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Issue: 28/09/2018

Thank you

On behalf of the Chairman Mr Pope, Secretary Miss Morrison, Vice Chairman Mr Chessell and Committee, Mrs & Miss Thacker and Mrs Rothery, a big thank you to all the judges, stewards and exhibitors who came and supported the Worthing DCS Open Show on 16th September. 
The Officers and Committee were delighted to see the lovely comments received on our Society's facebook page by the judges and exhibitors which makes running the Society's Open Show all the more special. 
The Society look forward to seeing you all next year. The weather was kind to us and there was a lovely happy atmosphere around the rings which came to a climax when Mr Ken Sinclair awarded BIS to the WHWT, RBIS the Great Dane, BPIS was the Tibetan Terrier and the RBPIS the Bichon Frise ending a lovely day.
Yours etc
Miss M Morrison
Hon Secretary


Being elected a Director of the Kennel Club Board is one of the greatest privileges the members of The Kennel Club can grant one of its members.
But what should happen when respect and confidence in a Board member is lost, and large numbers of KC Members feel that the only option left is to call for a vote of no confidence? 
What is the honourable course of action holding The Kennel Club's best interests at heart?
Resignation or fighting to stay on the Board by using considerable legal resources funded by the Kennel Club?
It is really sad to see what is happening to a wonderful organisation. Values that have probably been taken for granted seem to have been degraded, an atmosphere of fear appears to stalk every corridor. I can only imagine how stressful it must be for the dedicated and loyal staff to encounter this on a daily basis.
Yours etc,
Amanda Winston
What's changed?

What has changed? Some years ago when I was Chairman of the Golden Retriever Breed Council of 13 clubs, we were asked to consider whether a certain person had sufficient experience to award CCs in our Breed. All 13 Clubs said no. The Secretary wrote to the KC telling them the result. Meantime, the person was Gazetted as being passed to award CCs in our Breed.
The Breed Council questioned this decision, and were told by the Kennel Club in no uncertain terms that they were their CCs!
Yours etc
John Tiranti

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