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Issue: 10/05/2024


It is a sign of the times that both The Kennel Club and Guide Dogs are planning to make people redundant.
The KC has lost £1 million in 2023 which follows a similar loss the previous year. According to your report CEO Mark Beazley blamed “external issues” for the problems they are facing.
How many times have we heard politicians blame “external issues” when things go wrong but suddenly, they are responsible when things go right.
I particularly enjoyed your description of the new role of Propositions Manager which was a wonderful example of management gobbledegook. For those that missed it a Propositions Manager is, “a manager who plays a crucial role in shaping and delivering customer experiences by developing and managing compelling product or service offerings. 
“Proposition managers create such compelling customer propositions by understanding customer needs, conducting market research, and building insights. They also work closely with cross-functional teams, secure buy-in from key stakeholders, and continuously improve customer propositions.”
So, basically, they listen to what the customer wants and delivers that for the punter based on what they are told. Now there is a revolutionary concept, the customer is always right! That is what they are saying, in essence.
For anyone who has tried to call the KC, or tried to use the website after they updated it, will know that the organisation has not always listened to its customers. They have usually just made excuses for their poor customer service and, as above, blamed “external issues.”
If they do reduce the number of people working at Clarges St. will that not affect “customer experiences” and make the situation worse. But we are all getting use to paying more and getting less these days so I suppose the KC is just following the same trend.
What would be interesting to know how much the KC is investing in running campaigns to fight for pedigree dogs. All around the world pedigree dogs, especially brachycephalic breeds, have been under attack. Some countries have actively banned breeds and we need our Kennel Club to be out there making the positive case for pedigree dogs.
Will the planned redundancies affect its ability to campaign for our dogs and our sport. If that is so then we will only see more attacks on pedigree dogs by those who oppose us. They cleverly use social media and other platforms to denigrate us and we need the KC to defend us.
It is worrying the KC is losing so much money but I am sure it is not going to go bust as I seem to remember they made quite a profit from selling a building some years ago!
Yours etc,
Mark Podmore

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