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Issue: 05/01/2018

Critique disappointment

I WRITE this letter in respect of what would appear to be the non submission of critiques by KC judges in the first 9 months of 2017 and which have not been published in the dog press.
At the outset, can I clarify that this is not a letter of complaint, nor has it been sanctioned by any Breed Club, Society or Association. This is a personal request to both the Kennel Club and to General Canine Championship Show Societies and Associations as to how many judges are failing in their duties, and are falling short by the non submission of critiques to the dog press in line with KC regulations. As such they are not fulfilling their contractual agreement resulting in a breach of contract.
Earlier this year it was noted that two multi-breed judges, both of whom carried out first time CC appointments in Border Terriers, had not over twelve weeks later, submitted their critiques to the dog press. On further checking it appeared that one of these individuals had judged numerous breeds at the same show and no critiques had appeared for any of those breeds either.
This finding led to further investigation and it very soon became apparent that this lack of published critiques was also applicable to many other shows. Talking to a few people in other breeds, it seemed they too had the same problem, some with outstanding critiques stretching back years and often the same names kept popping up. 
In a bid to establish how big the problem was, I opened up a social media group and in approximately one week over 600 members had joined with this figure rising daily. The response was quite overwhelming and it soon became apparent that this was only the 'tip of the iceberg'. There were very many disgruntled exhibitors who had paid to enter and had attended shows, at considerable cost, with their dog/s. Quite rightly they have felt very let down not to receive the judges printed critique.
Along with three others individuals from different breed group, some of whom prefer to remain anonymous, we set ourselves the task of checking every single breed in every single group and the findings, to put it mildly, were absolutely staggering.
One thing that is noticeable however, is many of the judges that have been identified are appearing as in breach of their contracts throughout the whole of the first nine months of 2017. 
Many of these Judges are scheduled to officiate in 2018.
Another point to note is that our findings only cover General Championship Shows and not Breed Club Open Shows neither does it cover Stakes and AV classes.
This appears to be a long standing and widespread problem and while a number of other judges judge very frequently and extensively they still manage to submit critiques in a timely fashion, so there really is no excuse for those who do not.
The KC complaints department covering the non submission of critiques I have always found to be most amenable, so this is in no way a reflection on them.  They can only act on the information given to them and then pass up the line to their superiors any names who ignore or refuse to comply. One problem however is that some of those 'up the line' are the frequent culprits. So it must be difficult reporting your boss, to your boss!
Those of us who have spent many hours compiling this list and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future do not have the answer to this issue, but I am sure there must be one. Maybe each breed should be asked to appoint one person in that breed to check and report directly to the KC on any late or missing critiques.  Enforcing rules is the job of the KC and, for whatever reason, this one seems to keep slipping under the radar. 
Our Dogs publish all critiques submitted to them, both online and in their weekly paper and which is the only remaining dog paper in the UK.
Yours etc 
Susan Williams

Too many imports

I think we are importing and rescuing far too many dogs from abroad. So far there have been cases of Alabama Rot and Lymes Disease bought into this country from abroad. What next? It could be rabies!
Apart from anything else, many people do not even know what these foreign breeds look like.
Yours etc
Mrs C Bates

Huge thanks

On behalf of the Officers and Committee of Oakengates and District Canine Society I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone involved in making our show  on December 17th an overwhelming success. 
This was by far the biggest show in the history of the Society which has been running since 1942. With an entry of  546 dogs this gave us an increase of almost 22%. In today's climate where so many Open Shows are struggling we were delighted with this level of entry. Our venue at Hadley Learning Centre is excellent but with high entries we are tight on space. However we were able to acquire extra parking and a second room which helped to ensure that things progressed smoothly.
For this I have to thank the Committee, Stewards, (you know who you are), our excellent judges, volunteers and above all the exhibitors without who there would be no show. Everyone worked as  a team and the usual Christmas atmosphere all made for a lovely day which is what dog showing should be about. We do have a Facebook page if you would like to take a look at the photos and hope to see you all again at a slightly earlier date of December 9th 2018 to avoid a clash with LKA. Happy New Year to you all.
Yours etc 
Sue Rose (Acting Secretary)


I would like to say how grateful I am for the overwhelming support I have had from so many wonderful people in the dog world, with special thanks to Our Dogs and Barry Peachey for their efforts to to get a fair outcome from the KC.
Sadly it seems, a dog can go out and win a string of CCs under an assortment of judges, be named top dog in the breed and it all counts for nothing if there is an error on the entry form. The actions of the KC devalues their own awards, belittles the judges and gives a lie to the idea that it is the dog who is judged not the owner/breeder.
It was a sad day to find the whole incident came about from a malicious complaint from the breed society. My breed is a minority breed and the breed society should be central to uniting lovers of the breed.
Yours etc
Norma Digby

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