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Issue: 02/03/2018

Star turn

Thoughts of a dog owner…

Most of us eventually learn to obey our dogs!

A dog wants affection more than its dinner…well almost!

The more I see of people the more I prefer my dogs!


Training a new Human - part one

Training a new human is always worth the effort.
A well trained human makes a better, more loving companion.
They can eventually almost predict your needs.
But if you don't spend time early on, you will pay for it later with a human that is lazy and unco-operative.
Taking the time now will result in a better relationship and a happier human.
a) Asserting yourself
Right from the start you must make sure your new human knows his place.  He must know that you are in charge.
When the new human comes to you and pats you on the head, stare into his eyes and don't look away.
If he says, "aah" and rubs your ears, you will know that he is ready to be trained.
b) Patience
A new human has the mind of a puppy.
If he shoves you off the bed at night, only to climb in himself, you need to understand that he gets tired too, and may not be thinking straight.
Just jump right back on the bed.
If he shoves you off again don't get discouraged.
Just wait until he's asleep and get back up there.
Eventually he will learn that he is only in your bed because you - generously - allow him to stay there!
To be continued…… 
(A. Wilmott, Redhill)

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