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Three Ridings Labrador Club

Championship Show
Saturday 19th March 2005
Whitcliffe Mount Sports Complex
Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire

Photo by John D Jackson
Best in Show was Mr D & Mrs S Mclellan's Sh Ch Saranden Sabateur JW, pictured here with (l-r) Margaret Brown (bitches), Eileen Jackson (referee), Linda Major (dogs), Erica Greenwood (Eukanuba), Barry Rooth (Chairman) and Pat Gill (secretary)

What do the Three Ridings Labrador Club, the Red Arrows and the CBI all have in common ? No, the answer has nothing to do with high flyers. In fact they've all been around for forty years.
Now I'm not qualified to comment on the success of the the CBI and I suppose the Red Arrows success goes without saying. The success of the Three Ridings however, was plain to see at the club's fortieth championship show.

Exactly one week after Gundog day at Crufts an entry of 374 Labradors was the show's second best record entry. The best ever entry was 399 in 1991, which incidentally was the first time the show was held at it's current venue of Whitcliffe Mount.

Cliff Brown judged the first show in 1966 at the Belle Vue Barracks in Bradford where the dog cc was won by Sh Ch Hollybunch of Keithray and the bitch cc by Ch Courtcolman Jess of Glynwood.
At the fortieth show there were two judges. Linda Major judged dogs and Margaret Brown judged the bitches. The show was sponsored by Eukanuba who really did the show proud and it was also nice to have the company's representitive Erica Greenwood present.

Linda Major awarded the dog cc to Mr D & Mrs S Mclellan's Sh Ch Saranden Sabateur JW and reserve cc to Mrs J Charlton's Foxrush Dick Francis. Margaret Brown gave the bitch cc to Rawlinson & Balshaw's Halshimoor Tickety Boo JW and reserve cc to Mr & Mrs R Pollock's Pollham Aria.

The only disagreements of the day came at the end when referee Eileen Jackson was called three times. Firstly, she had to choose Best in Show and made her decision in favour of the dog Sh Ch Saranden Sabateur JW. Reserve Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex was Halshimoor Tickety Boo JW

The second time the referee was called was to decide on the Best Puppy in Show which was Mrs D Hopkinson's Rocheby Statesman. Her third decision was to choose Mr & Mrs ARV Hodge's Buckholt Katie at Naiken JW as Best Chocolate. Best Veteran in Show was Mrs J & Messrs J & M Rawlinson's Sh Ch Fullwell Frolic With Halshimoor JW

I know that the club would like to thank all the exhibitors for their support and particularly for the way in which they co-operated with the management of the show. It's not easy coping with classes of such size as to have to keep splitting them and where this was necessary it was done with good grace. A big thank you must also go to Eukanuba for a very generous sponsorship.

All in all a successful fortieth championship show and in ten years time I'm sure we'll be able to look back at a 50th successful Three Ridings Labrador Club Championship Show.

John D Jackson

Photo by John D Jackson
Reserve Best in Show/Best Opposite Sex was Rawlinson & Balshaw's Halshimoor Tickety Boo JW, seen here with (l-r) Erica Greenwood (Eukanuba), Margaret Brown (bitches) and Linda Major (dogs)

Photo by John D Jackson
Best Puppy in Show was Mrs D Hopkinson's Rocheby Statesman,
seen here with (l-r) Erica Greenwood (Eukanuba), Margaret Brown (bitches),
Eileen Jackson (referee) and Linda Major (dogs)

Judge’s report – Dogs

I always feel it is an honour to be invited to judge ones breed at a breed club show, Thank you to the club for giving me this opportunity, for the hospitality and making it a wonderful day, also to my stewards for their excellent work in keeping the ring organised and flowing , thanks to the exhibitors for a very strong entry (the second highest) which was pleasure to judge, Not only a numerically strong entry but also a quality entry which meant some very good dogs had to go unplaced, several dogs also went unplaced due to heavy shoulders and blowing coat, on the whole movement was good and not only are there some excellent examples of the breed in older classes,but some lovely youngsters coming up behind.

