My Dog Is De-toxing!

Many of us feel sluggish and drained in January – the effects of too much rich food, lazy days and a dearth of fresh air. But what about our canine companions? Could our dogs also be feeling the effects of too many chips and a couch potato lifestyle?

Well luckily Dorwest have the answer. Just as the craze for chlorophyllin detoxing has swept Hollywood, Dorwest Herbs have produced their own chlorophyllin formula in tablet form, aptly named Doggy De-ToxTM. Made with all-natural ingredients, Doggy De-Tox can neutralize gut odours and remove toxins that build up in the system. All too often those can give rise to the dodgy doggy smells that dissipate through the skin and make our furry friends less attractive at close quarters. 

Doggy De-Tox must be given for 4 weeks for full effect and owners are sure to see their dog show signs of improved vitality and zest for life, according to Dorwest’s herbal expert Mary Boughton. The company, who also make a full range of veterinary licensed herbal medicines for dogs, believe that Doggy De-Tox is set to restore the reputation of some dogs who have been labeled permanently whiffy.

Says Mary Boughton, ”The Doggy De-Tox formula contains organic seaweed (Ascophylllum nodosum) which mops up toxins, cleansing peppermint and parsley, ‘supergreen’ foods with powerful detoxification and purification properties.  Chlorophyllin is a derivative of plant chlorophyll and as well as being an excellent detoxifying agent is also a very effective anti-oxidant that prevents build up of damaging free radicals – hence it’s new found popularity with the jet set.”

Most dog owners firmly believe that their pets deserve to be treated like A-listers, so there is sure to be huge interest in a New Year canine de-tox. There is even extra help on hand for those dog owners who would really like to ‘get with the programme’. If your hound really honks or your setter smells sweaty, Dorwest have put together a 4-step Canine De-Tox Programme to help make life sweeter.

  1. Give Doggy De-Tox daily for 4 weeks and as needed thereafter

  2. Bathe your dog with Pennyroyal Shampoo to leave the coat minty fresh and shiny.

  3. Boost the immune system with Garlic and Fenugreek tablets – a fully veterinary licensed herbal medicine that bolsters the resistance and allows your dog to give bugs the heave-ho.

  4. Clean your dog’s teeth using yummy Roast Dinner toothpaste. The low foam formula ensures there is no need to rinse and spit and sage oil freshens the teeth and gums.

After all that you are sure to have turned our mucky pup into a pristine pet with glossy tresses and bountiful reserves of energy. Doggy De-Tox is available from veterinary practices, pet shops or direct from Dorwest. For further information visit or call 0870 733 7272.

Press Contact: Susan McKay Tel 01284 386891