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Top Puppy Award
Rules and Regulations

Please take in to account that not all club show results may have been received by the date used to calculate points.
It is in exhibitors own interest to check their points after each update and report any differences as soon as possible as catalogues are not always received from some shows. Please also check the correct results have been posted on the appropriate show result websites as any errors will affect the competition results.
Points to be awarded as follows:
Breeds with CCs
Best Puppy In Breed at shows where CCs are on offer for that breed – 1 point. CC won by a puppy winning BPIB – 1 extra point
Non CC Status (Rare) Breed
Best Puppy In Breed at a General or Group Championship Show where breed classes are scheduled – 1 point. BOB or BOS won by a puppy winning BPIB – 1 extra point
Import Breeds Register
Best Import Puppy at a General or Group Championship Show where Import classes are scheduled – 1 point. Best Import or BOS Import won by a puppy winning BPIB – 1 extra point.
Puppy Group placings at Group and General Championship Shows:
Puppy Group 1 (or BPIS at a single group
championship show) = 5 points
Puppy Group 2 = 3 points
Puppy Group 3 = 2 points
Puppy Group 4 = 1 point
Best Puppy in Show:
General Championship Shows:
BPIS = 5 extra points / RBPIS if declared = 3 extra points
The Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship Shows:
BPIS = 1 extra point
Shows where there are no group points on offer:
Scottish Breeds
BPIS = 3 points / RBPIS if declared = 1 point
United Retriever / Setter & Pointer
BPIS = 2 points / RBPIS if declared = 1 point

In the event of a tie
At the end of the competition period a tie- breaker, where applicable, will be used to determine an outright leader in each breed as follows: All Best Puppy In Breed awards at specialist club Championship Shows will be awarded an extra point. Should two puppies still tie they will be declared ‘Joint Winners’.
However, should more than two puppies tie we must regrettably declare there is ‘no clear leader’ and a ‘Top Puppy’ award will not be made in that breed category.
Period of competition
Points are calculated from relevant wins within the calendar year
(1 January – 31 December).
At the end of the calendar year the puppy in each relevant breed / category amassing the highest number of points will be declared Top Puppy.
Final decision
No discussions will be entered into and the decision of the Editor in all circumstances will be final.
Competition originally devised by
Jean Jackson.
*Points compiled by David Franks on behalf of Our Dogs. Please note that any queries regarding points should be emailed where possible to