Watch out Its a Jungle Out There!

Watch our video with David Bellamy and Vet, Steve Leonard

Experts are warning pet owners to become far more diligent when it comes to treating their pets for parasites like fleas and worms. A hidden jungle of critters on your doorstep could pose serious health risks to pets and owners alike because of a void in knowledge and awareness.

Even ticks, fleas and mites, of which most pet owners are aware need to be taken more seriously. Lots of people may consider ticks to be similar to fleas, but in actual fact, fleas are insects and ticks are arachnids because they have 8 legs in their adult life stage!

Fleas are the most common parasite affecting pets worldwide. They prefer warm, humid conditions and are often attracted to dogs and cats by their body heat. Once on a pet, they can spread anywhere that the pet goes, including the pet owner’s home.

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