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Pugs stolen from top judge

Issue: 29/12/2017

A world renowned and respected judge has had dogs stolen from his home.
Michael Quinney has had three pugs taken from a secure building located at the back of his house in March, Cambridgeshire. 
A substantial reward has been offered for the return of three black Pug bitches that were taken on the night of the 16th December.
All of the dogs are in good condition. The dogs are aged between one and three and one of them has a slight white flash on its chest.
Mr Quinney told OUR DOGS, 'The building is a most beautiful building at the back of the house. It is almost an annex. It is insulated and has double glazing.
'It is obvious that they have come only for the dogs and that they knew what they were doing. The dogs are quite boisterous so they must have known how to handle them. I slept through it all.
'They cut off all the security electrics so they must have known what they were doing. They came from the  back of the building. 
'Other places have been targeted locally but I did not think they would target me.
'The police came and took down the details. It's really knocked me about this. I am really upset.'
Please call 01354 658819 if you are offered a black pug in the area or call Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111 if you can help.

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