MPD 13 (10) 1st Hopkinson's Rocheby State Occasion - Lovely yellow, strongly made with a pleasing head and good broad backskull, tremendous bone and lovely neat tight feet, super double coat, good reach of neck and clean shoulders, correct topline, leading to true otter tail, moved steady and with purpose. 2nd Dodd'd Eneleon Tigers Eye- Another well balanced dog, good head with gentle expression, clean outline and well balanced throughout, well muscled quarters, good spring of rib, in good coat and moved steadily. 3rd Mill's Taleem Jimmy Mac at Lembas Res Porters' Brigburn Marron Avec Lindall VHC Phillip's Badjajo's Dark Side of the Monn at Sheenaron

PD 19 (16) 1st Hopkinson's Rocheby Statesman - Superbly well balanced throughout, with Superb clean outline showing all the correct lines and angles, Beautifully constructed head, with pleasing expression and kindest of eyes, good coat and texture, deep in body, excellent spring of rib for one so young, good angulation, good cat like feet and super bone, correct otter tail, moved positvely with plenty of drive, to win him Best Male Puppy and Best Puppy In show. 2nd Winfrow's Tullochmohr Total Havoc at Delark-Very Split between first place and this puppy, super head and bone, good topline and angulation, just prefered rear angulation of first today, One I have admired much in the past and sure he will have a super future, steady flowing movement, not overdone in any way, just what a puppy should be for his age, and shows so much promise. 3 Richbourne Keep it Dark RES Allstack's Allstack Bottom's Up VHC Booth's Raybooth Solo

JD 22 (18) 1st Anthony and Jayes Sandylands Wait and See Super boy I have admired from 8 weeks old, showing quality throughout, tremendous balance and substance, just keeps getting better with age, Well constructed head with kind gentle expression, good clean reach of neck flowing into correctly set shoulders, good flat topline and tail set, with lovely thick otter tail, correct double coat, Deep in chest, with super forechest, good barrelled ribs, correct angulation both fore and aft, well muscled to give a positive driving action, sure he will join other Champions from this kennel as he matures. 2nd Lewis's Gamesmere Orlando – well balanced black, in good hard condition well constructed head, pleasing expression, clean neck and good shoulder placement well muscled throughout, nice tight feet, good bone and substance, good quarters and turn of stifle, shown in good condition and at the right weight, good movement that covered the ground with ease. 3rd Neachell's Suttonpark Manifesto RES Hodges Naiken Quincy JW VHC Bruce and Johson's Teazledown Mudlark

YD 13 1st Allen's Allenies Maccallum- Well chisled head with deep muzzle, clean in neck and well placed shoulders, correct topline, stands foursquare, well rounded quarters, good thick double coat, well ribbed, and neat hocks, good tailset, carried his tail well on the move and did not lose his topline, good driving action and covered the ground with ease. 2nd Brittion's Llanstinan Buzy Bowstones - Another lovely dog from the top drawer,He is quiet an expert at the showing game and shows himself well, in excellent condition, kindest of heads, and lovely reach of neck, well barrolled ribs, correct angulation throughout, Split hairs between first and second, moving ok but a little bit close behind today. 3rd Hopgood's Brightwalton Born to Star Res Timm's Lejie Fields of Barley VHC Sutcliffe's Angelpoise Apollo of Crawcrook

MD 12 (10) 1st Coode's Warringah's Karabar - well turned out Quality black, in good condition intelligent head, good front and well boned but not over the top, compact and short coupled, good body proportions, and moved out well. 2nd Wiles Richbourne Keep it Dark - Another quality black, poweful and well muscled, good head with gentle expression, neat ears, excellent topline, well rounded quarters, in good coat and condition, moved well when settled 3rd Booth's Raybooth Solo Res Batty's Steeleigh Truly Willing at Bradwill VHC Lesley'steeleigh Truly Unruly

ND 11 1st Neachell's Suttonpark Manifesto - Another quality yellow, well turned out, Powerful and well muscled, good head with lovely expression, neat ears and good depth of muzzle, excellent topline with well rounded quarters, in good coat and condition, lovely balance throughout, well deserves his placed here, beaten by two well matured dogs in Junior, lacked a little covering on the tail today, Moved out well and should have a very good future on maturity. 2nd Coode's Warringah's Karabar 3rd Wiles Richbourne Keep it Dark Res Batty's Steeleigh Truly Willing At Bradwill VHC Reynold's Carromer's Bojangle.

