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Issue: 07/08/2020

The great Gadsby!

I WRITE in regard to your front page story, which I missed totally! I would hope your newspaper will take up the cudgel in this encompassing matter.
First, partnerships can be a problem for many reasons, but Mr Gadsby has great experience in these, and I am positive he would not knowingly break any rules. Why would he?
Did he report this ‘misdemeanour’ himself to the KC? Or was it one of our snails that slide around in our pastime? Name names, do some in-depth reporting. Many things are wrong with certain rules.
Surely, he has not been challenged for he himself (on behalf of ‘all’ dog people) challenging the Kennel Club.
I would be happy to be interviewed on this subject as I run a show within a show.
Yours etc
Peter A Broadbent

Glen of Imaal Terrier foreleg survey 

The Glen of Imaal Terrier is a chondrodystrophic (dwarf) breed, with “forelegs short, well boned and slightly bowed” and “front feet to turn out slightly from pastern” (Kennel Club breed standard update 2009). 
We are currently hearing about young Glens with foreleg problems, and so a survey is being conducted for Glens born on or after 1st January 2010 (living or deceased), to look at the numbers of owners seeking veterinary advice for their Glens.
If you know of a Glen that has foreleg issues, e.g. limping/lameness/stiffness/pain and/or excessive turnout of the front feet, and particularly if s/he has had foreleg surgery, I should be grateful if you would kindly ask the owner to consider taking a short survey. Links to the pre-survey checklist and the survey itself can be found here: 
Survey closes 4th October 2020.
If you own/owned a Glen that you took to the vet for foreleg issues, please take the survey!
Thank you for your help! 
Yours sincerely 
Alison Seall

Long way to recovery

It seems to me that recovering from the long layoff from showing is going to require a lot of effort, hard work and dedication, not just from exhibitors and judges but everyone involved with organising and running shows.
Dogs, exhibitors and judges all have had no practise for several months, in fact, some puppies and juniors will not have had any experience in the show ring or even ringcraft classes. Hopefully all judges will handle these youngsters sympathetically and with patience. Likewise handlers will have worked hard at home preparing their youngsters for their career in the show ring. 
I can still remember taking puppies in the car down to busy shopping car parks, just so they could watch the people bustling around and take in the general noise. Best of all was the pubs when everyone enjoyed themselves. After a good walk dog and handler would settle down, the customers making a fuss of the dog, the handler having a drink or two. I always took my dog’s drinking bowl with me so that he also had a pint. After a couple of visits the dog would never let me go by the pub!
Yours etc
Robin Searle

An ode to the bunker!

In the Frozen North of Salford 
Oft seen working in the Quays
For a much loved publication
(Canine owners for to please)
Is a very lovely lady
Our Dogs Ali is her name
She’s the Darling of the Dockyard
Printer’s Princess is her game.

And on a Thursday evening
She is seen with Our Dogs’ Vince
In a broadcast from their bunker
Eating cakes and pies of mince.
Wearing wigs and lovely titfers 
Spreading joy and giving gifts
For all the folk in dogdom
Making all our spirits lift.
Yours etc
Robert Stuhldreer

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