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 Our dogs newsletter - issue 491

 Tougher sentences confirmed in UK

Responsible dog owners will be pleased to hear that the Sentencing Council for England and Wales has this week announced that the owners of dangerously out of control dogs which harm others in a public place will face tougher sentences.
The new guidelines for court judges will stipulate up to eighteen months for the most serious offenders. In exceptional circumstances this may rise to the maximum allowed under the present law, which is two years. This move does not in any way change the existing laws which will remain the same unless the recently announced Defra recommendations are accepted at some stage in the future. It does not change the UK list of dangerous breeds which currently are the Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and Fila Brasileiro.

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 a show to be proud of!

Photo Alan Seymour

Best in Show at Birmingham National was the Newfoundland
Sandbears Stride N Style JW owned by Mrs S & Mr Blake, pictured with the
best in show judge Robin Searle & Chairman Martin R Wyles.

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champion stakes at birmingham national

Photo: Alan Seymour

The National Champion Stakes winner was the Saluki Ch Baghdad Karim ShCM owned by Ham, Bockman-Chato & Elliot-Ross, pictured with judge Stuart Mallard & Erica Greenwood representing the sponsors Eukanuba.

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world dog show 2012

is your dog suffering from arthritis?

SKC forced into new layout

The SKC Show scheduled for this weekend seems to be suffering at the moment.
Last week on the SKC Website in a last minute announcement, Show Manager Willie Campbell said that due to ground conditions and other circumstances not in the control of the SKC, they were having to change the layout of their show at the last minute. The detailed announcement said : ‘Once again due to ground conditions and circumstances that are outwith our control and with the insistence of the Royal Highland Centre we have today been forced to move the entire layout for our show. To protect our exhibitors we have had to accept these demands and are now working on a new layout similar to ones we have used in the past.
‘All exhibitors should be aware that car parking will revert to the usual north car park and we will be using the normal entrance from that car park to the showground.

See Our Dogs at SKC this weekend:
Stand: Tom Johnstone, Reporter: Sandra Johnstone, Photographer: Alan Seymour
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Pudsey and Ashleigh go on to win BGT

Young Kennel Club member, Ashleigh Butler and her talented dog, Pudsey have won Britain's Got Talent.
The pair, who will receive a £500,000 cash prize as well as the chance to appear at the prestigious Royal Variety Performance, wowed the judges with a spectacular routine based around the action film Mission Impossible.
Speaking about the winners, dog lover, Simon Cowell said: ‘I adore both of you. You have got better and better as the competition has progressed and to do what you did in such a short time is a miracle.’
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uk's top dog model

ITV2 are looking for the UK’s TOP DOG MODEL…

Has your dog got a bubbly personality, great looks and a few tricks up its sleeve?

Our programme will bring together the glamorous world of modelling with Britain's love of dogs - it will be a fun, stylish, mainstream entertainment show in a primetime ITV2 slot transmitting this autumn.

We want to hear from all dog owners and their pooches from every corner of the nation, from Labradoodles to Lurchers, perfectly preened to superbly scruffy.

We want to include dogs of all types – from pedigrees, rare breeds, to cross-breeds. All shapes and sizes are welcome but it’s not lovely looks alone that will crown our furry favourite because personality and star quality will need to shine through too!

Owners will display their dogs’ skills, talents and looks in front of a panel of judges ultimately leading to one lucky dog being crowned the country's Top Dog Model and possibly becoming the new face of a major brand.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Shropshire Gundog 27/05/2012
Ludlow & District K.A. 01/07/2012
Newport Show 14/07/2012
Oswestry and District K.A. 22/07/2012
Ludlow and District K.A. 02/12/2012
Oakengates & District C.S. 09/12/2012

RVC announces results on brachycephalic breeds

It is a pity that the Royal Veterinary College PR department seems to have to draw attention to some potentially valuable academic work by the use of exaggerated headlines and the occasional use of extremely vague, emotive and very ‘unacademic’ language.
In its recent press release announcing some important academic work, instead of concentrating on the key facts as they affect the dogs, the RVC chose to attack dog owners saying that ‘worrying numbers’ of ‘short-nosed’ dog owners do not believe their pets to have breathing problems, despite observing

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dortmund international show

More international show news on

Photo: Roberto

Best in Show at the Dortmund International Show was the Leonberger Amicus Optimus Antonius owned by Natalia Kuharskaya, second place was the Mini Wire Dachshund, Wanhelsing’s Vittakerdoolar del Wanheksing and third was the Australian Shepherd, Terry, owned by Karl Ott.

