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Eukanuba World Challenge


-- Top Dogs from 40 Countries Compete for Title and Prizes --

The American Kennel Club® and Eukanuba are pleased to announce the entrants in the inaugural Eukanuba World Challenge being held in conjunction with the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in Long Beach, Calif. on December 1-2, 2007.

The Eukanuba World Challenge is sponsored by Eukanuba with the cooperation of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). Eukanuba will provide an all expenses paid trip for each dog and two of its owners to attend the Eukanuba World Challenge. The participating countries include 37 FCI recognized registries in addition to the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

The Eukanuba World Challenge entrants are:

Country Breed Name
Argentina Doberman Pinscher Ch. Wizard Black De Akido San
Australia Siberian Husky Ch. Pvt Stk's Fire in the Sky
Austria Rottweiler Ch. Gauner von Kaisersteinbruch
Belgium Whippet Ch. Daydream Di Mahana
Brazil German Shorthaired Pointer Ch. Barretos Siena Do Rio Tinto
Canada Havanese Ch. Sonrisas Tiny Thomas
Chile Afghan Hound Ch. Falstaf Ebn Sharif von Haussman
Croatia Dalmatian Ch. Dalmino Eternal Electra
Czech Republic Whippet Ch. Madeleine z Uplnku
Denmark Australian Shepherd Ch. Thornapple Aftershock
Finland Samoyed Ch. Ikiliikkujan Eddie Of Voyage
France Beauceron Ch. Turbo De La Negresse
Germany Saluki Ch. Dakira Sawahin
Greece Old English Sheepdog Ch. Aryakas Cosmo Junior
Hungary Old English Sheepdog Ch. Reata's Jimbo
India Irish Setter Ch. Pendoric Perfect Thyming
Ireland Kerry Blue Terrier Ch. Edbrios Blue Ivanhoe
Israel Cairn Terrier Ch. Hjohoo's Than I Kissed Her
Italy Azawakh Ch. Shani Kel Dahoussah
Japan Border Collie Ch. Border Lane JP Moonshining
Mexico Afghan Hound Ch. Andros Ghalib of Damos
Netherlands Scottish Terrier Ch. Lucia's Dream Scandalizer
Norway Kerry Blue Terrier Ch. Link To Shyloch Iz Goluboi Legendy
Poland Polish Lowland Sheepdog Ch. Malina z Gangu Dlugich
Portugal Weimaraner Ch. Bella N Silhouettes Heart Throb
Puerto Rico French Bulldog Ch. Salome Avlis & Bloa
Romania Siberian Husky Ch. Look At Me of Wolf Point
Russia Yorkshire Terrier Ch. Mini Shop Cosa Nostra
Serbia Poodle Ch. Jasenak Backstage
Slovakia Afghan Hound Ch. Jennies Joplin Gandamak
Slovenia German Shepherd Dog Ch. Dex Zlatololicni
South Africa Poodle Ch. Marechal Positive Accent
South Korea Kerry Blue Terrier Ch. K-Crying of Sang Kook
Spain Spanish Greyhound Ch. Tata de Vallestrella
Sweden Great Pyrenees Ch. Vi'skaly's Spirit of Alaska
Switzerland American Cocker Spaniel Ch. Very Vigie Vamos a la Playa
Thailand Siberian Husky Ch. Nando's Boot Scoot An Boogie
UK Dalmatian Ch. Dvojica Voodoo JW
Ukraine Poodle Ch. Croshka Bradpitt
USA English Springer Spaniel Ch. Felicity's Diamond Jim

Each of the participating countries selected its competing dog based on a ratings system of their choice, or selected a Best in Show winner from a prestigious show. For instance, the AKC has designated the winner of the previous year’s AKC/Eukanuba National Championship to represent the U.S. in the Eukanuba World Challenge.

The competitors in the Eukanuba World Challenge will be divided into three sections based on their geographic region: Europe and Africa, Asia and Oceania and the Americas. One dog will be selected from each of these three regions to compete in the Eukanuba World Challenge finals.

“These outstanding canines represent the finest in the world,” said Michael Canalizo, Director of AKC Event Management. “It is a pleasure to host them and be able to hold an event that demonstrates that across the globe, love and appreciation for dogs is a universal language.”

The Eukanuba World Challenge judges are:

World Challenge Winner: Mr. Karl Reisinger - Austria
Europe and Africa Section: Mr. Hiroshi Kamisato - Japan
Asia and Oceania Section: Sr. Miguel Angel Martinez - Argentina
Americas Section: Mr. Luis Miguel v. Pinto Teixeria - Portugal

The winner will be awarded the title of “Eukanuba World Challenge Winner” and $10,000. There is a $3,000 prize for the runner up and $2,000 for the first runner up. Eukanuba World Challenge competitors which are also AKC recognized breeds may compete in the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. International entries who qualify will also be eligible for the Bred-by-Exhibitor competition.