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Eukanuba World Challenge

UK all set to unveil Stakes winner


THIS WEEKEND will see all eyes on the Eukanuba Champion Stakes, and the UK will find out who its representitive will be at the Eukanuba World Challenge in California in December.

The Eukanuba Champion Stakes winner will be selected from just 25 dogs who have qualified by winning at one of 25 UK Championship Shows. The three judges’ names are being kept under wraps and will be announced on the day, along with the format.

The now well established Eukanuba World Challenge also offers top dogs from around the world the unique opportunity to participate in the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in California. All eligible dogs may compete to win the $50,000 prize for Best in Show.

Qualified dogs also compete for the title of Eukanuba World Challenge Champion, with a $10,000 prize; additional prizes are $3,000 for the runner-up and $2,000 for first runner-up.

In 2010, the 41 selected dogs, representing countries from around the globe, receive an all-expenses paid trip to compete at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Last year’s UK representative Karina Le Mare and Glynn Payne with their Top Winning Bulldog Multi Ch Black Hope Brando said of their experience in Long Beach, ‘We had a fabulous time, Eukanuba treated us so well and the competition was outstanding.’ Glynn added ‘We were so proud to have been able to represent our country at such a great event as the Eukanuba World Challenge.’

José Luis Ibanez from Eukanuba pictured at the European Show in Slovenia where Eukanuba
was the principal supporter. He is pictured with the President of the Slovenian Kennel Club
Blaz Kavcic (left) and on the right the President of the next European Dog Show in Holland,
Gerard Jipping. Eukanuba will be the main sponsor in Holland next September
and OUR DOGS has also been appointed International Media Partner


The finalists are:

Newton’s Whippet Ch Nut Chip of Nevedith JW,

Dobbin’s Newfoundland Ch & Ir Ch Fairweathers Knockout with Brooklyn Bear,

Ashdown, Bedford & Waller’s Newfoundland Ch King of Helluland The Deep Blue at Chateaunewf,

Barbour’s Dobermann Ch Freelance Temptation for Acumlow,

Isherwood & Cox’s Chinese Crested Ch Vanitonia Unwrapped,

Greechan & Millward’s Afghan Hound Ch Rashid Ebn Hugo Von Haussman at Myhalston,

Gordon’s West Highland White Terrier Ch Lamsmore Fitzwritin,

Geddes’ Rough Collie Ch & Ir Ch Blackgary La Dame Chere at Ingledene,

Hobbs’ Newfoundland Ch Sheridel Nerissa of Alphabear JW ShCM,

Dawson’s Borzoi Ch Stubbylee Jazz Diva JW,

Hunt’s Dachshund (Min Smooth) Ch, Can & Am Ch Grandgables Ms Supernatural at Carpaccio,

Hillier’s Briard Ch Stormfield Seiso at Charson,

Bryce Smith’s Saluki Ch Nefisa Bushrah of Saruk,

Anderson’ Lhasa Apso Ch Zentarr Elizabeth,

Croft Elliot’s Chinese Crested Am Ch, Lux JCH Ch Chmiel Argoel Next Germanika,

Irvine’s Flatcoated Retriever Sh Ch Vbos The Kentukian,

Futcher’s Gordon Setter Sh Ch Flaxheath Freelander JW ShCM,

Sheridan’s Newfoundland Ch Hanningfield Touch of Magic JW ShCM,

Blackburn-Bennett’s Pointer Sh Ch Kiswahilli Martin at Kanix,

Wilkinson’s Whippet Ch Benzfreya Drumbeat,

Corbett’s English Springer Spaniel Sh Ch Trimere Thriller,

Dodds & Pearson’s Dalmatian Ch Camargue Gucci Envy,

Dunnachie’s Dalmatian Ch Dvojica Vodoo JW,

Hall’s Lhasa Apso Ch Shenedene RU looking At Me JW and SWKA

Searle’s Great Dane Ch Murrayvhale Manfred.

The competition will be held as usual at the Chesford Grange Hotel in Kenilworth.