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Eukanuba World Challenge

Who will be crowned in California?

Eukanuba sponsored the Amsterdam Winner Show last weekend.
Pictured here is Breeder Manager Rik Boelee (second from left) and Carol de Kroon,
PR Manager (far right) with colleagues from Eukanuba on their stand at the show

The fourth annual Eukanuba World Challenge is set to take place this weekend at the AKC/ Eukanuba National Championships in Long Beach, California.

Representing the UK is William and Amanda Dobbin’s Newfoundland, UK / Irish Ch Fairweather’s Knockout With Brooklynbear (imp) a multi BIS, Top Winning Newfoundland 2009 & 2010, amassing 29 CCs along the way. Representing Ireland is Philip O'Brien, Jaroslava Poulova and Edward O'Brien’s Multi Best In Show, Top Winning Kerry Blue Terrier, Multi Ch. Edbrios Amadeus, CC Winner at Crufts 2009, World Winner & European 2009

Storm and Frankie will be two of 43 top winning dogs competing for the highly coveted title Eukanuba World Challenge Champion 2010. Other high fliers will include the three winning dogs selected at the EWC qualifying event held at the FCI World Dog Show in July by FCI Vice President, Christofer Habig; Leelo Ratas’ Dalmatian, Multi Ch Alphadirato Future Brand (Brandy) representing Estonia, Chrysanthi Leventaki’s Shar Pei, Multi Ch Precious Hug True Secret of Life (Fibi) representing Greece and Benita Krasovska’s Chihuahua, Multi Ch Pähkinan Benita's King (King) representing Latvia.

New twist

Members of the Eukanuba team
pictured with the Winner girls at the show.

Pictured in chilly Amsterdam were Horst Kliebenstein from Germany with Ronnie Irving of the kennel Club. Centre is Carla Molinari who was ‘just passing through’ as she was due to be in California to judge the Eukanuba World Challenge later this week.

This year Eukanuba added a new twist to the event by creating an inspirational Breeders Stakes competition. Qualifying heats were held at prominent, designated shows in North America between January and November. These regional qualifying heats enabled breeders to exhibit a team of three dogs, all bred by them, from at least two litters chosen from their breeding programme. The breeder winning Best In Eukanuba Breeders Stakes from each heat has selected one dog from their winning team. They and their dog have been invited to the AKC/Eukanuba National Championships to Stakes final which will take place prior to the Eukanuba World Challenge section judging. The winner of this final will become the North American representative (Eukanuba Breeders Stakes Champion).

The breeders who will be competing with a dog from their breeding programme for this honour are Bobbi Kinley Blewett winner of EBS Mid-West Region at the Beaver County Kennel Club in Ohio with the Adesa Bernese Mountain Dogs; Mark McMillan winner of EBS in Canada with the Grand Gables Miniature Smooth Dachshunds; Michelle Santana winner of EBS West Region Rose City Cluster in Oregon with the Foxfire Dobermann Pinschers; Lisa Myers winner of EBS for the Mid Region Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows in Houston, Texas with the Asia Shar Pei and Anne Curtis winner of EBS for the East Region at the Tuxedo Park Kennel Club Show in New Jersey with her Victorianne Airedales, awarded by UK judge Frank Kane

Jason Taylor, External Relation Manager, Procter and Gamble Pet Care told us: ‘Eukanuba is dedicated to supporting breeders in their desire to produce healthy, happy dogs. The Eukanuba Breeders Stakes recognizes the talent of breeders and honours this back bone of the sport of purebred dogs. We created the Eukanuba Breeders Stakes as a special competition designed to feature an overall breeding program, a platform for breeders to shine.’

Lottery style

Each of the 43 representatives from around the globe will compete in one of the four sections as was pulled out in the lottery style draw which took place in the main ring at the FCI World Show in July this year. The judges responsible for selecting 12 winning dogs in Long Beach for the Eukanuba World Challenge 2010 final will be: Jaime Ganoza from Peru; Desmond Murphy from USA; Sean Delmar from Ireland and Stefan Stefik from Slovakia. Each section judge will chose three finalists from their section. The ultimate winner and titleholder of the Eukanuba World Challenge Champion 2010 will be selected by Carla Molinari from Portugal winning the title plus $10,000. The runner up and first runner up will each win $3,000 & $2,000 respectively, and the winning country’s Kennel club will be awarded $5,000, all courtesy of Eukanuba.

The AENC and the World Challenge event is being televised for broadcast in America on the ABC network and will roll out in other territories around the world.

The judges

Carla Molinari

Carla Molinari

Carla Molinari is the current President of the Clube Portugues de Canicultura (CPC - Portugese Kennel Club) a position she has held since 1985. Recognised as an FCI All Breeds Judge in 1983, she started her judging career in 1976. She is one of the few FCI judges to have judged seven times at Cruft’s.