UD 5 (3) 1st Gawthorpe's Waterbrook Play it Again JW- Young yellow, I have always thought lovely, Very gentle in his ways, with lovely kind expression on a well constructed head, clean in neck and well placed shoulders, and good topline, compact square body with good brisket and spring of rib, not overdone in any way, good angulation in good hard condition, strode out well on the move, and showed perfectly. 2nd MacMillan's Skiff Beau Jangles - upstanding dog with good head and expression, in good hard condition, neat feet, good bone, solid throughout without being overweight, well muscled and moved well.

GD 12 (10) 1st Lavelle's Kathill Shoeshine Boy at Crosscroyde JW - beautifull balanced throughout, compact, and square, well muscled, good bone and tight feet, good condensed double coat, well made head with biddable expression, good reach of neck, flowing into well placed shoulders, correct topline and tail set, good hind angulation, Looked lovely when he made the most of himself, kept his outine perfectly when on the move, which he did with a driving action. 2nd Rawlinson's Halshimoor Einstein JW - another day could have changed places easily to first place, very close decision today, a Little wider on shoulders than first,level topline and lovely angulation, well rounded quarters, good stifles and hocks using them well on the move, excellent forechest and spring of rib, presented in excellent condition, lovely well made head with gentle expression. 3rd Hallam's Keene's Blue Print Res Brabban's Cambremer MacGregor VHC Hepper's Greenworth Vincent O'Brien at Mardas JW

PGD 23 (22) 1st Charlton's Foxrush Dick Francis - Lovely dog I have admired for some time, as I have his sire, Full of quality throughout, and beautifully balanced, beautiful chisled head with the kindest, gentlest of expressions, clean in neck,well pllaced shoulders, level topline and tailset, in good double coat with correct thick otter tail, Deep in forechest, and lovely spring of rib, compact and balanced throughout, in good hard condition and good muscle tone, lovely bone and feet, correct angulation sound throughout on the move and didn't put a foot wrong, pleased to give him Res CC and sure he will soon have his title. 2nd Braddon's Trendlewood Rocket Man JW - another lovely yellow I have admired for some time, unlucky to meet first place today, very similar in type, most pleasing head, good body shape, in extremely fit and well muscled condition, well angled forequarters, correct angulation giving a well balance picture, level topline, well laid shoulders, deep in chest with good spring of rib, moved true both ways. 3rd Beckley's Godru Sisugref Res Ellis's Dolwen Thomas Charles VHC Wilkinson and Williams Foulby Paper Boy

LD 21 (17) 1st Mile's Llanstinan Llewelyn - Typical Labrador head, showy dog, soft kind eye,good muzzle, neat ear placement, well constructed head, excellent reach of neck and shoulder placement, true Labrador coat, clean in outline, good through brisket,and rib cage, well boned,up on pasterns, tight feet, straight front, good width of quarters, powerful rear, showed and moved well. 2nd Hallam's Keene's Man O' War - super contender in a really hard class, super head,just a little narrower in front than first, good reach of neck and well placed shoulders, a little longer cast than first in body, good spring of rib, good topline and tail set,in excellent coat, good angulation which enabled him to cover the ground well. 3rd Reynold's Carromer's Spitfire Res Williamson and Dobson's Lakemeadow Look No Further VHC Baillie's Tullockmohr Titanic at Kilstron

OD 10 (8) 1st Mclellan's SH CH Saranden Saboteur JW - For me this boy is now at his very best, judged him as a junior and loved him then, he has just got even better with maturity, had to be something special to head this super class, lovely head with melting expression but in no way feminine, soft kind eye, well placed ears and lovely deep muzzle, super reach of neck and well placed shoulders, good through brisket and rib cage, super topline that he kept on the move, strong mover with great rear extension, due to being well muscled with plenty of angulation both for and aft, in super course topcoat with correct under coat, right down to the tip of his true otter tail, in good hard condition and carrying no excess weight, really feel this boy shows the true show type, yet has the stamina and physic to do the working job he is bred for, excellent in balance and quality Shown to perfection, never put a foot wrong, Truly represents the breed, classy and knows it, pleased to award him the CC. and see him go Best in Show. 2nd Rawlinson's Wilsbury Wild Fire at Halshimoor JW - another quality dog from this kennel, just preferred the lovely head on first,balanced throughout, lovely lines and angulation, super reach of neck, topline and tailset, deep barrolled ribs, powerful hindquarters, tight feet, in excellent coat, and moved with a flowing positive driving action. 3rd Keene's Seafarer's Star JW Res Crook's AM CH Balrion Weathertop Storm Cloud VHC Neal's Amberstope Blue Moon

