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 Our dogs newsletter - issue 568

Oliver does it again!

Photo: Ruth Dalrymple

Richard Allan with Travella Striking Steel relaxing on the riverside bench at Junction Pool after being awarded BIS at Border Union, Scotland must be lucky for this duo, second BIS within a few weeks and he did it again at Blackpool.

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28th June) or view it in our members' area Our Dogs website

World Dog Show Winners Pullout

Inside this weeks Our Dogs (28th June) is the Our Dogs World Show Winners pullout.

This 32 page full colour souvenir issue is full of information and news from the Hungarian extravaganza.

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Cheshire County Show

Photo by Lisa Croft-Elliott

Best in Show at Cheshire County Show under judge Marita Rodgers was the Whippet, Tylko Cobyco Paranoia, owned by Mrs L. Yacoby-Wright and Ms E. Yacoby; Res BIS was the Bearded Collie, Kilfinan Country Lady, owned by Mr & Mrs Burscough.

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28th June) or view it in our members' area Our Dogs website

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The Arabian Saluki Special Event Festival

The Saluki Special Event final line up from Left to Right. Best Special Event Winner Sivendra Abishai with Owner/Breeder Vicky-ann Tompkins, Hamad AlGhanem (Arabian Saluki judge from Dubai, United Arab Emirates), Sylvia Pass handling Galifa Sivendra Al Djibaaah (IMP DEU) Best Puppy owned by Vicky-ann Tompkins, Karen Fisher, ring steward in black Arabian costume, Jenny Macro with her Ch. Nefisa Jeevun ShCM Best Veteran and Brian Buckley Saluki exhibitor in Arab costume.

See more on this show in this weeks issue
28th June) or view it in our members' area Our Dogs website

City of Birmingham Change of Judge

CHANGE OF JUDGES at the City Show.

At the City of Birmingham Championship Show in September, BULLDOGS will now be judged by Mr P Robson (Subject to KC Approval).

SPANISH WATER DOGS will now be judged by Mrs E P Hollings.

As the Spanish Water Dogs do not have CC's there is no need to have subject to KC approval.

Front page story - LKA holds entry fees
and trade charges despite move

The Ladies KA has made it known that following the previous announcement that its championship show on Saturday and Sunday December 14th and 15th this year will be moving halls within the NEC complex, it has now held further site meetings.
Contrary to rumours that this move will be expensive for the LKA and therefore for its exhibitors, the Association says that this is not the case and confirms very clearly: 'We are delighted to be able to retain our entry fees and trade stand charges for a further year.'

See more on this show in this weeks issue
28th June) or view it in our members' area Our Dogs website

Final week at bargain prices...

Welsh Kennel Club


KC Seminars - Venue International Building on the Showground

Friday16 August - A.M. Ring Stewarding, pm Points of the Dog Assessment

Saturday 17 August - A.M. Requirements of a Dog Show Judge, pm Points of the Dog Assessment

Sunday 18 August - A.M. Conformation and Movement pm Points of the Dog Assessment

Thursday 15 August - Companion Dog Show in aid of Hounds for Heroes.

4:30 on Royal Welsh Showground

Judges - Pedigree classes - Ms Mary Deats Novelty classes - Mr Antony Bongiovanni

Breed Club Open Shows

Friday 16 August South and West Wales Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club Open Show - Judge Mrs W Waters (Sweetbriar)

Saturday 17 August - Old English Sheepdog Club of Wales - Judge Frank Kane (Hirontower)

KC Mate Select "Breeding for the Future" Workshop Venue the International Building on the RWAS Showground on each day of the Show.

Are you a dog breeder, or are you thinking about breeding? Would you like to learn more about how you can reduce the risk of inherited diseases and protecting your breed's genetic diversity? Dog breeders and owners are invited to a talk with a health specialist, Aimee Llewellyn, from the Kennel Club about the current KC health tools and resources. Come and explore the latest Kennel Club online services, including Mate Select. Learn more about how to make the best use of DNA test results, KC/BVA Schemes, and the Inbreeding Calculator on Mate Select. This talk is aimed at all levels of experience, so please do come along. Aimee aims to make the "science-bit” fun and easy."

