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Eukanuba Longevity Observation




Every day you spend with your dog is special. When your dog is healthy and happy, so are you. That’s why, like you, Eukanuba is dedicated to giving your dog as many healthy happy days as possible – even beyond your dog’s average lifespan.

In July 2004 Eukanuba embarked on a ten year journey involving 39 very special Labradors. Their health and longevity were monitored and the results were unprecedented – nearly 90%* of Labrador Retrievers fed Eukanuba, together with appropriate care, lived beyond the breed’s typical twelve year life expectancy.

Even more astonishingly - almost a third (28%) of the dogs achieved exceptional longevity by living beyond an incredible 15.6 years.* One dog, Utah, lived until the ripe old age of 17 years and 11 months. That’s the equivalent of approximately 109 years in human terms and 30% longer than his breed’s typical lifespan.

Eukanuba’s ‘Longevity Council’*, a panel of internationally renowned vet and industry experts, believe we have unlocked the secret to giving our dogs longer, healthier and more vibrant life. There are three important things you should provide your dog with – we like to look at it as giving them the appropriate care to live an extraordinary life.

Make sure you keep your dog trim, regular exercise and a high quality diet will ensure your dog remains as close to an ideal body weight and condition as possible. Try to avoid treats and titbits, consistency of feeding is important, as is offering a complete and nutritional diet appropriate for your dogs breed and life stage.

Dr Vicki Adams, a Veterinary expert and member of Eukanuba’s Longevity Council explains: “For dog owners, it’s down to them to give their pet good nutrition. This means the right kind of food in the right quantity, appropriate for their life stage and life style i.e. how active or inactive their dog is. What’s more, we need to provide regular exercise to keep that lean body mass as long as we can, as this is vital to giving a dog a long, healthy and happy lifestyle.”

Animal husbandry covers a wide spectrum of topics, including nutrition and exercise, but more broadly it’s about the way that the dog is looked after to ensure quality of life throughout their life span.

Eukanuba’s Senior Scientific Communications Manager, David Morgan explains: “We have a responsibility as pet owners to make sure that we give our pets the best quality of life. The way that you look after your dog so bathing, grooming, exercising and socialising are all very important, as well as veterinary care. It’s a very responsible part of any pet ownership.
“Good husbandry extends to the environment in which we feed our pets. Creating a consistent and structured feeding schedule is necessary to ensure a dog’s nutritional needs are met especially if they require energy at different times throughout the day. Making sure your dog has a relaxing location to enjoy their food is also important as this can aid healthy digestion.”

Veterinary care and preventative veterinary care is vital to allow your dog to live longer and healthier, and was an important consideration for Utah and the other Eukanuba Labradors. Old age isn’t a disease, so it’s important to differentiate ageing and health concerns.

Ex-Kennel Club Chairman and Council Member, Professor Steve Dean said: “We’ve learned to accept certain things as being the effects of old age, which are not. Old age is not a disease, we need to get veterinary care in good time so we preserve health and give our dogs much better, longer and healthier lives.”

Veterinary expert and Managing Director of Fitzpatrick Referrals (Channel 4’s Supervet’s Practice) Professor Stuart Carmichael talks around quality of life in ageing dogs: “The factors that are important for healthy ageing in dogs are things that really improve their quality of life. We’ve got to understand and change the expectation of what an old dog should be like – an old dog should be happy, it should be healthy, it should be fit and able to exercise. Essentially it should be a normal dog. These are the factors, for me that ensure that the animal is having a good quality of life.”

Eukanuba’s Longevity Council collectively agreed that the secret to healthy ageing in canines is a careful balance of nutrition, good husbandry and effective veterinary care.

Professor Stuart Carmichael sums it up for dog owners: “Nutrition is vitally important, and Eukanuba has shown us the proof, but so is good husbandry and good veterinary care. I think it’s important to realise you can’t expect any one of those to deliver long life, you’ve got to really have all three in place.

“It isn’t just about living long; it’s about the quality of life as well. Dog owners want more than a dog that lives for 16 or 17 years, but a dog that lives for 16 or 17 years with a high quality of life. It’s an important mind set to get into. We’re not just talking about living longer; we’re talking about living healthy for longer.”

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