SBD 5 (3) 1st Hunter's Stourfield Bold Account at St Machute - chocolate boy unlucky to have met some of his competitors in a previous class, lovely well made head, good dark chocolate coat colour, pigmentation and correct eye colour, well built and balanced, plenty of bone and substance, moved with drive 2nd Dodd's Eneleon Oak JW - showy boy, kind head, good neck, topline and tail set, well matured, in good double coat with good bone and tight feet, clean lines and good angulation, covered the ground well and sure he has a lovely future ahead of him as he matures. 3rd Bowe's Battersby Jumping Jack

VD 8 (4) 1st Rawlinson's SH CH Fullwell Frolic With Hashimoor JW - super boy in absolute tip top draw , well made head with good expression, good muzzle good stop and kindest of eyes, good ear placement, clean in neck and well set shoulders - level topline and good tail set, none of which he lost on the move, good otter tail, front angulation good and super rear extention, well balanced and well muscled, a lovely example for newcomers as to how the breed should be, still a positive mover with a good driving action and in peak condition. 2nd Barlow's SH CH Braunspath Discovery JW - A lovely male I have much admired in the past, beautiful head with wonderful expression, masculine, but gentle, clean in neck and well placed shoulders, correct topline, deep barrolled ribs, good in brisket, and correct angulation throughout, another so well balanced very close to first place, and another true example of our breed, still has his lovely flowing but driving action. 3rd Lewis's Nigabee Gyroscope Res Senoir and Whitley's Gulsary Guiding Light At Dalomic JW Sp

O Chocolate 10 (9) 1st Pritchard's NOR CH Birchbrook Barley Wine of Charway -super boy well muscled and in excellent condition, balanced throughout, could still easily do a days work in the field, good neach of neck, deep in chest, well muscled, lovely tight feet, super angulation which gave him a positive movement, to win this class. 2nd Lewis's Nigabee Gyroscope - good head and reach of neck, good topline, and tail set, correct coat colour, eye colour and pigmentation, well balanced throughout and moved steady. 3rd Bowe's Battersby Jack Frost Res Hunter's Stourfield Bold Account at St Machute VHC Richmond's Brigglebank Early Start

Judge’s report – Bitches

Thank you to the Committee of the Three Ridings Lab Club for inviting me to judge and to my capable stewards who worked so well with me. Also, thanks to everyone who contributed to such a wonderful entry My appreciation to all the exhibitors on the sporting manner in which they accepted my placings. It gave me great pleasure to take part in what I enjoy most in life, Labradors.

It is well documented that the most distinguishing features of our breed are coat head and tail and it would be foolish for anyone to overlook these particular characteristics when judging. However, we are all guilty at times of placing the emphasise on how a dog looks in profile and give very little consideration to how it moves. It is customary to ask a handler to run a dog run up and down in a straight line, while this can tell you if a dog moves cleanly it actually tells you very little about its construction.

So much can be learned from seeing a dog move around a ring, it’s carriage, shoulder angulation, front extension, topline and drive.. I know that many experienced judges are constantly aware of the need for good movement and place it very high on their criteria. However, as many strive for a more "fashionable" dog they are in jeopardy of putting fashion before all else. We cannot afford to forget that a Labrador is and always has been a working dog which by definition means that the dog has to be able to cover the ground effortlessly and therefore requires to move freely without exaggeration.

I was happy with my bitch for BOB, I felt that she characterized my idea for type construction and movement. I consider the dog to be a very worthy champion and therefore respected my co-judge’s decision that her dog CC winner was her personal preference on the day. As a result we required to call for the assistance of our Referee. It was Eileen Jackson’s decision that the dog Sh Ch Saranden Saboteur JW take top honours and that the Dog Puppy, Rocheby Statesman win Best Puppy in Show. Congratulations to them both and well done.

