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Eukanuba World Challenge

Eukanuba World Challenge 2011

Judging the Eukanuba World Challenge

Being a part of the Eukanuba World Stakes in the UK was a huge honour. To think I was one of the three judges to have the privilege of selecting the dog that would represent the UK at the Eukanuba World Championship in Orlando was something I never even dreamed of.
Having attended and judged at the AKC/Eukanuba Invitational dog show on a few occasions and watching the first World Championship I am not surprised how big this event is becoming. It is a wonderful global event that draws all dog show enthusiasts together. I can only see it getting bigger and more fantastic. It is our Olympics, but we don't have to wait four years for it, we get it annually.
The quality of the qualifying dogs was amazing. We had 25 fantastic dogs and it was a pleasure to examine each one. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Valerie Foss and Graham Hill. I felt we worked very well together. I had ring stewarded for Valerie at Westminster a few years prior and it was nice to reconnect. It was great to see some old friends and meeting so many new ones. What a great sport we have.
I thought the event was very well organized. The hotel accomodations were wonderful, the show format worked very well, the outcome fantastic and the evening event very high class. I only wish I could have stayed for the dancing, but I had to get to Swindon for the Cairn Club show I was judging the next morning.
I was very pleased that the Lhasa bitch won and will be able to attend the Orlando event. I understand in the past the actual winner was not able to attend due to not having the proper documentation. She is a lovely sized bitch, with beautiful expression and coat. She moved very well carrying a perfect topline and tail set. I think she will be a real challenger in the final event and wish her luck. I am sure I'll be secretly cheering her on. I only wish I could be there this year to watch in person.
I'd like to thank Andrew Brace, Mike Bloxsome, Phil Davies, Judy and all the others involved with Eukanuba for their hard work. Thanks to Ernie, Ann and Rob for their great ring stewarding and to Kevin Holmes, my dear friend for chauffeuring me around. Also, to his partner David Winsley for chauffeuring me around the previous days leading up to the event.
Thank you for letting me share in this spectacular event, I had a fantastic time.
n Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine

I was pleased to be able to judge at this prestigious event as over the years I have done all the ' big ones ' & this did not disappoint lovely to judge with Peggy & Graham, the best of Stewards & the Eukanuba team made perfect hosts, not forgetting the commentator Andrew Brace who did his usual good job.
1st the lovely Lhasa Apso, well balanced sturdy heavily coated, without excess & correct temperament.
2nd The Pointer Symmetrical & well built all over; outline a series of graceful curves.
3rd West Highland White Terrier, Strongly built, good coat, great combination of strengh & activity
4th Bearded Collie Balanced, good head & expression, not too heavy moved well
5th Bichon Frise Balanced with correct smart appearance happy lively dog good coat
n Valerie Foss