Overseas Judges -

Rony Doedjins - Netherlands - Chinese Crested, Alaskan Malamute, Tibetan Terrier

Peter Harsanyi - Hungary - Borzoi , Sloughi, Rough Collie, Smooth Collie, Chow Chow

Rui Oliveira - Portugual, - Dachshund Wire Haired) Dachshund Miniature Wire Haired, Portuguese Podengo, Bull Terrier, Cairn Terrier, Retriever (Labrador)

Paul Stanton - Sweden, Pug, Rottweiler, Japanese Spitz

Irish Judges

Mr H O Donaghue - Parson Russell Terrier, Sealyham Terrier, Skye Terrier

M R Gregg - Airedale Terrier, Fox Terrier (Smooth)

Full details in WKC schedule.

Closing date of entries - postal Monday 24 June online www.dog.biz

Change of Judge - Otterhounds will now be judges by Mr Peter Jolley

KC to push for amendment to Welsh regulations

The Kennel Club has pledged to continue lobbying for sensible amendments to the latest draft dog breeding regulations laid before the Welsh Government this week, in order to ensure any new regulations are a genuine and workable improvement on current measures.
Commenting on the draft Animal Welfare (Breeding of Dogs) (Wales) Regulations 2013, which were put before the National Assembly this week, Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: "We are pleased that the Welsh Government is persevering with its commitment to clean up Wales' somewhat tarnished reputation for dog breeding.
The latest version of the Regulations can be found at: http://www.assemblywales.org/bus-home/bus-business-fourth-assembly-laid-docs.htm?act=dis&id=246935&ds=6/2013

See more on this show in this weeks issue
28th June) or view it in our members' area Our Dogs website

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Scottish goverment to consult on compulsory microchipping

Though the Governments in Westminster and Cardiff have announced that the microchipping of dogs will become compulsory from 2016 and 2015 onwards respectively, up to now the Scottish Government in Edinburgh has taken a different view. It has said that it has no intention of introducing compulsory microchipping and that there is no evidence that it would help tackle either the abandonment of dogs or the dog fighting problem.
Following a campaign by the Labour Party in Scotland the Scottish Nationalist Government appears to be back-pedalling. At the BVA's annual Scottish dinner, held recently at Holyrood, Scottish Cabinet Secretary Richard Lochhead announced that the Scottish Government aims to consult on compulsory dog microchipping by the end of this year.

The North/South divide, is it all about cats and dogs?

People from the South are bigger cat lovers, and those from the North bigger dog lovers, according to research by Petlog, the UK's largest lost and found database for microchipped pets.
To coincide with National Microchipping Month, which is taking place throughout June, Petlog conducted research to find out about regional pet ownership trends. The research found that pet owners in the North East are the most likely to own a dog (65% of pet owners owned dogs compared to a national average of 53%) and those in the South East are the most likely to own cats (60% compared to a national average of 54%).
To find out more about National Microchipping Month and events that are taking place in your area, visit www.nationalmicrochippingmonth.org.uk.

Petlog, the UK's largest database for microchipped pets is celebrating 10 years of National Microchipping Month this June, and we want to encourage all dog owners to check their dog's contact details are up to date. Do you know which database your puppy's microchips are registered on? If you microchip your own puppies, make sure you always use a microchip associated with the Petlog database. To find out more visit www.nationalmicrochippingmonth.org.uk.

See more on this show in this weeks issue
28th June) or view it in our members' area Our Dogs website


Preview issue for the EUROPEAN DOG SHOW 2013
Geneva, Switzerland
& Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show


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European Dog Show 2013 - Geneva

Second Entries Closing ends
June 29th - Click here

Check out a great video promoting this years
European Dog Show in Geneva:


DU attends COPs event in Boston

Lincolnshire Police held the second of its COP's - Canines on Patrol - events at the Witham Country Park in Boston on Saturday and Sunday 22nd & 23rd June.
This is a recently introduced initiative by Lincolnshire Police, to encourage dog walkers to report any suspicious activity they spot when exercising their pets.

See more on this show in this weeks issue
28th June) or view it in our members' area Our Dogs website


Beware of lungworm, warns vet practice

A Hertfordshire veterinary hospital is emphasising the importance of worming dogs properly, following the recent referral of several dogs needing urgent treatment for potentially fatal lungworm infection.
Davies Veterinary Specialists (DVS) has treated four cases of serious lungworm infection over the past couple of months, all within around 30 miles of each other. Usually the practice only sees two or three lungworm cases a year, at most. It is thought that the increase in cases could be the result of a lack of knowledge amongst some owners about the right wormers to use, as well as the fact that lungworm appears to be getting a stronger foothold in some areas, possibly due to factors such as climate change.
For further information and advice on worming visit www.vetspecialists.co.uk.

