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Allen & Endal - flying high in perfect formation

Allen and Endal line up with the Red Arrows!

ALLEN AND ENDAL, the indomitable due who are very much the face of the charity Canine Partners for Independence were guests recently at a display at an RAF base which was staged to showcase the charity’s work.

Last week at RAF Cranwell, Lincolnshire, Canine Partner's display team showed off their skills in a presentation about the work of the charity to an enthralled audience of over 500 people that consisted of service personnel from RAF Cranwell and also children from the local Cranwell primary school.

The Canine Partners team showed how the charity's dogs are trained, starting when they are raw recruits at a mere 6 weeks old and then through to eventual partnership placement when they are approximately 18 months old. With Canine Partner Endal at his side, Allen Parton explained the benefits of assistance dogs from a partner’s perspective which was so appropriate, it being from an ex- serviceman's point of view on this occasion and it was well received by the service community that attended.

For ex-sailor Allen – who served for 20 year in the Royal Navy - it was quite nerve racking address so many RAF personnel, but as Allen said in his talk "that he felt he able to call himself a pseudo RAF member" having had actually spent over two and a half years in RAF hospitals and rehab units following his head injury suffered whilst on active service during the 1991 Gulf war.

"We spent two days at RAF Cranwell,"said Allen. "It was so great to be back in a world that truly is unique and exclusive to military personnel. We were all made to feel so at home".

Allen added "When one comes back injured from a conflict after serving Queen and Country, such as happened to me, there is always a feeling of guilt that one has, that you have let everyone down in some way and that you have failed your service colleges. The RAF Cranwell team would have none of that self-pity and we were just made so genuinely welcome by everyone."

The event was organised by RAF Cranwell's B Squadron, 214 Initial Officer Training Course, who graduated just over a fortnight ago. The students raised £3,400 for charity through out their time at RAF Cranwell. They donated £1,700 to Canine Partners and £1,700 to Hazel's Footsteps, a charity aimed at helping students in disadvantaged countries.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a puppy parent or would like to help Canine Partners can contact the charity either by ringing 0845 6580480 or by visiting the website at for further information.