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Eukanuba World Challenge

Eukanuba World Challenge 2011

Country Representatives for the UK & Ireland’s Dream to Reality

The 2011 Eukanuba World Challenge finals wowed the world from Orlando, the place where dreams are made of and where dreams do come true. Every breeder, owner and exhibitor can aspire for their extraordinary dog to win a place to represent their country in the Eukanuba World Challenge event but there are only a few who have that vital edge to defeat many great dogs to win a place and enjoy the Eukanuba experience. 
It is the best of the best that put on a magnificent performance for the world to see. In reality it is an arduous road resulting in a very worthy journey to qualify and become a country representative. Both the UK representative and the Irish representative along with all the other participants were seen around the world via the World Wide Web live-streaming along side Andrew Brace's live commentary.

UK Representative

UK Breeder, owner & handler, Margaret Anderson with her exquisite homebred, Lhasa Apso 'Ch Zentarr Elizabeth', a truly British affair, British bred, British born and British handled, enjoyed the Eukanuba World Challenge experience first hand. "Elizabeth performed her socks off and loved every minute of being there and being in the big ring" enthuses Margaret. "I am so proud of her getting into the final 12; that was an honor in itself, how can you better that?" she asks rhetorically, "Then to be chosen and placed 3rd in the company of such high quality dogs, the best dogs in the world.  That was astonishing, such an amazing and wonderful experience. "  Elizabeth, who has 22 CC's, (17 with BOB's) & is a multi group winner including having won BIS at BUBA in 2009, was the highest placed UK representative in the five years that the Eukanuba World Challenge event has been in existence.  She qualified by winning outright the Eukanuba UK Champion stakes final in October. There was no hesitation from Margaret in accepting the Champion Stakes prize; an invitation to go to the Eukanuba World Challenge Final in Orlando and this was to be Margaret's first time taking a dog to show overseas.  Margaret says, "There is a lot of preparation work involved in getting her ready to go. Elizabeth had her own pet passport in place so that posed no problem. The paperwork was quite consuming, lots of it, however the Virgin Atlantic staff were fantastic in helping guide me through it all. The Eukanuba team was amazing; everything was taken care of, dogs & exhibitors, right down to every detail. They treat you like royalty.  It is better than winning at Crufts.  I would absolutely recommend the Eukanuba World Challenge event to anyone."

Ireland Representative

A Eukanuba World Challenge aficionado, William Dobbin and his Top Winning Newfoundland, Storm, "Ch & Ire Ch Fairweather's Knockout with Brooklynbear", were the 2010 UK representative, as the highest placed qualifying dog at the 2010 Eukanuba UK Ch. Stakes. In 2011 they represented Ireland as the winner of Ireland's Top Show Dog. Storm is the UK's Top Newfoundland 2011, 10 & 09; winner of 36 CC's, multi group and a multi BIS winner. Willie echoes Margaret's comments "It is an amazing event with such fabulous dogs representing their country's, you cannot get any better than the Eukanuba World Challenge.  Last year Storm made it through to the final 12 dogs and that was wonderfully exciting, however this year, there were different dogs and different judges giving different opinions." Smiling he said, "Storm and I still had a great time though."  So what did happened to the luck of the Irish? Willie continues, "The Eukanuba World Challenge is such a special event with high quality dogs competing, it is a tremendous honor to be part of it.  It is the one event where I can honestly say for me it is truly about taking part and not about the winning." Momentarily pausing, "Yes, it is a great event to win but it is also a great event to be a part of." Willie added with a large grin "Being a representative twice, representing a different country each of the consecutive years could be classed as lucky." 


Talking about the differences between 2010 & 2011 event, Willie, commented, "The show, hosted at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championships, itself was as fantastically organized and well run as ever. The Orange County Convention Centre venue was much larger with good sized, well-carpeted rings for the prejudging and a lovely large main ring for the Opening Flag Ceremony and the presentation and judging of the main event.  I think the difference between Florida and California is that Orlando has easier flight access for the dogs and people from all locations around the world.   The weather was equally great, the company excellent, people and dogs were well looked after and nutritionally balanced, the Eukanuba team paid such attention to detail they ensured that we had the correct Eukanuba nutrition to feed each of our dogs. Eukanuba is wonderful.  All in all it was a very enjoyable and relaxing week, the nicest week being away meeting lots of new friends and spending time with some of the Brits that were there to watch the show. Now how do I qualify again this year?"  Willie muses.

World Challenge 2012

As the New Year unfolds, the quest has already begun to find the new Eukanuba World Challenge 2012 UK representative with the first qualifying event for the Euknauba Ch. Stakes being LKA.  Qualifiers will run throughout the year with Midland Counties Ch. Show in October being the last qualifier. The UK final will be held at the Kenilworth Hotel, Stoneleigh on 10th Nov 2012.
Mike Bloxsome, Eukanuba UK National Breeder Manager stated, "Attending the final of the Eukanuba World Challenge in the USA has to be one of the greatest prizes in the dog showing world, globally. I always say it is event that you will never forget and I know Margaret Anderson and Elizabeth; William Dobbin and Storm would unequivocally agree. I look forward to another exciting competition again this year and hope that who ever represents the UK in the finals in Florida on Dec 15th and 16th picks up the gauntlet and exceeds the brilliant 3rd place that Margaret & Elizabeth achieved for the UK this year.
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UK Breeder, owner & handler, Margaret Anderson with her exquisite homebred, Lhasa Apso Ch Zentarr Elizabeth.

William Dobbin and his Top Winning Newfoundland, Storm, Ch & Ire Ch Fairweather’s Knockout with Brooklynbear.

Margaret and Elizabeth shows the world that the UK has plenty to offer!

William and Storm representing the UK in 2010 in Long Beach.

And pictured right flying the flag for Ireland in Orlando in 2011.