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Top judge resigns kc membership and retires from judging

Issue: 05/01/2018

Geoffrey Davies the well-known Toydog judge has announced his immediate resignation from Membership of the Kennel Club, and his withdrawal from all future judging appointments. 
In a statement on social media Mr Davies said: 'During the past 12 months I have given much thought and consideration reference my future in the world of pedigree dogs, and I have reached the decisions to resign my membership of the Kennel Club with immediate effect and to retire from judging with immediate effect. I have advised the Kennel Club and the relevant clubs and societies of these decisions.
'I remain passionate and committed to the world of pedigree dogs, and will feel free to comment constructively on issues that give me cause for concern. The education of judges and the care and treatment of existing judges are of paramount importance, and I will continue to mentor those who seek advice and encouragement in developing their judging careers. I will also continue my regular Facebook postings on historical and topical issues
'I would like to take this opportunity of thanking the clubs and societies which have provided me with such wonderful opportunities, and to my friends, both past and present, who have been supportive to me."

Speculation denied

Mr Davies, who has been a Member of the Kennel Club since 2008, was approved to award CCs to all of the Toy breeds. According to the KC's on-line 'Find a Judge' tool, at the time of his announcement he had forward appointments to judge breeds at Blackpool, Paignton and Bath 2018 and at Bath and Three Counties 2019 along with a breed club appointment in 2019.
As a result of his KC resignation and a statement made publicly by Mr Davies that he now felt: "free and able to comment upon issues that I feel strongly about, without fear of retribution" there was speculation that he was about to take issue with the present KC regime. 
Mr Davies was quick to deny this and last week said: "The Kennel Club has shown to me nothing but courtesy and support in all that I have requested. My decision to resign from the Kennel Club was to free me to pursue a more journalistic involvement in the world of pedigree dogs…….This afternoon I re-affirmed my support for the Chairman of the Kennel Club, Mr. Simon Luxmoore. He is, in my opinion, the best chairman that the Kennel Club has had since the days of Peter James."  

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