See more on this show in this weeks issue
28th June) or view it in our members' area Our Dogs website

KC Breeder Competition 2013

Photo by Ruth Dalrymple
Ronnie Irving judged the Terrier Breeders and awarded first to
Mark Walshaw with his homebred Bedlington Terriers

The latest standings for the KC Breeders' competition are now online.

Sponsored by Agria.

Top Breeder and Top Puppy
Latest Standings

View the latest standings of our Top Breeder competition here.

Sponsored by Arden Grange: www.ardengrange.com

View the latest standings of our Top Puppy competition here.

Sponsored by Dorwest Herbs: www.dorwest.com

Coming up soon to Our Dogs


August 9th HALFWAY LEADERS IN THE TOP PUPPY COMPETITION 2013 Sponsored by Dorwest Herbs

Don't miss next weeks issue – 32 PAGE DOGS IN FOCUS – Golden Retriever Special, only in OUR DOGS, July 5th 2013.

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Proud to serve

This a very poignant month in which we proudly recognise, celebrate and remember those that are serving or who have served in the armed forces in the run up to Armed forces day being held on the 29th June.
Recognised as one of the worlds premier and most professional armed services the men and women of the UK armed forces have truly gone that extra mile, proving they have more than deservedly earned such praise. By wearing their hearts very much on their sleeves supporting Hounds for Heroes, who's aims are to provide specially trained assistance dogs to injured and disabled men and women of the UK armed forces and civilian Emergency services.

See more on this show in this weeks issue
28th June) or view it in our members' area Our Dogs website

KC staff raise £500 for cancer charity

Eight women members of Kennel Club staff recently took part in Cancer Research's 'Race for Life'. The team, 'Best in Show', some of whom have personal experience of cancer, did their bit for the charity despite the rain and hail. They raised more than £500. The members of the KC Health and Breeder Services, Marketing, and PR teams are pictured (left to right): Joy Gonszor, Aimee Llewellyn, Bonnie-Marie Abhayaratne, Victoria Brown, Laura Quickfall, Catherine Torrance, Heidi Ancell (not pictured, but also running was Kate Stocker). Also pictured are Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds, Holly and Truffle, and rescue dog Daisy who all enjoyed a bit of exercise too! You can still contribute at: http://raceforlife.cancerresearchuk.org

See more on this show in this weeks issue
28th June) or view it in our members' area Our Dogs website

Borzoi of the year 2012

The Borzoi Club held the third Borzoi of the Year event at Baginton Village Hall, again very successful and generously sponsored by Royal Canin. The weather was chilly but at least we escaped the snow.
All CC and reserve CC winners, best puppy and veteran class winners from LKA 2011 through to SWKA 2012 were invited to compete. On arrival all qualifiers were issued with certificates, rosettes and a programme of the day's events. Everyone was eager to discover the identity of the three judges, kept secret until the day, and this time they were Christine Spencer, Trevor Jepson and Nev Newton. Next came a photo call for each dog in front of the Imperial Russian flag and the Union Jack, with Gary Peskett behind the lens. These photos are posted on the Club website and provide a lovely memento of the event for the proud owners.

See more on this show in this weeks issue
28th June) or view it in our members' area Our Dogs website

Canine Alliance news

A member of the Steering Group who was not present at our last meeting, mistakenly interpreted our commitment to hold a members meeting in July as the Annual General Meeting, writes Andrew Brace
The meeting in Coventry is taking place and we will be explaining the new structure of the Alliance, to the membership and how the AGM will be conducted, along with some policy issues that members have already raised. The formal AGM of the new Company Limited by Guarantee is, frankly, very unexciting and much of the business will be conducted by proxy voting.

See more on this show in this weeks issue
28th June) or view it in our members' area Our Dogs website

Link: www.ourdogs.co.uk/directdebit.htm

Wedding bells!

The wedding of Shaun Layton and Helen Howard took place on June 14, where the couple were joined by friends and relatives. The happy couple - who are well known in thw world of dogs also took the opportunity to celebrate their gorgeous son's - Samuel - naming ceromony.

See more on this show in this weeks issue
28th June) or view it in our members' area Our Dogs website


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