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Issue: 14/08/2020

Thanks for the memories

With much regret I informed the Kennel Club recently of my decision to retire from judging because of ongoing ill health. 
All the relevant Show 
Secretaries have been informed and I am grateful for their kind comments.
My thanks to all the Societies that have hosted me over the past 40 years, to the exhibitors who entered, but most of all to the beautiful dogs that will fill my retirement with such sweet memories.
Thanks again, guys. God bless you all.
Yours etc
Roy Baker

Partnership shows
and judges

While partnership shows have been in existence for some years, the rule that a judge at such shows may not exhibit at the main general show is little understood and has often created its own problem for judges.
I know of judges having accepted appointments and not having been made aware of this, only finding out nearer to the event. This is not surprising, given that the rule makes little sense, being totally unrealistic in its application.
Peter Broadbent (Have Your Say August 3) has highlighted to point re Micharl Gadsby and I would like to join in the request for OUR DOGS to show support in how unjustified this is.
Now, more than ever, the Kennel Club should take an open look at this, bearing in mind that due to the many cancelled shows, breed clubs are taking up the kind offer made available to hold their events in 2021 in partnership with general championship shows. 
As things stand with these restrictions, this is likely to affect many of the appointed judges. 
On the one hand the Kennel Club is trying to encourage show entries and help up and coming judges, however with this present rule the opposite will happen! Come on KC, we need your help to progress...not regress!
Yours etc
Ann Bradley

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