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SGM discussed in Gazette

Issue: 03/11/2017

The KC Board has warned on all documentation to members that the content of the agenda for next week's Special General Meeting of the Kennel Club, should be kept private and confidential. However, despite that warning, some of what is being proposed to KC Members for voting there, was announced last week in the November issue of the Kennel Gazette.
According to the announcement, there will be proposals at the meeting to adjust the rules surrounding KC Membership. These will include:
Removing the restriction of 1,500 as the maximum number of KC members permitted
Creating no limit on membership numbers
Removing a joining fee in the first year of membership, thus cutting the first year's membership fee by a half
Allowing members to propose more than the current two new members per annum
Our Dogs is aware of, but cannot because of KC Board restrictions on publication, reveal the entire content of the Agenda for next week's Special General Meeting of the KC, some of which will impact on the world of dogs generally.
The above proposals contained in the Agenda papers have now, however, been announced in the KCs 'Official Publication', the Kennel Gazette. We therefore feel able to reveal that section of the Agenda to our readers, without fear of recrimination as it is clearly in the public domain.  
We do however repeat what we said in our Opinion Column last week, namely: 'We see no reason why the Kennel Club should insist on the currently demanded level of privacy, particularly as the Board has made it clear that it wishes to be open and transparent in all its dealings.  Much has been achieved and we believe this further step towards openness would be greatly welcomed by everyone involved.'

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