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 Our dogs newsletter - issue 470

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 manchester 2012

The Our Dogs team at this years Manchester show, seen with Secretary Mr Paul Harding

Photos by Alan Seymour

Best in Show at Manchester was the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, Ch Soletrader Peek A Boo, owned by Sara Robertson, seen in photo with Gavin Robertson, Bob Gregory Chairman, Mrs Valerie Foss, President and Best in Show judge Mrs Ann Arch.

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Our Dogs are next at Brno, Czech - 4th - 5th February






 paignton changes impact on group shows

The Kennel Club General Committee has, somewhat controversially, agreed to a request from Paignton to change the originally scheduled date of its championship show in 2012. It has also agreed for Paignton to move from being a three-day show to being held over four days, and has accepted a change around of the rotation of some of the groups. These moves are presumed to be intended to increase Paignton’s entry and reduce its costs.
For 2012, Gundogs at Paignton will be moved from their originally scheduled Tuesday 7th August to Sunday 5th August. That is the day following immediately after the National Gundog Association
championship show which is to be held on its customary date - Saturday 4th August. Last year Paignton was held on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before the Gundog event. This year the Terrier Group at Paignton moves from originally scheduled Monday August 6th to Tuesday August 7th. The dates for the other Groups remain unchanged - Pastoral and Working on Monday August 6th, Utility on Tuesday 7th and Hound and Toy on Wednesday 8th.

 our dogs international

Welcome to this new Facebook site which introduces you to the international world of shows via OUR DOGS INTERNATIONAL web site. This site is a natural addition to the famous www.ourdogs.co.uk site which has been in existence for over 10 years and has amassed an army of followers worldwide.

www.ourdogsinternational.com is a new look, fresh site that documents and reports dog shows the world over and is your perfect one stop site for all the main shows in Europe, photos, reports and news. Supported by Eukanuba, the site carries in depth material for the Eukanuba World Challenge both past and present.

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 euro dog show 2012

 Our dogs reader offer

 world of dogs

Germany’s First Canine Event in 2012 - the International Show Nuremberg
(14-15 January, 2012)

Photographs by Roberto

Judge Mr Walter Schicker from Germany had the task of choosing the Overall Best in Show over both days, and his choice was the Australian Shepherd, Energies Paparazzi Energie Des Costys Du Tomberg, owned by Sablery and handled by Viktoria Patzold.

Nordic Winner 2011

Report & Pictures By SVETLANA VALOUEVA

Group 3 winner, chosen by Judge Torsten Himmrich (Germany) and Judge Rainer Vuorinen’s (Finland) choice for Best in Show was the Wire Fox Terrier, DK FI SE Ch JWW-08 SE W-09 WW-10 WW-11 Crispy Legacy, owned and bred by Agneta Aström from Sweden.

Excellent Brussels follows
Champion of Champions

Report & Pictures By KARL DONVIL

The BIS at the Brussels Dog Show 2011 as chosen by Judge Mr Norman Deschuymere from Belgium, was the Papillon, Siljans Truly Yours, owned by Jan Roosens; Reserve BIS was the Wire Fox Terrier, Slicy Heart Of Mine, owned by Vincent Loubet; and BIS 3 was the American Cocker Spaniel, Very Vigie Century Fox, owned by Joelle Doucet from France.

Maltese National Canine Federation
Ch Show

reports and photos by Peter Bailey.

Winner of Best in Show, chosen by Judge Peter Bailey, was the Alaskan Malamute, Champion Ivramwoodland Stars And Stripes; Reserve Best in Show was the black Cocker Spaniel, Sh Champion Canyonn Classic Dreams At Framod.

For more on these and more international shows you can buy the issue or view online at ourdogsinternational.com

 brno dog show - 4th - 5th february

 world dog show 2012

The first entry deadline for World Dog Show 2012 is 27.1.2012!!!

Click here - www.oekv.at

 petplan junior stakes

The Finals of the Petplan Junior Stakes took place once again at Bingley Hall in Stafford, the day before Manchester Championship show using the facilities already set up from the organisers of the Championship show. This final has been staged at a number of top venues over the years and it was great for the Petplan team to walk straight in to such a perfect set up as the Manchester BIS ring.
To qualify for the Petplan Junior Stakes final, dogs must be within the 18 months old age when competing for the heats throughout the shows that take place in the UK during the year. In 2011, four general championship shows were chosen by Petplan organisers to host the heats for the finale, Bath, Southern Counties, Blackpool and Darlington, because of their location, giving a wide area for dogs to come and compete.
5th place was the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Oregonian Raise An Eyebrow
4th place was the Chinese Crested, Vanitonia Wot’s Occuring.
3rd place was the Petit Bassett Griffon Vendeen Soletrader Estee Kauder
2nd place was the Welsh Terrier Saredon Prince of Darkness
Winner of the PetPlan Junior stakes was the Japanese Shiba Inu Vormund Jean Paul Gaultier JW ShCM.

