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Midland Lakeland Terrier Club
20th Anniversary Show – 20th March

BIS at the Midland Lakeland Terrier Club’s 20th Anniversary Show was Ashe’s dog Ebrooks Galahad pictured with the judge, Mrs Ann McDermott and Mandy MacFadden.


IN CELEBRATION of the club’s anniversary, the March open show had to be made special, and special it certainly was. The founder members were sent invitations and we were very pleased to see so many attend on the day, the club provided refreshments for all, and a superb celebration cake followed. The club from its beginnings has travelled some distance over its short 20 years. Its achievements within a numerically small breed are commendable and show the determination of a strong, willing and happy committee.

The breed, now recognised as one of the growing number of endangered native breeds, has always suffered low numbers, but in recent years the loss of many very experienced breeders, exhibitors and judges have made the task an uphill climb. The Midland Lakeland Terrier Club have taken every opportunity to promote the breed from Discover Dogs at Crufts which has gone from strength to strength and, of course, Discover Dogs held at Earls Court, London, which is purely about dogs and the public.

The secretary, Helen Ashe, has in consultation with the Kennel Club, developed a new exhibitors class heading, Lakeland Terrier Not In Show Trim, which encourages the new members to try their hand at showing their dog without the pressure of competing with our more experienced members. Not only is this class building in popularity, but it is also a difficult class for judges as the hands have to do most of the work. A display of photographs from past years had many of the founder members recalling past friends, and of course, dogs. The display is one of the many items shown at Discover Dogs.

The club registered with the Kennel Club in March 1984, and its first show licence granted by the Kennel Club was on March 10th 1985. Featherstone Community Centre near Wolverhampton was the venue. A top name was required to set the club off and there was none more so than Les Atkinson, handler of Ch Rogerholme Recruit, the last Lakeland Terrier to win BIS at Crufts in 1963. Tragically, Les passed away shortly before the show and Mr Frank Jones, another of the top terrier man, agreed to step in at short notice.

From these beginnings, the club has grown in popularity and was granted championship show status in September 1998.

Mr Herbert Atkinson, top all-round terrier man and breed specialist, judged the first championship show, held at Shenstone Village Hall, with an entry of 54 dogs, numbers that may not be attained again.

The judge at the 20th Anniversary Open Show was Anne McDermott, who drew, in today’s climate, an excellent open show entry of 25 dogs making 33 entries. Anne, daughter of one of the founder members, Stan Burke, carries the Lichstone affix, which would now be more associated with Mini Schnauzers.

There was a wonderful raffle, refreshments, drinks and a very special anniversary cake. Instead of the usual class prize money, the exhibitors showing on the day were entered into a special cash draw, each exhibitor at the end of the show put their ring number into a bag for the judge to select a winner. There were three prizes – £50, £30 and £20 – all prize money being raised by the very generous club members.

The committee would like to extend their thanks to all who made this another milestone in the history of the Midland Lakeland Terrier Club.

Joe Ashe (Chairman)

Judge’s Critique

THE MIDLAND Lakeland Terrier Club held their 20th Anniversary Show in Shenstone, and I was honoured to be the judge, the club had really pushed the boat out with the super rosettes and prizes, a cash ring number draw and an impressive birthday cake. The complimentary lunch was delicious and enjoyed by all.

Sp D/B not in show trim 5,2: This is a nice idea, and I know the club does try to encourage pet owners to be involved but it is not an easy class to judge. 1 Mullett-Aaronsway’s Sunshine Girl, she was trimmed quite well and so it was easier to see her shape, she has a nice head and well proportioned body, moved well front and back. 2 Murray’s Hilane Forester, 5-year-old dog with profuse coat, nice head, moved well both ways, enjoying his day out. 3 Sterenberg’s Aaronsway Apollo.

OD 3,1: 1 Ashe’s Ebrooks Galahad, impressive nearly-3-year-old dog. Lovely head and earset, good neck and well placed shoulders, straight front with nice width and good depth of chest, nice length of back, firm back and with good curve of stifle and straight hocks, moved purposefully fore and aft, presents such a well-balanced picture standing and on the move and topped off by lovely coat and presentation. Delighted to award him BD &BIS, I hope he achieves his title soon. 2 Greenway’s Oregill Hellvellyn, another nice dog but narrower all through than 1, lovely head and long arched neck, good movement, RBD.

PB 5,2: 1 Bower’s Lakeridge Bacara Very Smart, 7 month-old bitch, first time out and a little unsure, well bodied for her age and nicely proportioned, nice head and expression, ears could be higher for me, moved true coming and going, more enthusiasm will help and will come with age. BPIS. 2 Chamness' Kelda Twinkle Toes, sweet 10-month-old bitch, much less mature than 1 and not as well proportioned, pleasing make and shape and will look better when bodied up, moved well to and fro. 3 Chamness' Kelda Esther.

JB 3: 1 McCallum’s Glentops Bridgette. Very nice little bitch with compact, well muscled body, nice head and eye, ears could be tighter but she pulls them in when really alert, good arched neck, nice shoulder placement, moved to and fro. Presents a really nice typey picture, my pleasure to award her BB. Learned later that she is daughter of BD. 2 Chamness' Twinkle Toes. 3 Chamness' Kelda Esther.

NB 3,1: 1 Bale’s Selab Domino, a bitch built on much the same lines as the winner of the previous class, lovely body and very well proportioned, nice angulation, front and back and a very positive mover, only one thing stopped her going further, I felt she was a little strong in cheek, this was accentuated by lack of hair under her eye. When this fills in it will improve overall head expression. I’m sure she has a bright future and another daughter of my BD – evidently a good dominant stud. 2 Greenway’s Rayfos Dancing Rainbow. A very elegant bitch with a nicer head than 1 but very lean all through and lacking in depth of chest, moved well. PGB 2,1: 1 Mason’s Lakeridge Touch of Magic for Rafingham. 2 year-old bitch, nice head and ears, well muscled and proportioned body, tail on top, moved well.

LB 1: 1 McCallum’s Glentop Buttons and Bows. Longer cast bitch in lovely coat, broader in head but nice ears and expression, moved true fore and aft, would like more drive at rear. OB 3,1: 1 Ashe’s Ebrooks Guinevere. Well bodied bitch with nice head, eye and expression, good reach of neck and well placed shoulders, good movement, my RBB and a sister of BD. 2 Atkinson’s Wyndam Roulette. Sweet head, good ears and expression, finer made than 1 and longer coat, moved well to and fro. MLTC Sp Stakes: 1 Atkinson’s Wyndam Roulette. 2 Mason’s Lakeridge Touch of Magic of Rafingham. 3 Bale’s Selab Domino.

Anne McDermott