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 Our dogs newsletter - issue 541

Snow business like show business!

Photo by Alan Seymour

Best in Show at Manchester was the German Shepherd Dog, Ch Elmo Vom Huhnegrab, owned by John Cullen, handled by Stephen Cox. Pictured with Chairman Mr Bob Gregory, Secretary Mr Paul Harding, President Mrs Valerie Foss and Best in Show judge Dr Ron James

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Individual tours to European and Russian dog shows


Every year more then 40 International dog shows take place in Russia under the aegis of F.C.I. "EURASIA" Crufts Qualifier regularly attracts 10 to 14 thousand of participants. The number of entries to "RUSSIA" usually exceeds 5 thousand, and for a good reason: over 400 CACIB winners automatically become Russian Champions at this show (normally it takes 6 CAC to win this title). And in a couple of years Moscow will host the F.C.I. World Dog Show 2016. Many show dogs' owners and breeders from all over Europe come to try their luck in Russia, many more are tempted to bring their Champions and Winners to Russia, BUT...

But the practical aspects of organizing a trip to Russia make most Europeans to refrain from entering dogs to Russian shows: travelling to Russia isn't easy even if you don't have a dog with you. Getting a Russian visa is a complicated process. Most Russian hotels do not accept dogs. It's a problem to rent a car even if you are in a big city. But the main thing is - most Russians speak... Russian. It's not a problem as such; the problem is they hardly ever speak any other language. To be able to communicate and to explain what you need to a taxi driver, a waitress, a doctor, a policeman or a member of staff at a dog show you should speak Russian.

Still wanna go?

All these problems can be easily avoided if you travel to a Russian dog show as a part of an organized group. In this case coming to a show venue on time, finding a proper place to eat and an acceptable place to walk your dog will be your tour leader's headache, not yours. If for some reason joining such a group is not possible (or if you prefer to travel on your own), the best solution is to enlist the support of a Russian party who will organize the trip for you and render help during your stay in Russia.

EURODOG is a Moscow based agency, our main specialization - outbound tourism to European dog shows. But we do inbound, too, if need be. We'll enter your dogs to the chosen shows, book suitable dog friendly hotel not far from the show venue (or you may stay at the motor home without checking in to a hotel if you prefer it this way) and make sure that you are provided with all the vital show and dog exhibitors information. One of out fully equipped Hymer Camp motorhomes will pick you and your dogs up at the airport - a motorhome, a personal driver and an English speaking assistant will stay at your disposal at all times until you leave Russia. Let us know if you need groomer's help or handler's services - it can be arranged, as well as professional photography.

The BIS podium is not under our control. But everything else is!

+7 968 916 81 20,
+7 903 619 89 46

Offer expires 31st January

Sabaneeva Show - Russia


The National All Breed Show
in the memory of L. Sabaneev (CAC / Ch. RKF rank)
& 20 Special Club Shows

Moscow, Crocus Expo, 26.01.2013

The Judges’ Panel
Joëlle BARDET (FR)
Carmen GIL POLO (ES)
Peter GREEN (US)
Zlatko JOJKIĆ (SR)
Lisbeth MACH (CH)

Rodney P. OLDHAM (UK)
Branislav RAJIĆ (SI)
Augusto Benedicto SANTOS (PH)

Contacts and information:

English Setter no longer on vulnerable breeds list

The English Setter has come off the Kennel Club's list of native vulnerable breeds after registrations increased by 25 percent in 2012, in a year that saw a celebration of all things British.
The breed dropped to less than 300 registrations last year, which is the point at which the Kennel Club deems a breed to be vulnerable. In 2012 the breed increased from 234 to 314 registrations, which means that the breed is now moved onto the Kennel Club's At Watch list, which is for breeds that have between 300 and 450 registrations and whose progress is monitored by the Club.

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Top twenty breeds 2012

1 Retriever (Labrador) 36,487 11 Bulldog 4,782
2 Spaniel (Cocker) 23,306 12 French Bulldog 4,648
3 Spaniel (English Springer) 12,792 13 Boxer 4,622
4 German Shepherd Dog 8,502 14 Shih Tzu 4,565
5 Pug 7,539 15 Lhasa Apso 4,494
6 Golden Retriever 7,085 16 West Highland White Terrier 3,975
7 Border Terrier 6,577 17 Chihuahua (Smooth Coat) 3,518
8 Staffordshire Bull Terrier 6,235 18 Whippet 3,084
9 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 5,970 19 Dachshund (Min Smooth-Haired) 2,854
10 Miniature Schnauzer 5,797 20 Beagle 2,728

Our Dogs Annual 2013


The biggest OUR DOGS Annual for 25 years!

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Makes a great new year's gift or you could just treat yourself.

