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Four dogs stolen from same road

FOUR DOGS have been stolen from the same road, prompting fears of an organised dog theft ring operating in the North West.

In May, a German Shepherd puppy and 10 year-old Springer Spaniel were stolen from two separate addresses in a cul-de-sac in Rochdale, Lancs. Then, less than a month later on June 28th, a Dalmatian cross and an 18 month-old Border Collie bitch were stolen from another two addresses in the same cul-de-sac.

The owner of ‘Molly’ the Collie, Joanne Tomlinson told OUR DOGS: "It’s very distressing and it’s obvious that the thieves have targeted our road. Fred, my neighbour’s Dalmatian cross was taken on the same day as Molly – they were both stolen from our gardens. We’ve informed DogLost UK and they’ve put out posters and media releases, and we’ve had a few calls, but nothing concrete yet. All my neighbours and I are hopeful that our dogs will be returned unharmed to us."

There is a reward on offer for the dogs’ safe return or information regarding their whereabouts. Please contact Joanne Tomlinson on: 01706-642911 or 07833 – 386749. Alternatively, please contact DogLost UK on: 01909-733366 or via their website at: