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Issue: 03/11/2017

Join the think pinks!

I've organised a fundraiser, raising money for cancer research, it's happening at LKA, it's called 'think pink at LKA' and the aim is that everyone goes wearing at least one item of clothing that is pink.
There are a few of us in Spinoni that are going over the top, myself included... I will be wearing a pink wig, pink dress, pink tights, pink cardigan and pink shoes. And yes, I will be showing!! 
There's a few of us that are going over the top, we've raised 465 already. When judging is over we will be having a food table and raising a glass of pink fizz to those that are no longer with us.
There will also be a few boxes of goodies that Linda Cooper will be raffling off. You may remember we've done some similar events at LKA in the past. 
There's plenty time to raise awareness for the event, and in raising awareness maybe help us raise more money.
There's a Facebook group set up if you'd like to check it out? It's called
'think pink at LKA'. Please get involved and help us raise money.
Yours etc
Leanne Challands

Best wishes to all

IT WAS extremely remiss of me not to have written to explain why I have retired from judging, and to thank all those exhibitors who have shown under me over the years.
I withdrew from my appointment to judge Newfoundlands at Bath because both my knees were badly swollen with arthritis and for all practical purposes I was immobile.
I therefore decided that the time had come for me to retire from judging. This decision was unfortunately borne out by the fact that I have recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.
With my best wishes to you all.
Yours etc
Peter Radley

I remember Peter's reports from way back, when I was a sub and tea girl! Always a pleasure to deal with, and a true gentleman in every sense of the word, and an extremely decent judge as well. Good luck Peter, hope to still see you around. Ali Smith, Editor 

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