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RSPCA seize greyhounds from transporter

BRISTOL POLICE have been forced to issued a hotline phone number for owners to contact after the RSPCA impounded a number of Greyhounds travelling from Ireland to the UK on Wednesday last week

It is understood that Bristol police stopped a large transporter, believed to be the property of Irish Greyhound racer and breeder Ben McBride, after a minor traffic violation. On searching the vehicle, the police called in the RSPCA, having been unhappy with the manner in which the dogs were being transported.

Sergeant Mark Raddy of Bristol police stated: "I'd like to stress that it was the conditions in which the dogs were being transported - not that of the animals themselves - that gave us cause for concern, and that was why we called in the experts from the RSPCA.

"The decision was taken that the dogs were not to continue along their journey in this fashion, and so they were impounded by the RSPCA at kennels around the area until we can reunite them with their owners.

National Greyhound Racing Council security officer Noel Thompson confirmed that the Club had been contacted by the RSPCA and were offering assistance, stating: "We were made aware of the situation and have helped where we can. Obviously when the police are involved we have to take a back seat until they say otherwise.

"The RSPCA wanted a set of our guidelines on the safe transportation of greyhounds - which is on our website - and we were happy to provide it, along with any information regarding deciphering the paperwork relating to the dogs."