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Eukanuba World Challenge

Eukanuba World Challenge 2011

Countries’ Section Draw

The draw to allocate all of the 43 dogs participating at the Eukanuba World Challenge final in Orlando into four non geographical sections will take place at the Eukanuba Breeders Booth in the company of the FCI and under the spotlight of the world’s canine media on Sunday 10th at midday.
Four representatives will draw the countries’ names out of the globe and each country will be assigned to a section. Michael Canalizo, Director of AKC Event Management, has been part of the Eukanuba World Challenge team since its inaugural event in 2007. Michael was a former top professional handler from the USA who gained international success competing at two FCI World Dog Shows earning titles in 1983 and 2000; Hans Muller FCI President for some 26 years, a renowned FCI all breed judge who has officiated selecting the Eukanuba World Challenge Champion 2008 and the runner up and first runner up, and Jose Luis Ibanez (Eukanuba European Breeder Manager) has been actively involved with the Eukanuba World Challenge from its conception and a representative from the French Kennel Club.

Eukanuba Breeders Booth (between Halls 5a & 6, located next to the French Kennel Club stand)