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dogs in focus

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 training takes off


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Understanding the Silent Communication of Dogs.
By Rosie Lowry - In association with Marilyn Aspinall, reviewed by Janet Martineau

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This is not a large volume but an important one. The author has shared her perspective on the communication and the behaviour of dogs and humans in their relationships with one another.
She draws parallels between the body language of the dog and us and also other species. It is a very readable book with many interesting illustrations chiefly of her own dogs.
We learn of the many and varied signals that dogs give when they are trying to tell us or other dogs how they feel about something. In this it is very comprehensive and fascinating. Anyone who reads it will pick up all sorts of hints and tips about what a dog’s behaviour can tell us. It is most enlightening.
I like much of the advice. Such as that dogs like their own space – why do human beings insist on going up to dogs they meet in the street and touching them? You would not like it if strangers you passed insisted on stroking your child!! When meeting a dog for the first time don’t make eye contact nor put your hand down – let them tell you how they feel about you. We learn that not all their actions are as they seem, for example apparently friendly gestures from them may be in truth telling us how worried they are.
However, in some ways I think the book lacks positive suggestions. Or am I missing something? It is not intended as a training manual so maybe I am being unfair. We are told that much undesirable behaviour has a hidden cause, and that one may have to go back some way to heal the problem. Behaviour such as a dog bullying another or even nipping children may have been created by human beings applying controlling and aversive training methods in the dog’s past. The principal advice is that if you turn your back on behaviour you don’t like your dog will learn not to do it. You should not control your dog in any way such as with a short lead, nor use commands such as SIT, STAY, HEEL etc. nor put your dog through stressful situations such as dog shows, training classes,(even puppy socialisation parties can cause unnecessary tension) nor should you make your dog live at the same pace as we humans do. They should be allowed to sleep for 16 – 18 hours a day. Too many ball games can cause them to chase things they shouldn’t, too much excitement can run into the rest of their day when it would not be appropriate.
“Oh dear,” I found myself thinking, “My dogs seem always to be ready for our training sessions. I thought they loved our walks and time doing things together. They appear to be keen to jump into the car to go for a ride to a show or for an outing. Are their excited barks and their willingness to ‘work’ when we are training, and their ‘happy’ runs and games together really telling me the opposite?” But when I think about it our daily programme does allow for time out, not that they do sleep all the time they might. On average we have an hour and a half on walks daily, a half hour training/playing, maybe two hours pottering in the garden or whatever, so that leaves 20 hours for them just to be around and sleep if they need to.
Yes, learn all you can about dogs and their silent language. Of course you should. When you truly understand your dog he will tell you what he feels. You will know whether he understands you. It is a two way thing. This is bound to enhance your relationship.
Have a read. It is well worth thinking about.


This fabulous DVD gives all the instruction you need to learn how to show your dog to perfection. Jacqui Hurley has specialised in teaching showing techniques for many years and has produced this DVD to pass on her expertise to both novices and experienced exhibitors alike. It demonstrates the Show Ring skills required to present the best of the Show Dog to the Judge and as such is an invaluable reference for Judges, Trainers, Breed Clubs, Show Dog Breeders and Competitors. The DVD is divided into easily accessible sections and covers the 5 show ring patterns, the 3 show ring turns, lead and voice control, gaiting skills, tablework, showing the bite and teeth and stacking and shadowing. Further viewing reveals information on the moving judge, gaiting two dogs together, exercises for training clubs, medal award scheme, Jacqui Hurley's biography and further learning materials.
Essential viewing for all with an interest in dog showing!
£19.49 including carriage

 how do you get your our dogs?


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 our dogs annual 2012

 Eukanuba All Breeds Puppy Start

Weaning represents a very vulnerable time for puppies as many changes are taking place in their development. Their acquired immunity from the mother is waning and they are yet to be vaccinated by the vet, so they need to be in peak health throughout this period. Eukanuba Puppy Start can help with a smooth transition to solid foods.

•  Highly digestible ingredients and a natural fibre blend, including beet pulp, MOS and the prebiotics FOS to help support the natural balance of the intestinal microflora and to help optimise nutrient absorption.
• Excellent acceptance by puppies.
• No. 1 ingredient is chicken.
• Optimal ratio of Omega 6-Omega 3 for a healthy skin and radiant coat
• Gentle on the digestive system and promotes optimal nutrient absorption to reduce the risk of digestive upsets.
• No colourants or preservatives added

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