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Issue: 24/11/2017


It was heart-warming to read about the lady who gave up part of her holiday to help stray dogs in Thailand.
We forget when we spoil our own dogs that there are animals in other parts of the world that are uncared for and living a terrible life.
As the lady Shazia said in the article, wouldn't it be great if we all did what we could to help these dogs when we went on our jollies abroad. I am sure we could all find a day to try and help improve the lives of neglected dogs in countries that may not be as dog obsessed as we are in this country.
I remember a few years ago island hopping the Greek islands and wherever we went there seemed to be loads of stray dogs and cats. The attitude towards them was not good and it seemed to me that the local population were more likely to want to kill the animals than help them.
If only I had possessed the gumption that this young lady clearly has and took it upon myself to have taken some time out of my holiday to help these poor animals.
Well if I am anywhere in the future and I see a similar state of affairs I now know what I can do. If we all did something then who knows what we could achieve!
Yours etc,
Eileen Frances

Dog seatbelts will save lives

AM I the only person who drives with my dog sat in the back of the car?
I've recently read that it can bring up to a 5,000 fine and also negate your insurance!
I've been doing it for years with my Borders, usually three on the back seat. However, thinking about it, it does make sense. How much damage could a couple of dogs do in a head on collision? not to mention the fact that my own dogs are my life.
So, I've had a wake up call there. I am now the proud owner of no less than four dog seat belts, and after the initial dirty looks and wondering what on earth I was doing, they've all settled down very nicely to their new restraints.
I urge others to do the same thing, and not only save your money and your insurance, but also possibly your's and your dogs' lives as well.
Worth thinking about.
Yours etc
Alice Tucker

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