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Home Counties American Cocker Club 05/03/17
Northern Counties American Cocker Club 02/04/17
American Cocker Spaniel Club of Great Britain 28/08/17

Bracco Italiano Society 27/03/17

Brittany Club Of Great Britain 24/09/17

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club 09/07/17

Particoloured Cocker Spaniel Club 12/02/17
South Wales and?Monmouthshire Cocker Spaniel Club 25/03/17
Cocker Spaniel Club Of Scotland 09/04/17
Cheshire Cocker Spaniel Club 07/05/17
East Anglian Cocker Spaniel Society 23/04/17
Cocker Spaniel Club 16/07/17
Cocker Spaniel Club of Lancashire 19/08/17
Ulster Cocker Spaniel Club 24/09/17
West of England Cocker Spaniel Club 08/10/17
Solid Colours Cocker Spaniel Association 28/10/17
Rotherham and District Cocker Spaniel Club 04/11/17
Coventry Cocker Spaniel Club 25/11/17
London Cocker Spaniel Society 02/12/17

Clumber Spaniel Club 01/10/17

Curly Coated Retriever Club 16/07/17

Midland English Setter Society 05/02/17
English Setter Society Of Wales 09/04/17
English Setter Association 23/04/17
English Setter Society Of Scotland 30/04/17
Northern English Setter Society 15/07/17
Southern English Setter Society 19/11/17

Southern English Springer Spaniel Society 25/02/17
English Springer Spaniel Club Of Scotland 25/03/17
Lancashire and Cheshire English Springer Spaniel Club 02/04/17
English Springer Spaniel Club 09/04/17
English Springer Spaniel Club Of Wales 16/04/17
Northern English Springer Spaniel Society 11/06/17
Midland English Springer Spaniel Society 05/11/17

Field Spaniel Society 18/06/17

Flatcoated Retriever Society 02/04/17
Flatcoated Retriever Club Of Scotland 15/04/17
Southern Flatcoated Retriever Club 28/05/17
Northern England Flatcoated Retriever Association 05/11/17

German Shorthaired Pointer Association 17/04/17
German Shorthaired Pointer Club 16/07/17

German Wirehaired Pointer Club 09/07/17

Golden Retriever Club Of Wales 12/02/17
Southern Golden Retriever Society 26/02/17
South Western Golden Retriever Club 19/03/17
Northern Golden Retriever Association 01/04/17
Yorkshire Golden Retriever Club 02/04/17
Golden Retriever Club Of Scotland 08/04/17
North West Golden Retriever Club 09/04/17
Golden Retriever Club of Northumbria 30/04/17
Golden Retriever Club 22/07/17
Ulster Golden Retriever Club 22/09/17
Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club 24/09/17
Berkshire Downs and Chilterns Golden Retriever Club 05/11/17
Midland Golden Retriever Club 03/12/17

Gordon Setter Association 15/04/17
Gordon Setter Club Of Scotland 06/05/17
British Gordon Setter Club 21/10/17

Hungarian Vizsla Society 02/04/17
Hungarian Vizsla Club 01/10/17

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association 15/04/17

Midlands Irish Setter Society 18/02/17
Irish Setter Breeders Club 25/03/17
Irish Setter Club Of Scotland 08/04/17
Irish Setter Club Of Wales 16/04/17
Belfast and District Irish Setter Club 10/06/17
South Of England Irish Setter Club 16/07/17
Irish Setter Association, England 30/09/17
North East Of England Irish Setter Club 21/10/17

Irish Red and White Setter Club Of Great Britain 11/06/17

Irish Water Spaniel Association 22/07/17

Italian Spinone Club Of Great Britain 26/03/17

Labrador Retriever Club Of Wales 04/02/17
East Anglian Labrador Retriever Club 04/03/17
Three Ridings Labrador Club 18/03/17
Labrador Club Of Scotland 01/04/17
Kent, Surrey and Sussex Labrador Retriever Club 02/04/17
Midland Counties Labrador Retriever Club 15/04/17
Labrador Retriever Club Of Northern Ireland 06/05/17
Labrador Retriever Club 10/06/17
Cotswold and Wyvern Labrador Retriever Club 05/07/17
United Retriever Club 09/08/17
Yellow Labrador Club 27/09/17
Northumberland and Durham Labrador Retriever Club 14/10/17
North West Labrador Retriever Club 15/10/17
West of England Labrador Retriever Club 14/11/17

Large Munsterlander Club 16/07/17

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club 19/03/17

Pointer Club 22/04/17
Southern Pointer Club 30/07/17
Pointer Club Of Scotland 01/10/17
Setter and Pointer Club 04/11/17

Spanish Water Dog Club 29/06/17
Sussex Spaniel Association 23/09/17

North Of England Weimaraner Society 08/04/17
Weimaraner Association 30/04/17
Weimaraner Club Of Great Britain 16/09/17
Weimaraner Club Of Scotland 12/11/17

Welsh Springer Spaniel Club Of South Wales 26/03/17
North Of England Welsh Springer Spaniel Club 09/04/17
Welsh Springer Spaniel Club 02/09/17
South Eastern Welsh Springer Spaniel Club 15/10/17

All dates kindly supplied by The Kennel Club.