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Issue: 22/02/2019

It all makes sense

I was intrigued with your article about a campaign to ban the eating of dog meat in the UK.
On the face of it this seems to be pointless, as no one in the UK eats dog meat. Some people may have inadvertently eaten horse meat but that was down to few supermarkets cutting corners and not because they were keen to devour equine flesh.
Obviously, for anyone who reads this newspaper the thought of eating dog meat is abhorrent. We could not imagine doing such a thing.
This is why there is such an emotional response when we read about the practice taking place in other countries such as World Dog Show hosts China.
But when you dig down into the issue you find out that whilst dogs are eaten in these countries it is becoming increasingly rare. There is a growing middle class in China and the very fact the country wants to host the World Dog Show demonstrates that dogs are seen as animals to be loved and not food.
Also, aren't we being a bit hypocritical when it is technically legal to eat dog meat in the UK. That is when this campaign made sense in my head, because how can we preach to these countries that they should not be eating dogs when it is possible to eat dogs here.
I am glad the KC is supporting this campaign and hopefully our politicians will ban the eating of dog meat in the UK.
Yours etc,
Jonathan Beckett

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