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Issue: 18/06/2021


As Lockdown has eased, I wanted to put on record my thanks to Deborah Moughton and Christine Wolstenholme of the Dekris Affix. They live in the same village as my parents and I met Deborah through showing, although we have different breeds. 
I live and work in London so when you are told you have to stay away from your elderly parents as you might infect them with a killer virus, you feel pretty helpless. Step forward Debs who, for the last year, has selflessly shopped for them on a weekly basis and kept a watchful eye over them, including during a couple of health scares.
It’s hard to describe the relief and gratitude I felt during those dark days when I used to receive her regular ‘all is well’ Facebook updates. 
And the moral of the story is...there can a lot of negativity surrounding our hobby, but also so much compassion and care. She has been the ultimate guardian angel and I will never forget her kindness.
Yours etc.
Karen Williams

Brachycephalic Working Group

I cannot let Bill Lambert’s response (OUR DOGS June 11) to my earlier cri-de-couer about the BWG pass without a closing comment.
As much as I appreciated Bill’s comments I still felt the universal tone of the BWG overlooked specific points. We have had a constructive exchange and Bill has equally accepted what I have raised and is acting upon that.
I cannot ask for more at this stage, so thank Bill for his understanding.
On a final note I guess this must go down as remarkably positive against much of the negative comment aimed against the KC in recent times.
Yours etc,
Ron Stewart


I am a keen weekly reader of the Labrador breed notes column and I have been interested in the comments over the last couple of weeks on ‘rare colours’ and KC ‘colours not recognised’ registered litters. 
Being involved in rehoming Labradors and being familiar with certain free to use puppy/dog selling websites such as Pets4Homes that allow breeders of so called ‘rare colours’  Labrador Retrievers to advertise their litters, could the Kennel Club and the Labrador Breed Council not contact such websites to report the misleading and potentially fraudulent advertisements by these unscrupulous breeders?
In my opinion this situation is even more prevalent considering the popularity and ease of access to these websites which potentially instill authenticity to these breeders claims.
Yours etc,
Mark Hardy

No skill needed for designer dogs

I am afraid I do not agree with Mr Irving that the wholesale production of crossbreeds such as ‘cockerpoos’ etc is a parallel to our forbear’s development the breeds we know and love.
Pedigree dog breeds came about when an animal with a certain desired characteristic was used with another with similar traits to produce puppies showing the same characteristic, but hopefully enhanced.
Skill was needed, and still is, to produce animals which fulfilled their purpose while remaining healthy.
“Designer crossbreeds” with the exception of labradoodles bred by guide dog organisations, are produced to sell. 
No producer of cockerpoos, no matter how good their husbandry, can be considered to be a breeder in the true sense of the word as they are never keeping a puppy to use for the next generation.
Rather they rely on someone else for the purebred sire and dam they need to churn out the next litter of money spinners.
And my heart bleeds for the poor little bitches, usually spaniels, whose whole life is often spent doing just this. 
Yours etc.
Name and address supplied

Staff situation 
at the KC

I read your front page article and leader with great interest last week - and echo all the points that were raised. May I congratulate Our Dogs for an extremely well-balanced and factual article that actually allows us ‘mere mortals’ to get some idea what on earth has been going on at the KC.
Along with many others, I appreciate that the majority of the executives involved in the disasters that have befallen the Kennel Club in recent years have now (ironically) actually left the KC, one way or another. However, starting right at the top - the reputational damage is potentially immense and distressing for all to see. 
I would like to think that the remaining staff are being well cared for on a daily basis as they are the ones now picking up the pieces
Meanwhile, I should like to ask the actual KC members publicly, before the AGM, to speak on behalf of many of us breeders and ask some very serious questions of the Chairman, CEO and Board.
Like many others, I would like to know officially as to a time-frame of when the various component parts of this hitherto disastrous CRM are going to be ‘fit for function’. 
Yours etc,
Helen Wharton

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