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Outrage over winner at Sighthound show

Issue: 07/07/2017


A PETITION has gained over 9,000 signatures following outrage over a Sloughi BOB winner at the recent Russian Sighthound championship show. 
Mid week last week some photographs of the Sloughi  BOB winner at the Russian Sighthound show started to appear on Facebook, and within 24 hours these had gone viral with world wide condemnation of the condition of the dog. The dog appeared emaciated with poor skin and no muscle tone, many people said he looked 'very depressed'.  
The dog, Insar el Shakir de la Bérondière,  was bred in France in 2013  by Marie-France Debaye who was distraught when she saw the images and is now trying to get back the three Sloughis that she sold to this kennel, which is owned by Ksenia Ruta who has the Borzomir Kennels (Sloughi, Tazi and Taigan) in Russia. She also had a Tazi & a Taigan there on the day.
One of the main concerns was the official photographs, where the dog was surrounded by happy smiling people, including the judge. 


It has also been reported that the owner  allegedly tried to say they had been photo shopped, but this has yet to be confirmed.
The Sloughi Club (UK) was quick to issue a statement, which read: 
'The Officers and the Committee of the Sloughi Club wish to make it clear that we are shocked and appalled by the photographs of the BOB Sloughi at the recent Russian Sighthound Championship Show. This dog is clearly undernourished and has obviously been denied basic care and attention as is outlined in the Club's Code of Ethics. 
'The Sloughi Club UK has worked hard to promote the breed in this country, offering breed seminars to anyone who has an interest in the breed. We have also worked with the Kennel Club to be removed from the Breedwatch scheme, in fact we received word only a few weeks ago that as no reports of any Sloughis being 'significantly underweight' have been reported for three years this is about to be lifted. The Sloughi in the UK has received much positive publicity in recent times including a television interview with the Crufts Best of Breed as well as being short listed for Group placings several times.
'We, as a Committee, condemn both the judge who saw fit to give this dog Best of Breed, and also the owners/exhibitors who are responsible for the care of this emaciated hound.
'Please be aware that if any Sloughi was shown in the UK in such a condition the Club would be the first to take action.'


Once this was approved by the  Committee Secretary Kath Clark then proceeded to post it on every Sloughi page on Facebook, the rest of the Committee also shared it far and wide. 
Kath said: 'I am so happy to say that we got massive support from everyone, the statement also went viral, even in Europe where historically they do tend to keep their dogs a little leaner than we do. I really feel that it has turned a terrible negative into a positive, at least here in the UK. We were the first Club in Europe to release an official comment although the American Sloughi Association did post one a few hours before.  It took the rest of Europe a few days to catch up with Norway being the first, closely followed by Denmark. 
'Unfortunately, there is little else we can do as we are not under the jurisdiction of the FCI and I doubt the Kennel Club would want to become involved. Many people asked if there was any way we could help those poor dogs but other than flying someone out to Russia to steal the dogs I feel we are helpless. I just hope the FCI will take some form of action although I am not holding my breath, and I also hope that Marie-France manages to get them all back although they also have a litter of 7 puppies which she obviously has no claim to. 
'The plusses to this debacle that I can see is the fact that this pulled all the Sloughi folks together WORLDWIDE, even clubs & individuals who don't usually get on. However, the main one for me was the amount of support our little Club got from the dog people here in the UK. It was so heartening to read the messages of support from literally hundreds of people, this also included folks with lurchers etc on some of their pages. On behalf of the Committee and all our members I offer a heartfelt thanks to everyone who sent us encouraging messages.'

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