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DEFRA backs alliance plans for welfare bill

The Countryside Alliance, which has been calling for a thorough overhaul and consolidation of existing animal welfare legislation since before the last General Election, has welcomed the publication by DEFRA of outline plans on a new Animal Welfare Bill on the grounds that existing legislation is ‘piecemeal and incoherent’. A statement released this week reads:

‘The Alliance will be scrutinising proposed powers to make regulations to ban the docking of dogs' tails when they are published. It is pleased that DEFRA recognises that there are occasions when tail docking is necessary for welfare reasons, and supports the judgement of veterinary surgeons to decide whether docking is justified on a case by case basis in order to safeguard the welfare of dogs worked in dense cover or below ground.

‘The Alliance will also be studying the proposed regulations, when they are available, to ensure that tail docking can be undertaken prophylactically, in order to prevent injury for the full range of working breeds, rather than only after damage has occurred. Nigel Davenport, Director of the Countryside Alliance's Campaign for Shooting, said: "I am glad that the DEFRA have agreed with our response to their consultation and accepted the case for docking some working breeds.

‘In countries where tail docking has been prohibited there has been a signi- ficant increase in tail injuries amongst working dogs. Docking new born puppies, as carried out by qualified vets, does not cause undue suffering whereas tail injuries in adult gundogs are painful and slow to heal."

‘The Countryside Alliance looks forward to starting a dialogue with DEFRA on the regulation of pheasant rearing which has also been raised in relation to the proposed legislation.

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