Carla enjoys an extensive association with the world of dogs. As a highly successful breeder and exhibitor in a number of different breeds, gaining a huge amount of success worldwide, breeding and making up hundreds of Champions over the years, Carla has an enviable and vast wealth of knowledge. She is truly considered one of the most respected judges worldwide.

Carla says, ‘Having already had the pleasure to judge one of the Sections at the EUKANUBA World Challenge in 2009, to be invited to judge the World Challenge Finals at Long Beach this year is a great honour for me. I am certainly looking forward to this marvellous experience and to having the opportunity to actually select the best among the best of all the representatives of more than 40 countries around the world! Thank you to the AKC, The FCI and its members and Eukanuba for making this great event possible for the world of dogs.’

Stefan Stefik

Stefan Stefik

SK International exterior judge for the FCI group IV (Dachshunds) since 1990, for the FCI group VI (Scenthounds and related breeds), X (Sighthounds) and the other breeds since 2000.

From 1981 has been devoted to dachshund breeding and training, in 1986 became a hunting dogs trial judge. His wire-haired dachshunds achieved both major show and hunting trial success. He is Chairman of the Slovakian Dachshund club. Since 1993 President of the Slovak Kennel Club and since 1999 the member of the FCI Board.

Sean Delmar (Ireland)

Sean Delmar (Ireland)

Sean Delmar began his judging career in Ireland more than 40 years ago; today he is a FCI All Breeds Judge and awards BIS. He has judged on all continents including at FCI World Dog Shows, the Royal Adelaide in Australia, Crufts, and many National and Regional Winner Shows. He travels regularly to officiate at many shows worldwide throughout the year. In addition to that he stills finds the time to attend some shows with one of his three sons who is a successful breeder /owner/handler of Fox Terriers in his own right.

Sean’s family ‘Shillelagh Kennels’ has been one of the most significant terrier kennels in Ireland over the last 50 years winning many awards and breeding/exhibiting countless champions. Sean commented, ‘I am looking forward immensely to this judging appointment as I consider it one of the premier canine events worldwide. The Eukanuba World Challenge is the only contest for show dogs that provides a platform for the qualifying dogs to represent their country and it guarantees the owners a 'once in a life time' experience thanks to the wonderfully generous sponsorship of Eukanuba.’

Desmond Murphy (USA)

Desmond Murphy (USA)

Desmond comes from a background steeped in a long tradition of dogs, although over the years he has enjoyed his own successes. Desmond is proud of his enviable lineage that extends back to his grandfather who was a breeder and exhibitor. His father and two uncles were professional handlers. It was his grandfather’s brother who handled the famous Scottish Terrier UK Ch Heather Realization which held the Best In Show record in Britain for close to 70 years.

During a very active career in dogs, which has seen Desmond achieve much success, he cites one of his proudest accomplishments in the Sport as being part of an organizing committee at an annual Breeders Showcase at Santa Barbara.
Desmond says, ‘The AKC/ Eukanuba National Championship show has to be one of the greatest shows in the World today. It promotes breeders in this country through the Bred-By class and the World Challenge promotes breeders from throughout the entire World. I am very proud to be a small part this GREAT show. This year I am very excited to be judging one of the sections of the World Challenge.’

Jaime Ganoza

Jaime Ganoza

Born in Lima, Peru, Jaime grew up in a family with dogs around him ranging from several breeds like the German Shepherd, Papillion, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, and Pug among others. Since 1975 Jaime has bred, owned and handled Afghans Hounds. He has enjoyed the privilege of successfully producing many Champions under his own Kennel Name “Dega Afghans”; collectively making up more than 80 Breed Champions
Jaime told us: ‘I am very pleased to be invited to judge a section of the prestigous Eukanuba World Challenge 2010. As a breeder/owner and handler I understand the importance and the honour bestowed upon these dogs who have this fabulous opportunity to represent their countries. I wish each and every one of them the very best of success.’

