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Eukanuba World Challenge

This is a comprehensive list of leading dogs up to and including Southern Counties Ch Show.

It is based on the Eukanuba World Challenge 2008 points system, accumulated at Ch shows as follows: Best In Show 20 points; RBIS 10 points; Best in Group 10 points;
Reserve in Group 5 points.

This list has not taken into consideration a dog's pet passport status.

* Denotes that those dogs' owners have indicated they do not have a pet passport

Eukanuba World Challenge 2008 UK leading Top Dogs

100 points *Ch Ragus Rings True (Norwich Terrier), owned by Mrs LA Crawley

70 points
*Ch Benatone Gold Ring (Maltese), owned by Miss Sara Jackson and Mrs R Jackson

50 points Sh Ch /Aus Ch Hungargunn Bear It N Mind (Hungarian Vizsla), owned by Naomi Cragg and Kathryn Armstrong

30 points Jap Ch Nereid Jp Mele Kalikamaka (American Cocker Spaniel), owned by Mr Mike Gadsby and Mr Jason Lynn

Ch Minarets Secret Assignment JW (Min Poodle), owned by Miss Melanie Harwood

Am Ch Clussexx Crayola (Clumber Spaniel), owned by Mr and Mrs J Johnson, Mrs B, Mr W and Mr A Haverick

Ch Jafrak Philippe Olivier (Giant Schnauzer), owned by Mr and Mrs Kevin Cullen

20 points Ch Vandreem Imperial Hermioni By Berezniki JW ShCM (Samoyed), owned by Mrs Lisa Bobrowski

Am Ch Repetition’s Kiss This (Min Schnauzer), owned by Mr Jackson Manser, Miss A English and Mrs Manser-Webb

Am/DK/NCH Thornapple Aftershock (Australian Shepherd), owned by Miss B Wohliche

Ch Chayo Dom Perignon ShCM (Alaskan Malamute), owned by Ms Sue Ellis

Ch Silhill Red Rock at Sherex (Australian Terrier) owned by Mr Paul Eardley

Ch Ashencruz Allegiane to Denbrough (Min. Schnauzer) owned by Mr D Shaw

15 points Sh Ch Zanfi Ego (Irish Water Spaniel), owned by Mrs L Waters

Ch Towmena In The Frame (Chow chow), owned by Mr Rodney P Oldham

Ch/AM Ch Klassics Million Dollar Baby At Tokaji (Basenji), owned by Mrs D Hardy, Mrs P Hallam & Mrs S Kite & Mr J Gillespie

Ch Soletrader My Aphrodisiac (PetitBasset Griffon Vendenn), owned by Mrs S Robertson

Carashon Take A Chance With Chandlimore (St Bernard), owned by Mr Tan & Mrs A Nagrecha

10 points Ch Dialynne Maxims (Beagle), Miss M Spavin

Potterdale Pisces (Bearded Collie), Mr Lewis

Multi and Int Ch Courmayeurs Nobody Like Me (St Bernard), owned by Ms B Halvorsen

Pakov’s Fair Fella (Pomeranian), Miss A Ogilvie

Am Ch Jagie’s I Love The Night Life (…Haired Dachshund), owned by Coxon and Henningsen

Am Ch Caraway Celebrate Life (Soft Coated Wheaten), owned by Dr Chapman and
Dr Verner
Sh Ch / Am Ch San Jo’s Born To Party (Am Cocker Spaniel), owned by Mrs M and Miss M Boardman

Ch Varenka The Maverick at Andimar JW (Rottweiler), owned by Mr and Mrs Thomson

Ch Brocklynson From Rio (Rough Collie), owned by Mr S and Mrs A Barrett

Lyncris I’ll Follow The Sun (Pharaoh hound), owned by Mr and Mrs G Dawson

Arushkhan For your Eyes Only JW (Afghan Hound), owned by Mrs S Wilkes

Gibeltarik Happy Go Lucky (Smooth Coated Chihuahua), owned by Mrs J Requena MBE

Ch Janeryls In The Line of Fire (Japanese Shiba Inu), owned by Mrs J Bannister

Sh Ch Barleyarch Pickpocket (German short Haired Pointer), owned by Mr M and Mrs Harris

Barisse High Frequency JW (Min Smooth Haired Dachshund), owned by Mrs A Shelton

Ch Corsini Chanel (Belgian Shepherd Dog – Tervueren), owned by A McLaren

Ch Alsadie Freya At Kanix (Bouvier des Flandres), owned by Mrs F Lambert

Ch zalute zerendipitee of Dewyche JW ShCM (Pyrenean Mountain Dog),
owned by Mrs K M E Maggs

Ch Arnscroft Di-Hard (Norwegian Buhund), owned by Miss N Houston and Mrs D Stirling

Spa Ch Estugo’s Versace (Yorkshire Terrier), owned by Mr Amies and Mr Ibanez

Wardleyhill Beanoble (Bernese Mountain Dog), owned by Mrs T Titchmarsh