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Eukanuba World Challenge

Eukanuba World Challenge 2011

Eukanuba sponsors FCI Judging Manual

Pictured left to right: Horst Kliebenstein (President FCI Judges Commission),
Lars Ortlieb (Eukanuba Press Officer Europe, Middle East and Africa),
Yves De Clercq (FCI Executive Director)

Eukanuba and the FCI are “Partners in Excellence”; working closely together on a number of innovations including the enormously successful Eukanuba World Challenge.
This productive partnership has generated another essential and welcome joint venture. An FCI initiative, sponsored by Eukanuba, the much talked about FCI Judging Manual was launched at the FCI Centenary European Dog Show. It is a pocket size, illustrated reference book featuring key breed characteristics of 200 representative breed standards, based on the FCI’s most popular breeds. Executive Director of the FCI, Yves de Clercq, “We are very happy to have and be able to present the FCI Judging Manual. The concise ‘Forward’, written by Hans Muller, President of the FCI explains the purpose of the manual. It will prove a useful tool for our judges. Although it is not intended to replace the existing full breed standards, they can be downloaded in four different languages from our website. The concept came about 3 years ago and thanks to the many people who helped with the huge challenge of compiling this manual, including Eukanuba, Mr. Karl Reisinger, Mr. Uwe Fischer, Martha Heine, the VDH, the artistes for their illustrations and our own Marie Luna Duran.”
President of the FCI Judges commission and FCI All Breed International Judge, Horst Kliebenstein, presented the well-received manual to the European Dog show judges saying, “I am proud to present this very nice and easy to travel with reference book. You can carry it in your pocket and take it with you on every judging assignment. Thank you to Eukanuba and the FCI for this great initiative. The FCI recognize the huge responsibility that is placed on judges to preserve and reward correct breed characteristics as defined in the breed standards. This is a great tool for us judges. I hope, like me, my judging colleagues make very good use of this welcome addition.”
A complimentary copy of the FCI Judging Manual was gifted to the EDS judges at the show. Further copies will soon be available for purchase on the FCI website
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Judges judge the Judging Manual – a few of the verdicts

Rafael de Santiago, (Puerto Rico) Vice President of FCI and FCI All Breed International Judge: “It is a good reference guide that the judges should carry around with them to assist them in the their task of selecting the best dog in the ring on the day.”
Ron Menaker (USA), Chairman of American Kennel Club and highly respected international judge: “The FCI Judging Manual is a welcome addition for all judges officiating at the FCI shows. I commend the FCI and Eukanuba for this splendid initiative.”
Dr Tamas Jakkel (Hungary), Member of FCI General Committee and FCI All Breed International Judge: “It is a fabulous idea and I am very happy that this has been done. This is a wonderful book that helps judges to easily find relevant important breed characteristics.”
Lisbeth Mach (Switzerland), FCI All Breed International Judge: “It is a great idea.”
Dr Peter Friedrich (Germany), President of VDH FCI Judge: “Imagine you wish to recall the most important breed characteristic or confirm a specific breed point and have time constraints. Keep cool; you are not alone. There is a pocket size publication that will solve this problem. The FCI Judging Manual will provide you with high priority information and give a useful visual impression about the breeds include in there. This is a must-have for all judges”.