The dogs

Section 1
Judge: Jaime Ganoza (Peru)

Argentina: Andrea Fabiana Laruccia/Carlos Souto /Natalia Colombo’s Dobermann Ch Alex de Akido San; Australia Cheryl Le Court’s Siberian Husky Aust GR Ch Suthanlites Fireworx; Czech Republic Monika Kupicova’s Maltese Ch White Field Rio; Hungary Gabor Korozs & Timea Korozs Toth’s Komodor Ch. Orsi Ohungarikum; Mexico Begona & Rafael Gimenez Valdez’s Xoloitzcuintle (Standard Mexican Hairless) Ch Tenango; Norway Cecilie & Knut Fr Blutecher’s Greyhound Int /Norw/ Swed /Dan Ch Showline Sporting Step; Puerto Rico Luis Placer’s Smooth Fox Terrier Puerto Rico, International, Latin American, Panamerican Ch Terrich Patent Pending; Spain Alberto Velasco Sanchez’s Lakeland Terrier Ch Chelines Kissing-Rainbows; Taiwan – Hung-Chih Teng’s Dobernann Ch KCT. CH/08 Angel of Ha Lin Kennel, United Kingdom William & Amanda Dobbin’s Newfoundland Ch / Ir Ch Fairweather’s Knockout With Brooklynbear (imp) and USA, Tonya Struble, Mark Struble & Kelsey Dunn Golden Retriever Am. Grand Ch Can CH Rush Hill's River Road Payoff

Section 2
Judge: Desmond Murphy (USA)

Chile Fernando Andres Burgos Maldonado’s Akita Ch, Chi, Ur, Ch, La, Ecu, Co, Br, Ur, Ar, Ch, Jchi VeAycVen Jov Mun. Kenzo Von Dabuso; China Liu Zaichun’s Siberian Husky Ch N.Y.'S Jianrun Moody; FCI Americas & Caribbean Section Show BIS Winner (Chile) Ramón Podesta’s Afghan Hound Multi Ch Zurah Bint Rashid Von Haussman; FCI European Section Show BIS Winner (Sweden) Niklas & Ingunn Erikson’s Saluki Int Nord Multi BIS SBOS Int Nord Sl Si Ch WW-09 DkW-09 SW-10 EuW-10 Shiraz California Dreamin'; Finland Ulla & Riikka Bjorkman’s Smooth haired Standard Dachshund Multi Ch Unita’s Charlemagne; Ireland Phillip O’BRIEN, Jaroslava Poulova & Edward O’Brien’s Kerry Blue Terrier Multi Ch Edbrios Amadeus; Japan – Yukiko Animada’s Borzoi Ch Sunburst Huntsman at Mechta; New Zealand Elsie Rennie’s Bichon Frise NZ Gr. Ch Sahndau Rise'N Shine; Poland Andrzej’s Ch Double Scotch Gold Young Lover; Russia Olga Shuvalova’s Welsh Corgi Pembroke Multi Ch Andvol Pinkerton and South Korea Hanchul Kang’s Kor.Ch.Kalian O Alec

Section 3
Sean Delmar (Ireland)

Belgium Dominique Delabelle’s Whippet Hannah Di Mahana; Brazil Zuleika Torrealba’s Stadard Poodle Ch Fantastico da Maya; Estonia (EWC Qualifying Event Winner) Leelo Rata’s Dalmatian Multi Ch Alphadirato Future Brand; Greece (EWC Qualifying Event Winner) Lila Leventaki’s Shar Pei Multi Ch Precious Hug True Secret of Life; Latvia – (EWC Qualifying Event Winner) Benita Krasovska’s Chihuahua Multi Ch Pahkinan Benitas King; Netherlands Wouter Dijksman’s St Benard Multi Ch Zuleika Torrealba; Philippines Jermyn Co Tan’s Pug Ch Woodstock Bubu; Singapore Chua Ming Kok’s Toy Poodle SG, Jap Ch, Smash Jp Vocalist; South Africa Diane Hansen’s Whippet Kusa Nat Dog ’10 Ch Jesrae Take A Chance, Sweden Charlotte Sandell & Peter Palmedal’s Standard Poodle Ch Huffish Intensive Care; Uruguay Susana Sarraute Fernandez’s Dachshund (Miniature Smooth) Ch Zir`s Frida

Section 4
Stefan Stefik (Slovakia)

Austria Siberian Husky Ch Venus de Milo of Nordica; Canada Kimberley Groves, Fara Bushnell, Luiz Fernedez’s Bernese Mountain Dog Am/Can Grd Champion Avatars Try Try Again CGN; Denmark Camilla Staunskjaer Birk & Tove Staunskjaer’s Great Dane Ch Blaaholms Joker; FCI Asia Section Show BIS Winner (Thailand) Oranuj Kanjanachusak’s Siberian Husky M Can Th Grand Ch Kristari's; France Alain Praud’s Eurasier Ch Velcro Elton des Legendes de Retz; Germany Barbara Bruns & Wolfgang Stamp’s Samoyed Multi Ch Sammantic Only Dog; Italy Cane de Pastore Maremmano Abruzzese (Maremma and Abruzzes Sheepdog) Ch Cassio di lucus Angitiae; Portugal José Homem De Mello’s Basset Hound Ch Quickie Dos Sete Moinhos and Switzerland Jennifer Bern’s Russian Black Terrier Ch Hollywood Haelleas Bohenica