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Eukanuba World Challenge

World Challenge launched in Geneva

Eukanuba last week announced the launch of the 2010 Eukanuba World Challenge. This high-profile event final will once again will be hosted at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championships on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th December at the Long Beach Convention Centre in California.
Last year’s event raised the bar of this prestigious competition and this year’s event promises to be even more fervently contested, and will include an additional North American representative (Eukanuba Breeders’ Stakes Champion).

The 2009 Eukanuba World Challenge Champion was selected from a group of 12 “Challenge” finalists by distinguished judge, Frank Sabella. He revealed the 2009 Eukanuba World Challenge Champion as the outstanding Bracco Italiano, Multi Ch Axel del Monte Alago, owned by Bitte Ahrens and Salvatore Tripoli, bred in Italy by Anna Maria Matteuzzi Scotto.

Eukanuba prides itself on bringing out the magnificence in dogs through its premium nutrition. This year Eukanuba have created an inspirational Breeders Stakes competition to celebrate that magnificence. Qualifying heats will be held at prominent, designated shows in North America between January and November. The breeder winning “Best In Eukanuba Breeders’ Stakes” from each heat will then select one dog from their winning team. They and their dog will be invited to the AKC/Eukanuba National Championships in December to compete in a Eukanuba Breeders’ Stakes final, which will take place prior to the Eukanuba World Challenge section judging. The winner of this final will become the North American representative (Eukanuba Breeders Stakes Champion), competing in one of the four sections.

Jason Taylor, External Relation Manager, Procter and Gamble Pet Care said: ‘Eukanuba is dedicated to supporting breeders and their principles to produce healthy, happy dogs. The Eukanuba Breeders’ Stakes recognizes the talent of breeders and honours this back bone of the sport of purebred dogs. We created the Eukanuba Breeders’ Stakes as a special competition designed to feature an overall breeding program, a platform for breeders to shine.’

For the second successive year, a qualifying heat will be held at the FCI World Dog Show in Denmark in June. An invitation will be extended by Eukanuba to 19 FCI European member countries’ National Kennel Clubs. They will be invited to nominate a Top Winning Dog to represent their country and compete for one of three winning places offering them the opportunity to travel to the Eukanuba World Challenge 2010 event in California. This will be in addition to the 20 European Countries who are already invited and have previously participated in the 2009 Eukanuba World Challenge.

The UK will hold its Eukanuba Champion Stakes final on 23rd October at the Chesford Grange hotel, Kenilworth where 26 finalists (winners from qualifying Champion Stakes at UK General All Breed Championship Shows) will compete and one will become the UK representative for the Eukanuba World Challenge 2010.

Another segment - introduced last year - is an invitation extended to the Best In Show winners of the three FCI Section Shows; Americas & Caribbean Winners Show, Lima, Peru (17th & 18th July); European Winners Show, Celji, Slovenia (30th Sept - 3rd Oct) and the Asia & Pacific Winners Show, Bangkok, Thailand (23rd Oct.) Dogs participating there will be classified and assembled into four non-geographically related regions. This will put together groups consisting of dogs from different continents, predicated on the draw of countries held at the World Dog Show.

The judges for the Eukanuba World Challenge 2010 sections will be Sean Delmar (Ireland), Desmond Murphy (United States), Stefan Stefik (Slovakia) and Damir Skok (Croatia). They will each chose three finalists from their section, culminating in 12 finalists selected from the 41 participating dogs. The ultimate winner and titleholder of the Eukanuba World Challenge Champion 2010 will be selected by Hans Lehtinen (Finland ) winning the title plus $10,000. The runner up and first runner up will each win $3,000 & $2,000 respectively, and the winning country’s Kennel club will be awarded $5,000, all courtesy of Eukanuba.

Richard Learwood, Eukanuba Global Marketing Director said, “The Eukanuba World Challenge is an authentic and unparalleled global event, bringing together some of the world’s most influential breeders and acclaimed top winning dogs. Working together we have accomplished an impressive feat which conclusively enhances the world of dogs. Eukanuba’s patronage in this global event is a testament to our passion for dogs.”

FCI World Dog Show Qualifying Event - 19 European countries invited to participate are: Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Iceland, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine (resulting in 3 Qualifying Countries whose participating dog will represent their country in the EWC in Long Beach).

Eukanuba World Challenge 2010 in Long Beach, California -20 European countries invited to participate in Long Beach are: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, South Africa.

The Americas (including Canada): Argentina, Brazil, Canada , Mexico, North America (Eukanuba Breeders Stakes Champion), Puerto Rico, Uruguay, USA (AENC BIS Winner), Asia & Pacific: Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan