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Eukanuba World Challenge

Eukanuba World Challenge 2011

Eukanuba extends “Partners in Excellence” agreements with:

The Dutch Kennel Club (Raad van Beheer)

Pictured left to right: Rik Boelee (representing Holland Diervoeders B.V., the Eukanuba distributor for the Nederlands), Jose Luis Ibanez, Gerard Jipping (President of the Dutch KC, Jerome Duyster
(General Manager Dutch KC)

Eukanuba is proud to announce an extension of their “Partners in Excellence” agreement with the Dutch Kennel Club (Raad can Beheer). Both parties mutually agree that they have worked well together during the past four years since the initial agreement was put in place.
Rik Boelee, Netherland’s Eukanuba Distributor Director said "Initial discussions between Eukanuba and the Dutch Kennel Club took place in 2006, after signing our agreement in 2007 we steadily increased our co-operation. Both organizations have the same transparent objective and that is the well being of dogs. Within a short period of time we intensified our working relationship, which included a combined trade stand at the dog shows, sending out puppy packs to breeders and new puppy owners; organizing, every two years, a breeder symposium and the sponsorship of canine educational matters. It is because of this successful relationship that we are very happy to extend our agreement. Eukanuba's sponsorship of the EDS proved to be highly beneficial and served to intensify further our relationship of trust and commitment to the world of dogs, breeders and exhibitors. I am delighted that Eukanuba and the Dutch Kennel Club have signed an agreement for a further 4 years which will consolidate our association with one another."
President of the Dutch Kennel Club, Gerard Jipping continues, “Eukanuba is a very professional global organization. We have built up an excellent relationship with the local team here in Holland based on a mutual trust and respect. We are looking forward to working alongside Eukanuba and further enhancing our joint aims and together achieving our goals in the coming years”.
Jose Luis Ibanez, Eukanuba European Breeder Manager says “It is great to have the opportunity to build such productive relationships with national Kennel Clubs and for us all to be working for the benefit of dogs and their welfare by bringing together the best in nutrition and the best in education assisting breeders to produce the best dogs they possibly can. We are delighted to have sponsored the FCI Centenary European Dog Show this year and we look forward to continued success working with the Dutch team”.

The Portuguese Kennel Club (CPC)

Eukanuba and the Portuguese Kennel Club met up to extend their “Partners in Excellence” agreement at the FCI Centenary European Dog Show.
“The original agreement was signed in 2008, we are very happy with our existing relationship and we have mutually extended our agreement for a further three years”, says Jose Luis Ibanez, Eukanuba’s European Breeder Manager. Both organisations work
harmoniously together on dog shows, educational seminars and KC gala events.
Carla Molinari, President of the Portuguese KC (CPC) stated: “Over the past three years we have had an excellent and mutually rewarding relationship with Eukanuba. It is thanks to this partnership that we have been able to fulfill our aim to provide our breeders, exhibitors and owners in the dog world with excellent facilities and new ways of support. The CPC is most definitely looking forward to the next three years working together”