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DEFRA announces proposals for compulsory microchipping

A long expected announcement on compulsory microchipping of dogs was made by Defra earlier this week, but still only in the form of proposals with a further period of consultation between now and 15th June.
The Defra Minister James Paice MP in announcing the proposals said that the Government intends, under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, to introduce regulations on the microchipping of dogs. He said this was ‘to promote animal welfare by making it easier for local authorities and rescue centres to quickly re-unite stray dogs with their owners.’ He added: ‘It would also help the police and local authorities to enforce dog and animal welfare legislation. Our preferred approach is to make breeders responsible for microchipping the puppy before sale.’

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world show preview

new sponsor for top puppy

Our Dogs is pleased to announce that Dorwest Herbs, leading manufacturers of veterinary herbal medicines and supplements since 1948, have kindly agreed to support this year’s competition.
The family run company have been a ‘familiar face’ with their popular stand at most, if not all, the major shows in the UK for many years. We are particularly delighted that such a well respected company with close associations with the world of pedigree dogs have joined us to ensure the competition remains the highest accolade for puppies in each breed.

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working & pastoral breeds of wales

Photo by Louise Tope

Best in Show was Duggan’s Siberian Husky,
Ch Bedarra Cold Paws Warm Heart for Leorient (imp Swe)
(handled by Anita Duggan). Pictured with BIS judge David Cavill (centre) and show manager Mr T Jones (left).

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german breeds special inside this weeks issue


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medical detection dogs - the our dogs charity of the year

Last month Medical Detection Dogs Claire Guest was invited to give presentations about the work of the dogs by taking a couple to Italy! The interest is growing worldwide. Claire set off with two dogs, Daisy and Lucy, to visit group based at a hospital in Trento (North Italy) Here, Medical Detection Dogs are already working with a team consisting of a medic, behaviourist and a vet.
Daisy and Lucy gave various impressive and decisive demonstrations. Claire had taken frozen urine samples with her on the long over-night drive but they had de-frosted on the journey! Despite this the dogs still gave positive indications at the right time.
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manchester terrier feature

vet of the year awards

Following a nationwide search to find the UK’s top veterinary professionals for 2012, Petplan, the UK’s largest pet insurance provider, has announced the winners of the prestigious Petplan Veterinary Awards.

vet of the year

Vet of the Year - Zaila Dunbar and Ben Mayes BEVA President, pictured with Seann Walsh

vet practice of the year

Vet Practice of the Year – Seann Walsh,
pictured with Eastcott Veterinary Practice and Richard Holborow, SPVS President

vet nurse of the year

Vet Nurse of the Year: Lucy Kells and Claire Fraser, BVNA President, pictured with Seann Walsh

vet support staff of the year

Vet Support staff of the Year – Sarah Bowler and Mark Johnston, BSAVA President Elect, pictured with Seann Walsh

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kc breeders competition

KC Breeders Logo

Photo by Alan Seymour

KC Breeders ¨ Competition winner at National Terrier were the Norwich Terriers breeder Mrs R.E. Corkhill. Pictured with National Terrier Secretary Jennie Griffiths and Vince Hogan of Our Dogs.

See Pam at Birmingham National and collect your points forms from the Our Dogs stand.

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 boston tops golden oldie

The winner of the Eukanuba Golden Oldie competition was Golden Retriever Gloi Browneyed Handsome Man At Tsarmont JW ShCM, owned by Mrs Amanda Kirkman. Judged by James Gardiner who travelled from Northern Ireland for the event. The competition is sponsored by Eukanuba and organised by Huddersfield & District Canine Association. complete report and photos in a future edition of Our Dogs.

Eukanuba Nutrition

Photo by Ida Bouwhuis

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 book store

The best books - the best prices

Reviewed by Jean Truner RVN

This is one of the most practical little books I have come across. I could find little fault with the publication and its 46 pages of well presented explanations of the problem. There is an excellent glossary of terms used by vets, together with a list of further information sources.

For clarification, words shown in colour in the text are explained in the glossary section. Basic anatomy is expressed in easy to understand terms with diagrams where necessary. Explanations of x-rays and their interpretation will help owners understand the problems.

The various forms of treatment ranging from surgery to medication or a combination of both and discussion with their vet will help owners make the appropriate decision for their dog. Relevant information which will be of value when discussing the situation with the vet is listed.

I personally appreciated the section on Knowing when to say Goodbye. In all the years I was in general practice clients needed support in this unbearably difficult and sad decision and this book does help.

Criticisms – did I have any? Yes, just a couple, how many years ago did we have Dobermann Pinschers (and with only one n)! I found one error, the term dermatitis was used instead of dermis. Otherwise, I cannot fault it.

Jean Turner, RVN

BREEDING DOGS – A PRACTICAL GUIDE by Patsy and Stephen Hollings –
Reviewed by Helen Davenport-Willis

Patsy and Stephen Hollings are no strangers to success especially when it comes to breeding and exhibiting pedigree dogs. In the UK they have been Top Breeders in Weimaraners for decades. A Yorkshire couple who hail on both sides from sensible farming stock, they know only too well the rudiments of breeding and animal management; their experience and hands on approach is apparent throughout this useful book. Full of solid practical advice and easily to read, this treatise is a “must read” for all those who want to breed dogs. Not being cumbersome in either text or finished article and is light enough to carry around and refer to, it is illustrated with a goodly number of coloured photographs which enhance the text. I found it an interesting addition to my canine library and would recommend it without any hesitation. I am most grateful to the authors for including in their Preface the quotation written by my late husband Dr Malcolm Willis, on the Importance of Responsible Breeding. These wise words succinctly sum up the message the authors have endeavoured to convey to their readers in this practical publication.

Priced at just £19.49 including postage, this little gem is an ideal birthday present or gift for a friend.

£19.49 including postage

Authors - Pekka Hannula & Marjo Nygard
This fantastic 344 page book is creating a massive stir amongst dog breeders everywhere and receiving outstanding reviews worldwide. Calling on the expertise of 22 top class breeders from around the globe, it gives all the information you need to be not just a good breeder, but a master of the art.
Featuring valuable contributions from British breeders ZENA THORNE-ANDREWS, ANGELA CAVIL, PATSY HOLLINGS, MARION SPAVIN and MARY HAMBLETON.
As one breeder said: "I've never read anything like this. And what pictures!"

£28.49 including postage

 how do you get your our dogs?


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 our dogs annual 2012

 Eukanuba All Breeds Puppy Start

Weaning represents a very vulnerable time for puppies as many changes are taking place in their development. Their acquired immunity from the mother is waning and they are yet to be vaccinated by the vet, so they need to be in peak health throughout this period. Eukanuba Puppy Start can help with a smooth transition to solid foods.

•  Highly digestible ingredients and a natural fibre blend, including beet pulp, MOS and the prebiotics FOS to help support the natural balance of the intestinal microflora and to help optimise nutrient absorption.
• Excellent acceptance by puppies.
• No. 1 ingredient is chicken.
• Optimal ratio of Omega 6-Omega 3 for a healthy skin and radiant coat
• Gentle on the digestive system and promotes optimal nutrient absorption to reduce the risk of digestive upsets.
• No colourants or preservatives added

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 global warming is one thing...

Global warming is one thing,

But scroll down and look at what might happen if we continue to clear our forests!

We have to stop cutting down trees! This is getting serious!

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