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Issue: 10/11/2017

The evils 
of social media

I ENJOYED reading the front page    story in last week's issue, regarding the social media clampdown.
I don't use Facebook or any other such thing, but the stories I've heard from other friends in the dog world, I'm glad I don't.
The problem seems to me to be that there is no policing of such things, and while I'm all in favour of free speech, some of the things I've witnessed on print outs have been libellous, at the very best.
Why would people be so silly as to put these things out in the open? What happened to discussing things in an adult manner? 
By the same token, does the IKC have the right to impose sanctions on people who are merely voicing their opinions? I'm not sure.
So let's all try to enjoy this hobby for what it is, before unpleasantness and petty arguments see the end of it.
Yours etc
Mavis Cronk

Thanks Brenda!

In response to Brenda Hutchinson's article on KCJCF may I say that it was useful and informative and thank Brenda for passing on the information.
I agreed with most of the points particularly about the costs for single breed Judges.
Given that a judge can only give a set of tickets in a single breed every two years in a ten year period that's five sets, the KCJCF costs over ten years would be 260 the true cost, over ten years, therefore per set of tickets for a single breed judge is 52.
That's about as much, if not more, than most would claim for expenses.
Yours etc
Mike Hughes

Pressure is building

After seeing your story about the lobby of parliament that took place about third-party sales, I think the pressure is starting to build on the government and they are slowly realising that there has to be a ban on third party sales of puppies in the UK.
They are obviously being lobbied by powerful bodies that want them to ensure that the status quo remains but things have to change. Obviously big pet shop chains, that will remain nameless, fear that if they lose their puppies other animals will follow.
But the problem is not really with them but with the chain of supply that leads to puppies being snatched away from their mothers at a very young age, dragged across the continent in terrible conditions before ending up in some back street pet shop in Scunthorpe. Imagine ending up in Scunthorpe!
This has got to stop and while I am all for educating the public that they should not buy a puppy unless they see it with its mother wouldn't it be easier if third-party sales were simply banned and they had to go to proper breeders or rescue centres.
People go on about online sales but if third-party sales are banned then surely selling a dog over the Internet would count as a third-party sale or am I being stupid?
The other thing people say is that it would 'go underground.' But once something it is illegal it means that most people will avoid it. Drugs are illegal underground and the amount of people that do drugs is very small when considered against the whole population. And would anyone really go to the trouble of buying from an underground dealer knowing that they were breaking the law? 
It is time to take a stand against the fraudsters and the smugglers and ban third party sales. A message would be sent to the world that we care and we are willing to show that we care about bringing to an end this awful trade.
Yours etc
Annette Woolley

The joys of chilli

I LOVE reading Jane Lilley's column in the paper each week, some of the tips prove to be actually invaluable, and dare I say it, better than some of the things my vet suggests?
Jane's column last week talked about chilli, a 'substance ' I have used to great effect over many years.   Along with Tabasco, I cannot even imagine how many items of furniture and plants I have saved along the way.
And when the awful happens, and my dogs have eaten their own poo, out with the chilli or Tabasco, and they don't bother again.
Thanks Jane, keep them coming.
Yours etc
Patricia Bell

A true gentleman

I was so sorry to read in last week's letters that Peter Radley has hung up his judge's book.
I have exhibited under Peter a few times, and as the Editor said, what a gentleman. And his critiques are always so good, and very accurate.
He judged without fear or favour, and you cannot ask for more than that in a judge.
Enjoy your retirement Peter, but don't leave it too long between visiting shows.
Yours etc
Jim Wood

Questionable decisions

I HAVE recently seen a friend go through a very upsetting time, after the KC decided - in its wisdom - that she had judged discourteously at a championship show.
Having witnessed the judging, and having witnessed the support she received, I am so unhappy that the KC has suspended her from judging her beloved breed for two years, as well as having to retake a seminar etc in that time, even though it has been done before.
How do these 'evaluators' come to these sort of conclusions? All at ringside and all exhibitors have been wracking their brains trying to think what this judge could have possibly done to be called discourteous.
It must have happened in the blink of an eye if it happened.
So come on KC, listen to the exhibitors, the breeders who pay money to the KC, we are the ones who should be listened to.
Yours etc
Name and address withheld

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