MPB (26) Puppies can sometimes be the most difficult classes to judge. They all appear to be at quite different stages of development and a couple of months to a puppy can make such a difference to their topline and movement. 1st Holt`s Eneleon Amethyst - this pretty black won on her overall balance and I felt today she just had the edge over 2 in topline, she is well constructed with the correct bone and substance for her frame, lovely tight feet and good strong pasterns, she has such a pretty head with well set ears and enough length of muzzle to keep her head balanced, she flows over the neck and shoulders with an excellent topline and has such a good otter tail set correctly, this bitch is short coupled and carries a first-class double coat, and although perhaps a little wide in front coming she has enough reach and drive going around the ring and moved today with purpose, a very promising puppy 2nd Gilroy`s Claychalk Costa Euro – beautiful yellow with the most gorgeous head so very balanced, she has excellent bone which continues right down and through her pasterns, has such a good layback of shoulders, longer in rib than 1 and this definitely gave the winner the advantage in topline at the moment, she has the correct angulation behind and this coupled with her excellent front assembly allows her to move with drive and even at this very young age she is an excellent positive mover. 3rd McLellan`s Saranden Smooth As Silk. 4th Timms Lejie Pure Lemon.

PB (30) 1st Wilson`s Tealas Lucasta – I really liked this bitch for her excellent construction and sound free movement, she has such a lovely head and expression, so kind and gentle, her front assembly is superb starting with excellent bone, tight feet and strong pasterns, she has the correct layback of shoulders and a clean strong neck, well ribbed body with sufficient length of loin and enough width to her quarters to allow her to move freely and without restriction, a bitch of top size but everything about her fits so well, I have yet to see a puppy who moves around the ring with such free striding action and no exaggeration, I was delighted to make her my Best Puppy Bitch. 2nd Mulligan & Marchant`s Alanwood Spring Breeze – yellow of quality and another I liked very much, just would not make the most of herself and one who perhaps could be overlooked because of her lack of ring confidence but a really lovely bitch who won her place on excellent construction & substance, good over the neck & topline with long sloping shoulders, shorter in rib than 1 but enough length of body to allow her to move freely, looked so good in profile going around the ring, a bit less muscled in quarters than one but one who showed good driving action behind, excellent coat, feet and tail. 3rd Crook`s Balrion Weathertop Jayne Eyre. 4th Downey-Tulloch’s Tullochmohr Sheer Bliss. 5th Lesley’s Steeleigh Truly Tempting.

JB (29). I can truthfully say that I changed my mind a number of times during the judging of this class, all five placings were hotly contested and without a doubt this was one of the best classes of the day. 1st McGillivray`s Antonine Allure, a striking yellow who has great ring presence for a youngster, stands off her handler and displays such a balanced outline, she has excellent construction and must be a dream to show as she has the ability to set herself up four square with little need for any adjustment to her stance, feminine head which is maturing along nicely, with an alert but kind expression, she is so well made over the neck and shoulders, excels in topline with a tail straight of her back, is short coupled but has enough length of rib to enable her to move freely with style and purpose, not in the best coat today but this was the only point I could find on her that might have been better and the great thing is that it will grow back, this was a stunning class that surely holds a few future champions, with maturity this bitch cannot be overlooked for top honours. 2nd Hodge`s Naiken Russian Rhythm JW this black is another stunner and one that I have watched grow from a very sweet promising puppy into a beautiful young bitch, very close up to the winner, she has a feminine head which is well balanced with a good length of muzzle, she has kind expressive eyes and also uses her ears well to show an alert expression, one who has a good length of leg to body proportions, ample bone which continues right down and through her pasterns giving them strength and resilience, neat compact feet with well arched toes, so clean over the neck with a good lay of shoulders and excellent topline, another who was not carrying a full coat which was more evident over her tail and quarters but again it will grow back, today I felt she lost concentration and perhaps was not giving her best, however she moved so well around the ring and her more positive front action won her the placing over another top quality black who took third, suffice to say that I would have been happy to take any one of them home with me.. 3rd Hepper`s Mardas Sahara Silk. 4th Anthony & Jayes Sandylands Wait Awhile.

