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Issue: 06/04/2018

The story of the Crufts logo!

Just to expand on Ronnie Irving's "Crufts logo" story in the March 23rd issue of OUR DOGS - what had happened those many years ago, and it was the first time Gene and I had attended Crufts, was that I wrote a rather unfavourable report about the show using the Crufts logo. (I subsequently have changed my mind relative to that reaction to the show.) 
Mr. MacDougall, who was the then Chairman of the Kennel Club General Committee, took issue with the report and demanded we stop using the Crufts logo through a solicitor's letter. Our own solicitors responded and wrote that since the logo was handed out by the Kennel Club at a press conference we had every right to use the logo.  
I presume Mr. MacDougall was so advised and he responded by BANNING the use of the word Crufts in the dog press internationally. As a result, we began referring to Crufts as the "C" show as did Dog World and OUR DOGS - which caused the then General Committee Chair to totally reverse himself on the issue!  
Yours etc
Matt Stander (Dog News)

Ignore the hand-wringers

Lucy's Law unites everyone who genuinely love dogs. But it also shines a spotlight on the naysayers and the feet draggers that hide in the shadows. 
Don't you think it odd anyone wouldn't enthusiastically support the end of the easy, legal profit for puppy farmers and traffickers?
There are loads of good people supporting it, don't get me wrong, I am not moaning. The Lucy's Law petition reached 100,000 signatures in less than two weeks, smashing all records for an animal welfare petition - past 115k while writing this.
The concept is such a no brainer that it really takes my breath away when I find any resistance. 
I try to feel sorry for those so bruised and cynical that they just don't believe it's ever possible to change anything. But when they try to infect others with their apathetic pointlessness, they become a dead weight. 
We need everyone to start believing they have the power to fix this. We just have to use our collective voice, to keep going till it is done.
Then there are others who appear terrified by any change. Moaning loudly from the side-lines that any third-party ban won't be done properly - while not actually giving any thought to constructive suggestions to make it work. 
Last week it was Professor Steve Dean seemingly hands-on-hips sucking air through his teeth, shaking his head saying, 'you are bound to do it all wrong'. 
I tried not to laugh when someone said they were very reluctant to back Lucy's Law because they were scared what would happen to all the poor breeding bitches and puppies in the puppy farms when they were closed.
Isn't that a bit like not becoming a vegetarian because you're worried the farmer will slaughter the animals he can't sell when you stop eating meat?
I admit, I am getting a little weary of those annoying people citing the 'unexpected consequences' excuse for not backing Lucy's Law, 
This treachery first raised its vague, but ugly, head in a Freedom of Information Act Request to Defra. You will remember it was discovered that Dogs Trust and Blue Cross had privately lobbied Defra to ditch the third party ban that Efra had strongly recommended, quoting a fear of the unexpected and something called 'a woeful shortage of ethically bred puppies'.
The conspiracy theorists have been working overtime as to whether these two normally family friendly charities would ever have openly expressed such a disastrous PR stance if they hadn't been outed. 
Other established charities have been very much less weird, they've been positively strident. Proud of their support of Lucy's Law. The Kennel Club, the RSPCA, the Mayhew, IFAW - so many charities and institutions standing shoulder to shoulder. 
So, assuming you're one of the normal people and you want to end puppy farming, how do we make sure we get it through and the politicians don't listen to the whiners and the moaners who like Frazier in Dad's Army keep saying, "We're all doomed!".
By reaching the 100k mark, Lucy's Law became entitled to a debate in parliament. We have a provisional date in May. Now in the past, MPs have been really hopeless at turning up for these debates. But we're not going to let that happen, are we?
We've got two months to get their bums firmly on those seats and their ears pricked.
So, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to make sure your MP turns out and supports the ban.
And there are loads of ways of doing it, but here's a really easy one.
Type in the following link and you will get to a webpage, you type in your postcode and they'll generate the details of your MP and a card to send to them from you urging them to attend the debate. You can pay by PayPal, it's only 1.75 and the profit - 50p - will be donated to Pup Aid. And it's very much easier than finding a stamp and an envelope and going to the post box. A physical piece of mail is almost a rarity these days, so is hard to ignore. 
Particularly if your MP gets loads of them.
Go to this link and it's done.
Now, you can also write a normal letter, email or Tweet your MP, too. Or even better do all of these and ask to go and see them. Make them really want to back this. 
Make them realise you will be watching the live video link of the debate and expecting them to get on their feet to speak in favour of it. That they'll be your hero if they do.
I make no apology for comparing Lucy's Law founder vet Marc Abraham to Winston Churchill. If you've watched the excellent movie Darkest Hour you'll know what Winston did. He made the weary public believe they could win the war, even though on paper it looked impossible. He made them feel it was better to fight than to surrender.
And that's what Marc has done. 
He's made us all  want to stick together so we can fight these cruel puppy farms - both at home and in Europe.  While we're not fighting them on the beaches, we're fighting them on social media, in the House of Commons with a very popular Early Day Motion, with a record-breaking petition, with a lot of lobbying of MPs by Marc and the public, with dynamic charities and institutions finding a pair and working together. 
Decades of passion and hard work has prepared us for what should be  the Battle for Britain's pups.
Now, I accept there are conscientious objectors in real wars, but I think the pacifists wouldn't want to be associated with these backstabbers trying to stop the ban on puppy farming.
So, practically, if you want to help end puppy farming, here are some things you can do:  
Mr Gove is calling for evidence to support the ban (closes May 2), more details here -
Has your MP signed the EDM yet?
How to write or Tweet to your MP:
Still time to sign and share the petition, let's get to 200k!
Send an automatic postcard asking your MP to attend the debate:
Get your Lucy's Law rosette for 1 including the latest copy of Dogs Today (worth 3.99)  here:
Yours etc
Beverley Cuddy

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