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Eukanuba World Challenge

Eukanuba celebrating the FCI's Centenary

Eukanuba, P & G’s super premium pet nutrition brand, is proud to be part of the FCI’s 100th Anniversary celebrations. As a partner in excellence with the FCI since 2006, both global organisations have been successfully working together, sharing their respective wealth of knowledge and experience to the benefit of dogs worldwide.
Senior Vice President of Global P&G Pet Care, Dan Rajczak, comments, ‘Eukanuba and the FCI share a common purpose, a passion for dogs and their wellbeing. It is vital for global organisations such as P & G, to share this passion and their knowledge, pro-actively co-operating with other influential organisations. We have proved that by bringing together major players in the world of dogs, we can bring out the magnificence in dogs. A great example of this is the prestigious Eukanuba World Challenge, where Eukanuba, the FCI and the AKC work harmoniously together.
‘Eukanuba wish to take this opportunity to convey our warmest congratulations to the FCI on their 100th anniversary and wish them many more successful years in the future. Eukanuba look forward to our continued excellent partnership with the FCI’.
In celebration of the FCI’s 100th anniversary, Eukanuba will be the main sponsor the FCI Special Centenary Shows in 2011:
6-8th May, Dortmund, Germany – FCI Centenary Winner Show
7-10th July, Paris, France – FCI Centenary World Dog Show
1-4th Sept, Leeuwarden, Holland – FCI Centenary European Show
11th November, Brussels, Belgium – FCI Centenary Symposium.