YB (26) 1st Rawlinson & Balshaw`s Halshimoor Tickety Boo JW – what a lovely youngster this is, she stands out for construction and presentation and is really superb in profile, like the Junior bitch she is allowed to show off her qualities with the minimum of fuss, her head has a good length and depth of muzzle and is very feminine with kind expressive eyes, I particularly like the size and overall balance of this bitch, she has the correct shoulder angulation with a clean neck which flows into a strong topline, her structure is such that her length of body enables her to reach in front on the move and drive well from behind, this is done positively and without exaggeration, she carries a good double coat of the correct texture, her quarters are well muscled and strong with good width in second thigh, although she is still very young, in the challenge there was no other who pleased me more for type and sheer quality, there is no doubt in my mind that this young bitch will gain her title, she must surely be one of the loveliest bitches around, carries herself so well on the move and beat off some strong contenders, I was delighted to be the first to award her a CC. 2nd Harrington`s Oakingham Love-In-The-Mist JW – black I have admired for sometime from the ringside, feminine head with true Labrador expression, she has the correct length and angulation in shoulder and looks beautiful over the neck and topline, short coupled with good depth of brisket, her coat is of the correct texture and shows good undercoat, today I felt she was perhaps having a bit of a problem with her tail as she didn’t appear to be completely happy with it, on the move she carried herself so well, I really like the size and overall construction of this bitch, she has plenty of scope and is strong without losing any femininity, one to watch for the future. 3rd Luty & Simpson`s Foxrush Charlies Angel. 4th Anthony & Jayes Gold Finch of SandYlands.

MB (17) 1st Hodge`s Carromer Obsession At Naiken – sweet black, won this class on her balance, good proportioned feminine head, excellent bone and feet, shown to advantage, calm and steady, she has good shoulders and is short coupled with good depth of brisket and lovely otter tail, would not like to see her carry any more weight as she is not a big bitch and more would spoil her outline, liked her on the move, sound and positive. 2nd Lesley`s Steeleigh Truly Tempting – was difficult to split these two bitches as they were both of lovely quality, just felt 1 was better balanced on the day, nevertheless this youngster has such a lot to like about her, is very eye-catching and is handled to get the very best out of her, she is all Labrador with a sweet head & expression and good overall conformation, she has a free and easy stride on the move. 3rd Mulligan & Marchant`s Alanwood Sensational Star. 4th Dantinnes Zanys Fallen Star.

NB (15) 1st McGillivray`s Antonine Allure. 2nd Hepper`s Mardas Sahara Silk – this bitch was so unlucky on the day to be beaten in the Junior class, she has such quality and is an outstanding bitch from any angle, reminded me so much of my own "Roisin," she has a beautiful head and expression, just the correct amount of bone and substance for her frame, stunning over the neck and shoulders, this is where for me she really excels, excellent topline and tail, carries an good double coat and is so very typical of the wonderful bitches this kennel is known for. I watched her take BP at Crufts and I thought she was so unexaggerated and beautiful, there is no doubt that this bitch will gain her title and deservedly so. 3rd Luty & Simpson`s Foxrush Charlies Angel. 4th Litherland’s Ladrow Oyster Catcher of Oakhouse.

UB (15). 1st Elliot`s Eneleon Hollyhock – liked this bitch for her balance and scope in body, very feminine head with good length & depth of muzzle, lovely expressive eyes, clean strong neck with long sloping shoulders, really excels in topline which just flows from the shoulders, has good length of rib but is short in couplings, has depth of brisket and now has that bit extra maturity that she has lacked, in good condition and coat, tail right off the back, although she moved freely around the ring she could perhaps have put a bit more into it, nevertheless she won a lovely class and is a quality bitch. 2nd Ganney`s Jodalu Peggie Sue Of Darrabol – darker yellow who was shorter in rib than one, fully deserved her place here, very feminine well proportioned head, strong over the neck, perhaps not the shoulder angulation of 1 but not short in upper arm, good depth of brisket, strong over the quarters, her handler needs to learn to stand off her as this tends to make her push back into her shoulders and this spoils her topline, moved extremely well and is another quality bitch. 3rd Shirton`s Woolman Carrie. 4th Lambert’s On The Horizon to Harrop.

