whole party in fits of laughter, I remember Stella Clark saying, 'where did you get her from Hazel'.
During all the years I have known her we never fell out, we squabbled amicably together, but were always the best of friends.
Both I and The West of England Collie Society will miss her immeasurably, I do not know what I shall do without her.

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