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Royal Canin Dog Professional Partnership

The Royal Canin Managing Director Francois Demauge, along with his team including the National Dog Professional Sales Manager Gary Gray met at Paignton to finalise the new “Dog Breeder Strategy” which is being launched at Richmond Championship Show this year.

Breeders and owners are a respected and invaluable sources of information and the benefit’s of their products for their dogs. This was part of their aim in developing a breeders’ network in order to get feedback on a permanent basis. Making an important partnership between the company and its clients.

Royal Canin puts a great emphasis on ‘recommendation by breeders’. At Royal Canin they think that breeders are the best people to convey the Health Nutrition message to the new puppy owner.

Francois Demauge, managing director, says “It is very important to us that everybody pays for their products. As far as we are concerned there are no “big names” but people with whom we want to build a working partnership. The only difference in price is based on the size of orders”
The new Dog Professional Partnership will offer not only a unique bulk buying price structure but also a cash based incentive programme that is tailored to the individual potential of each dog professional.

l Breeders can benefit from special rates according to the size of their order.
l To reward loyalty Royal Canin is putting in place a cash incentive programme reassessed every year and based on the kennel potential if all the dogs are fed Size Health Nutrition Professional.

By doing so Royal Canin is developing a price structure benefiting every breeder. Breeders of small breeds for example will may not be able to get an important discount on their orders but will still benefit from preferential rates and will be able to get some money back at the end of the year - thanks to the cash incentive programme.

l Breeders will also be provided with a card. This card will allow them to buy their Size Health Nutrition Professional products from shows.

l Last but not least, to enhance recommendation the quality of the puppy packs will be improved in order to give breeders the best possible tools to increase recommendation.

The Management team believe this will make it a more level playing-field for all breeders They also believe this will be an improved system making it more inclusive because we all share the same passion “dogs” and their well being.