GB (17) 1st Crook`s Balrion Weathertop Westerly – what a beautiful head this bitch has, she optimises what a Labrador head is all about, breathtaking expression, so kind and gentle and very feminine, she has an equally lovely front with good shoulders well angulated, strong neck and good depth of brisket, is balanced all through with excellent bone and substance, good length of rib and strong firm quarters that were well muscled, she moved with a free positive action, all Labrador with a wonderful tail which is clothed with a thick dense coat, she was in excellent condition and carries such a good double coat, I liked this one very much. 2nd Taylor`s Brigburn French Connection With Fabracken – unlucky to be beaten in this class, the first two bitches complimented each other well, both Labradors in type and temperament, 2 was not as mature as the winner and not carrying the best of coats today, nevertheless a bitch with so much potential, have watched her grow from a raw puppy into a lovely bitch, like her size and scope, she has good length of body but remains balanced and above all else has a wonderful disposition, looked very comfortable going around the ring, moving with a free and easy stride. 3rd Harris`s Ravenshall Home Bird. 4th Hopkinson’s Rocheby Witch Hazel. 5th Cadman’s Angelpoise Annabelle.

PGB (29)1st Hepper`s Lindall Double Honour For Mardas – lovely black who won this class on her sheer unexaggeration and beautiful breed type, she has a lovely outline and is well constructed from nose to tail, very feminine with a kind expression, excellent over the neck & shoulders, strong firm topline which flows from she well structured front, just the correct degree of angulation over the quarters, really excels in outline with the look of quality, sound on the move and covered the ring well with good driving action behind. 2nd Reynold`s Carromer Too Hot To Handle JW – have always liked this bitch and placed her highly last time I judged, nothing has changed I still think she is superb and I really struggled in this class deciding the first placings, this bitch is so well constructed overall, she has a feminine head and expression and beautiful round bone which continues right through to her pasterns, a good layback of shoulder and excellent spring of ribs, she carries a very good coat and tail and is another who moved extremely well, as always she is presented and handled to perfection. 3rd Charlton`s Foxrush Giselle. 4th Mill’s Lembas Wish Upon A Star.

LB (31) 1st Pollock`s Pollham Aria – I was blown away at how well this bitch looked today, I have always like her for type and construction but today for me she just simply had that wow factor, she looked sensational and was in such good coat and condition, she has a lovely head, well balanced with a kind expression and good length & depth of muzzle, is so well constructed overall with the correct degree of angulation front and rear, another who is all Labrador and one who really did not out a foot wrong here, standing or on the move, if this bitch keeps this body, condition and attitude she must surely be in line to take the very top honours, I was delighted to award her the Res CC in real strong competition. 2nd Porter`s Lindall Double Blue – I was delighted to have the chance to go over this beautiful black, I really thought she might have been one of the top winners here today, she has the best of fronts, is wonderful to go over, lovely head and expression, superb bone & substance, her coat illustrates just how a "Labrador" coat should look and feel, beautiful tail which is clothed with a thick dense coat, I would say that this bitch and my Graduate winner had without a doubt the best coats here today, she moved around the ring soundly but did not move with the drive and reach of the winner, nevertheless she is one of the best bitches in the ring and her title can’t be far off. 3rd Rawlinson`s Halshimoor Crescendo At Shanorrell. 4th Lesley’s Steeleigh Star Performer.