More reports in Our Dogs and online.

Winner of the Petplan Junior Stakes 2011, Japanese Shiba Inu, Vormund John Paul Gaultier JW ShCM, owned by Charlotte Roskell and Michaella Dunhill-Hall. Handled by Charlotte Roskell


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Author, PEKKA HANNULA tells us how and why the book came to be written. 

”The whole idea started about three years ago when I was writing a book about Kari Järvinen. I'm the kind of person who wants to share information, so that through it, at least some things will get better. So I wondered, “Why not do a really international book, which would help breeders all over?” I don't like lecturing, but instead, love producing interesting material, from which breeders can choose.
I asked a few of our top people if they would contribute to the book and every one of them said "yes", they thought it was so important. Also, they also felt that since they are so successful they can afford to share the knowledge they have.

But where to get a good translator? I asked around again and got Marjo Nygårds' name.  It's not difficult to find a perfect translator but it's a real problem to find a translator and a skilful dog person in one package. Marjo is both (she is a judge).  During the whole process I never saw her, but we have talked hundreds of times on the phone and used email a lot. The first time we met was at Winner Show in Helsinki, where I gave her a copy of the English edition. Marjo wasn't just good, she was great!

I haven't for one moment regretted this difficult job. The writing itself was pretty easy, but controlling the pack of 22 top breeders was not always so easy!! What really astonished me most was the help volunteered from other people.  I've never seen Anna Strömberg (a Swede who lives in US), but when she heard about this project, she said "Oh, I can interview breeders here”… and that she did without considering the distances! Then she sent the digital discs to us.  So that describes the attitude for this project. For the first time I felt that dog people are ready to co-operate regardless of the breed because we have so much to give to each other and to learn at the same time.”

Pekka Hannula
January 2012


"Each chapter is full of tips from people who have walked the walk. Each is written in their own style, but each has a common thread. Top breeders have a passion for their breed, know exactly what the perfect specimen should look like, and know that they are yet to breed or see it.
I found this book so fascinating to read. Every one of the 22 authors has achieved great success as a breeder, and therefore their opinions carry the utmost respect and authority.
They all place great importance on health and temperament above all else. All had a mentor who they learnt from, and all were prepared to LISTEN and WATCH those that had been successful, rather than just rubbish their wins.
Because each chapter has a different author there are slight differences in style throughout the book, giving something for every taste.
What each chapter does have is golden nuggets of information that will be of use to anyone serious about breeding good dogs.
These breeders all know the strengths and weaknesses of each of their dogs, and approach every mating with the aim to improve on failings.
This book is an essential read for anyone serious about pedigree dogs, and is the sort of book that you can read time and time again and fine a new gem each time."



by Jonathan Self

If you want a plain-English, comprehensive guide to natural feeding that provides you with just the right amount of information, advice and fact (and presents it in a genuinely interesting and amusing way) then Honey’s Natural Feeding Handbook for Dogs is for you.

Author, Jonathan Self, looks at the biological evidence for natural feeding, explains how canine digestion works and provides invaluable dietary advice for poorly dogs. He also makes natural feeding easy to understand and offers plenty of practical recipes and tips. The book is packed with illustrations, diagrams and useful checklists.

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 our dogs annual 2012


 forthcoming features

 the national . . . a special year

This year’s Birmingham National plays host to the German Festival where all German breeds are judged by a special panel from Germany, as seen in this exclusive preview in OUR DOGS, the International Media Partner for the show.
However, everyone attending the show can enjoy good prize money for stakes classes, Best Puppy in Show competition, free car parking, free admission for visitors and a Good Citizen testing ring. There will be some special German themes with an extra large ring for the GSDs, a prize of £100 for the best breed club stand for the German breeds, a bottle of champagne for the best themed trade stand and a special preview in OUR DOGS in the issue of 27 April.
All entries through Fosse Data by 7 March or later on line by 22 March.
Further announcements will appear in OUR DOGS or online at www.ourdogs.co.uk and the National looks forward to a great show across the whole range of breeds at the event

For more information about you can buy the issue or view online.

Tanja Backes -
One of the judges

 Crufts qualification changes for 2013

The Kennel Club has announced that with entries for Crufts 2012 now closed, it has turned its attention to next year’s show. At its January meeting, the Kennel Club General Committee approved the following additions to the qualification criteria for Crufts 2013.

“1 For General and Group Championship Shows, Best of Breed and Best Puppy in Breed in non-CC classes for breeds normally allocated CCs qualify for Crufts, provided there are more than three breed classes or more than five for Stud Book Band E breeds.”

For more information about you can buy the issue or view online.

 other stories in our dogs this week

  • KC Registrations down in 2011
  • The kindness that is saving lives in Cyprus
  • Bullmastiff of the year event
  • Plus opinions from Robert Killick, Ronnie Irving and our other expert writers

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