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Breeders competition - latest news

The Kennel Club Breeders Competition in 2012 will culminate in the spectacle of its finals at Crufts 2013.
During the course of 2012 a total of 57 breeder teams took part. Of that number 43 achieved more than the required 25 points and therefore qualified for the final. Out of the 43 who qualified 5 have advised the Kennel Club that regrettably they will not be able to attend the finals. The organisers therefore expect that the final number of competing teams in the big ring at Crufts 2013 will be just under forty.
The competition is sponsored by Agria Pet Insurance and supported by OUR DOGS throughout the year. Breeders have already started to collect points for this years competition and OUR DOGS will continue to print the leader board every month.

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25th January) or view in the Members' area of our website.

Kooikerhondje reclassified to the utility group

The Kooikerhondje Club of Great Britain has said that it once again regrets the decision of The Kennel Club to move the Kooikerhondje breed, out of the Gundog group but also expresses its relief that the move will be into the Utility group rather then the wholly unsuitable Working group which was originally proposed by the KC.
In a statement the Club said: 'Now that the final choice of group has been confirmed the breed the Club must make positive plans to move on from what has been a somewhat traumatic time of confusion and stress. Recognising that one of the key issues in this new situation is the need to educate judges in our new group of the breed standard and judging requirements for the Kooiker, the Club has therefore decided hold a series of breed seminars and judges assessments aimed at current judges of Utility group breeds.'

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Top Breeder Competition

Sponsored by Arden Grange.

Full results are in 11th January issue buy it here or view by clicking here.

Top Puppy Competition

Sponsored by Dorwest Herbs.

The results are also in 11th January issue buy it here or view by clicking here.

Rescue and Rehoming Feature

Irish Kennel Club Annual Elections

The 2013 Ard Chomhairle of the Irish Kennel Club met tonight at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Santry, Dublin to elect the incoming committees for the next 12 months.
Sean Delmar was returned as President of the Irish Kennel Club with Mary Crowley also returned as Vice President. The meeting then elected Mrs Rita McCarry Beattie as the IKC Treasurer for 2013. The 7 General Purposes Committee members elected were as follows: Mr Michael Drennan, Mrs Colette Muldoon, Mrs Joan Walsh, Mr Nick Hammond, Mr Philip Behan, Mrs Evelyn Hurley, Mr Nicky White.
The 7 Judges/Green Star Committee members were elected as follows Mrs June Wall, Mrs Cathy Delmar, Mrs Josie Foley, Mrs Lynda Matthews, Mr Colm Beattie, Mr Dermot Timmins and Miss Clodagh Fallon. Further updates on the other elected committees when more news is available.

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News from Medical and Bio-Detection Dogs

Our Dogs chosen charity for the year continues to go from strength to strength. One of their new projects is the training of Bed Bug Detection Dogs which will be used to search commercial premises like hotels for these nasty little pests.
Their first dog to enter this field of work has been 'Midas' and he recently located a single bug in a building , which is quite incredible. Their Director, Dr Claire Guest emphasises that firms will pay for this invaluable service which will help boost the charities funds.

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25th January) or view in the Members' area of our website.

Keep up with Our Dogs while walking the dog

You can keep up with Our Dogs on your smart phone.

If you are a member you can get access to show reports, breed notes, and latest news optimised for your device.

You can also access the domestic and international show calendar information as well as the Our Dogs Shop.

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Birmingham national show to act on survey

Birmingham Dog Show Society, which runs the Birmingham National Championship Show has thanked the 2,500 exhibitors who took the time to complete its online survey which it issued last September. The Committee said it had analysed the results and, based on the findings, would be taking some appropriate action in line with the wishes expressed by exhibitors.
The Society says that some of the main points which arose from the survey were:
Entry fees: The survey highlighted that the total cost of entering shows, which included entry fees, fuel, catalogues etc was 'the most emotive subject'.
The show takes place at Bingley Hall, Stafford from May 9th to the 12th.
Entries close on March 13th and schedules will be available from the OUR DOGS stand at CRUFTS.

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25th January) or view in the Members' area of our website.

KC Breeder Competition 2012

The latest standings for the KC Breeders' competition are now online.

Sponsored by Agria.

Eukanuba All Breeds Puppy Start

Weaning represents a very vulnerable time for puppies as many changes are taking place in their development. Their acquired immunity from the mother is waning and they are yet to be vaccinated by the vet, so they need to be in peak health throughout this period. Eukanuba Puppy Start can help with a smooth transition to solid foods.

• Highly digestible ingredients and a natural fibre blend, including beet pulp, MOS and the prebiotics FOS to help support the natural balance of the intestinal microflora and to help optimise nutrient absorption.

• Excellent acceptance by puppies.

• No. 1 ingredient is chicken.

• Optimal ratio of Omega 6-Omega 3 for a healthy skin and radiant coat

• Gentle on the digestive system and promotes optimal nutrient absorption to reduce the risk of digestive upsets.

• No colourants or preservatives added

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