OB (13). This was such a difficult class to judge. While I have watched "Tayna" on countless occasions and have admired her many qualities, I would have put money on placing my first two very differently. I have adored "Spellbound" from the very first time I saw her and gave her the Res CC last time I judged bitches. I also consider her to be one of the best bitches in the ring. Today proved to me once again that one should never try to judge from outside the ring. 1st Downey-Tulloch`s Sh Ch Tullochmohr Tayna – I really was surprised at how much I liked this bitch, I have always thought from the ringside that she looked a little heavy over the shoulder and was perhaps a shade short in upperarm, however, when you do go over this yellow she has an ample length of neck and enough layback of shoulder to give her balance and unrestricted front movement, although she has a tendency at times to drop her ears, this does not detract from the overall balance of her head and kind feminine expression, I like her size and strength in body, she has good depth of brisket and spring of rib, has excellent bone which continues down and through her pasterns, she carries a very good coat and tail and is another who is strong but still remains very feminine, today I felt she just had the edge over 2 in body and coat, her quarters are well muscled and she moves with good drive and reach, she is a lovely bitch and impressed me so much that I considered her strongly in the challenge, she was one of three bitches I pulled out in the final line up and rightly so, a very worthy champion 2nd Carpanini`s Sh Ch Mambrinos Spellbound Of Carpenny – a wonderful bitch from any angle, she has superb ring presence and is so well presented by her handler, she stands four square and excels in outline, clean over the neck and shoulders with an excellent topline, she has enough bone and substance for her frame and although she was beaten today, my mind has never changed over the quality of her construction, she is so unexaggerated and I love the way she carries herself around the ring, she has style and moves positively with sufficient drive and reach, I really think this bitch would benefit from a litter as she looked a degree immature against the other bitches in this class, nevertheless her sheer quality and conformation is such that she cannot be ignored . 3rd Braddon`s Trendlewood Perfect Day. 4th Bailiss Sh Ch Tissalian Oh Sanchia.

Special Beginners Bitch (12). 1st Dodd`s Eneleon Quail - the outline on this youngster is excellent, she has a beautiful topline and is so well constructed in front, short coupled but with sufficient length of rib to give her balance both standing and on the move, although her head is not classic she is very feminine and uses her ears well to show her kind alert expression, a very good bitch who should be judged on her qualities, as she has many, moved very well. 2nd Hamilton`s Talard Catch Me If You Can – I have judged this bitch before and she has matured along well, her head is kind and feminine with the correct balance between length of muzzle and skull, she has a strong clean neck with well angulated shoulders and good depth of brisket, she carries the correct coat and moved off well to gain her place in this class. 3rd Hallgarth`s Belstame Serenity TAF. 4th Crellin’s Mallendyke Mystic Silk At Aalin Carrey.

VB (6,1) 1st Timm`s Sh Ch Lejie Cherry Blossom - I judged this bitch when she was a junior and she won a very strong class then, she has maintained the same quality and style she had as a youngster and won another strong class of beautiful Veterans, this bitch has always had the knack of drawing your eye to her, she is very alert with a feminine head and intelligent expression, clean and strong over the neck with good topline and depth of brisket, she is wide over the loin with well developed strong quarters, she is still as enthusiastic as ever on the move but has slowed down a degree which enables you to better access her movement, a lovely bitch and one that has retained her love of being in the ring. 2nd Allen`s Allenies Stolen Moment – a real sweet bitch with such a lovely head and expression, has excellent construction and substance, not as much of a showgirl as the winner but one who is so very well balanced from nose to tail, I liked the way she looked at me, all Labrador, a quality bitch who won her place over a real favourite of mind who today like me was "carrying a bit too much weight". 3rd Charlton`s Foxrush Blue Saphire. 4th Brougham’s Bromstead Blues Singer. Sp Open Chocolate

B (7) 1st Hodge`s Buckholt Katie At Naiken JW - a lovely bitch and one I have judged before, today I was pleased to see her mind was on the job in hand and she presented herself so well in this class, as I have written before she is a bitch of unquestionable quality and type, a beautiful head, balanced, feminine and with a good length and depth of muzzle, a good layback of shoulder and a clean strong neck, she has always had a tendency to lose her topline when she relaxes but today she was on her toes and showed herself off to advantage, she has such an unexcitable outlook to the show ring very calm and controlled, another who looked very comfortable going around the ring, moving with a free and easy stride. 2nd Taylor`s Fabracken Pure Meadow Brown, another who is so well put together, a kind alert expression on a very feminine head, well constructed all through with good length of rib and well muscled quarters, she has excellent bone and substance, is strong but still remains feminine and carries a good double coat and excellent tail, she moved around the ring with a free unexaggerated stride, she decided to join us in another class prior to officially coming into the ring to compete and this confirmed her lovely Labrador disposition, unlucky to meet "Katie" in such fine form. 3rd Manning`s Peeverwitch Twinkle For Overmarsh. 4th Jenkinson’s Withymead Jade

Margaret Brown