Watch out Its a Jungle Out There!

Watch our video with David Bellamy and Vet, Steve Leonard

Experts are warning pet owners to become far more diligent when it comes to treating their pets for parasites like fleas and worms. A hidden jungle of critters on your doorstep could pose serious health risks to pets and owners alike because of a void in knowledge and awareness.

Of particular concern is the relatively unknown and largely misunderstood toxocara parasite which can, in rare cases, cause blindness in humans. The parasite’s eggs are shed in animal’s faeces and although many dog lovers think that by scooping their dogs poop they are eliminating the risk, in fact, unless you are worming monthly the eggs can still remain in the soil or grass where your pet made it’s mess – even if all visible traces have been removed. This means families playing in parks where a pooch’s poop has been scooped, could still be at risk of picking up Toxocaraisis.

The toxocara parasite survives well beyond the owner cleaning up their dog’s faeces – it can stick to your pet’s fur and can then be easily transferred to your bed, sofa and floors – exposing you to the serious implications it carries.

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