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Issue: 13/04/2018

Star turn

Do you know ..
Which David Bowie hit record has a doggy title?
Who sang, "I love my dog"?
In the 1960s which pop group had a doggy name?
Which American rap singer has a canine name, based on his childhood nickname?

Training a new human part 2
c) Repetition
Just because a human does something correctly once doesn't mean he will always do it. He needs to be shown several times how to do it before it becomes second nature. If he doesn't seem to know where the treats are, stand right beside where they are kept. Look excited every times he comes near you.  If that doesn't work, stand on your hind legs and put your paws near the treats, panting lightly to drive the message home - these cues should make it clear to him that you would like a treat.  NB as soon as you've eaten your treat, go through the whole routine again - this is the only way to ensure the new human has learned the lesson.
 d) Rewarding them
When he does something right, make sure he knows you appreciate it.  When he takes you for a walk, show your appreciation by wagging your tail and displaying your tummy so he can enjoy the sensation of giving you a good rub.  This is beneficial to you too because you get a tummy rub out of it - there is no downside here!
 A. Wilmott, Redhill

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