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Eukanuba World Challenge

Eukanuba World Challenge 2011

Eukanuba celebrates more success

Eukanuba, the proud title sponsor of the FCI Centenary European Dog show in Leeuwarden is once more celebrating bringing out the magnificence in dogs
Jose Luis, Eukanuba’s European Breeder Manager says “With more than 50% of BOB winners exhibited at the European Dog Show being fed on Eukanuba Premium nutrition it is very rewarding to confirm that 5 out of the 10 FCI Group Winners are fed Eukanuba. Our daily live streaming coverage of the main ring enabled the dog fancy around the world to see all the BOB winners perform in the groups and the ultimate winner of BIS.”
In a spectacular BIS line up, which was presented to renowned FCI All Breed International judge Hans Van Den Berg, BIS was awarded top to FCI Group 10 winner, the Afghan Hound. Breeder, co-owner & handler, Stefan Boieck’s was ecstatic when his 5 year old, German home-bred International Ch/Ger/Swe/Dan/Nor/Bel/Lux. Ch, Agha Djari’s Unplugged Version (Colin) gained this accolade, captivating the hearts and minds of the supportive ringside audience and clearly capturing the watchful eye of the BIS Judge. Stefan says of his win “It's a wonderful dream to be a BIS-winner at such a huge and important show. When they announced the Afghan Hound as the BIS winner, I immediately thought I am only dreaming this and please, never wake me up from such a great dream. And as it was confirmed to me that my BIS win qualifies us to be the European FCI Section Show representative at the EWC 2011 final in Orlando, this really is a dream come true. Another dog that I bred, BIS-SBIS Ch.Agha Djari's Question Of Honour, No. 1 dog All Breeds South Africa 2008, was the EWC representative for South Africa that year, so I already knew from that about the Eukanuba World Challenge and how fabulous an event it is. It's a huge honour for me as a breeder/handler to compete with my homebred dog at this world-renowned event. Surely a once-in-a lifetime-experience, very few breeders/exhibitors are able to have such a wonderful experience. I am very much looking forward to this. Thanks to Eukanuba for providing such great nutrition for my dogs. I have been feeding Eukanuba to all my dogs for around 7 years and with great results.”
Co-owners, Rosemarie Bauss from Germany and Camilla Tell-Collinge from Sweden were equally delighted with this superb win. Colin, a Mutli BISS and Multi All Breed BIS winner on many occasions, through this BIS win qualifies him to participate in the Eukanuba World Challenge 2011 final where he will compete in one of four non geographical sections along with over 40 of the world’s top winning dogs hosted at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship on 17th & 18th December in Orlando, Florida. The countries’ section draw took place and countries allocated to a section at the FCI Centenary World Dog Show in Paris. The EDS BIS winner will be competing in Section 4 that will be judged by Dr Tamas Jakkel (Hungary). Should he be fortunate enough to be one of the three winning dogs selected from his section, he will go forward to become one of the 12 finalists. FCI All Breeds International Judge, Enrique Filippini (Argentina) will select the Eukanuba World Challenge 2011 Champion, awarding the title along with the $10,000 prize, the runner up and first runner up will receive $3,000 & $2,000 respectively. The national Kennel Club of the winning dog will receive a recognition prize of $5,000.
This BIS win is another principle win for Eukanuba. Jose Luis Ibanez says “Stefan is a Eukanuba breeder member and feeds his dogs on our nutrition bringing out the best in his dogs, so, for Eukanuba, it was very rewarding that he won BIS. We are looking forward to seeing this magnificent dog compete with some of the world’s best dogs at the Eukanuba World Challenge in Orlando.”
BIS Judge, Hans Van den Berg stated, “It was an honour to judge BIS at the FCI Centenary European Dog Show. I had the pleasure to judge this wonderfully strong BIS line up. For me the Afghan flowed around the ring from the moment he set foot in it. He certainly gave the impression of power and strength along with his dignified attitude and ability to look right through you with great presence. It was a close call between the Afghan and the Wire Fox Terrier, they both had great movement in the ring but the Afghan reigned with his construction and breath taking easy smooth flowing action.”
Summing up the show, Gerard Jipping, President of the Dutch Kennel Club (Raad van Beheer) commented “It was a great pleasure to have and see such quality of dogs from many countries exhibit at our FCI Centenary European Dog Show. This along with the outstanding professionalism of our sponsor and partners in excellence, Eukanuba, working efficiently with our own friendly and well organized team made for a very successful exhibitor’s show”.