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Pero to the rescue!

Many people are aware of the plight of animals in rescue centres but few have the time and resources to help, which is where Pero Pet Foods come in. Over the past year Pero have been sponsoring The Labrador Lifeline Trust, Labrador Rescue and Golden Retriever Rescues across Britain by donating generous amounts of their Labrador Life dog food.

Anne Carter the Administrator for Labrador Lifeline Trust tells us of some of their success stories.

Purdy – nine year old chocolate bitch, rescued at 15 weeks having been badly beaten.
Her problems included gastritis and over production of Clostridia in the gut. She also has chronic DJD in the front elbow. She was fed on various foods for seven years. When you brought out Labrador Life I changed her to that in the hope that she would tolerate it. I have to say that after six months we have had no reactions, her coat is wonderful and I have never seen her so fit. She likes the food and there is no hesitation when the bowl goes down on the floor. I am delighted for the dog as at last she has as food that is doing her good. It is also nice not to pay nearly £60 a month for it!

Tia – two year old black bitch rescued at 2 years came with a history of stomach problems, being a fussy eater and itchy skin. Whilst in foster care we put her on to Pero and when she was homed a 2.5 kg sack of the Labrador Life went with her. She received a check-up visit from the Area Coordinator last week who reported a totally different dog. No scratching, good coat and very happy with her food. Her current keepers will now keep her on Pero and in fact are ordering via our Area Coordinator.

Sam – 14 month old yellow male was rescued at 12 months having been badly treated. Sam was extremely under-nourished and weighed in at 18 kg (correct weight for his age and build should have been 26 kg) He was a scavenger having been left to fend for himself most of the time. We believe that he was fed on kitchen scraps. Placed in a home with a 2.5 kg bag of Pero, he took to the food well and now is putting on weight and has lost the skeletal appearance. His current keepers also order their food through our AC and intend to keep Sam on it entirely. A very lively young man now, who after four months is looking like a Labrador.

BB – (pictured above) an eight year old black bitch re-homed at 7.5 years has a history of chronic stomach trouble and abuse by her previous owner. Fostered for three months and placed immediately on Pero: after a few days she settled to it and is now fed entirely on Pero. She has lost weight as when she came in she was grossly overweight by about 10 kg. With Pero mixed with a few vegetables she has lost 8 kg.

Tara – 18 month old black bitch, rescued at 16 months and now in permanent foster care. This bitch was tormented by children and fed now and again when the owners were sober enough to remember. She was in a terrible state and had to be hand fed with chicken pieces and single pieces of dried Pero. As there are other dogs in the house she has gradually come out and is now eating normally and is fed exclusively on Pero. She is putting on weight and her coat is improving, as is her general wellbeing.