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Puppy smuggling ‘needs to be stopped’

Issue: 03/11/2017

A number of European countries have jointly submitted a declaration to the Commission of the European Union (EU) calling for action to stop the smuggling of dogs.
Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Holland and Sweden have put together a declaration that outlines the inhumane conditions that trafficked dogs are subjected to from the day they are born.
They recognise that most of the trade comes from Eastern Europe, particularly countries such as Lithuania, with dogs collected from puppy farms and transported across the continent in terrible conditions to be sold.
Many of these dogs are diseased and they can have behavioural issues. In order to improve matters they want a group to be formed so that they can look into ways that European states can co-ordinate their identification and registration procedures.
It has also been identified that the pet passport scheme needs to be improved as a number of recent Dogs Trust reports have shown that it is currently not fit for purpose. Documents are often falsified with ease and passports are often sold with false birth dates and vaccination records.
Some have argued that all states should have the same security thresholds when it comes to the pet passport in order to provide greater transparency and traceability within the system.
It is hoped that with these major nations calling for change the EU might be able to tackle this trade.

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