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Charlie is THE Chocolate Labrador!

Meet Charlie, a cute little chocolate Labrador and latest recruit for Dogs for the Disabled. This truly scrumptious little dog has been named after this summer’s film blockbuster Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and will one day be the golden ticket to a disabled person’s independence.

At just twelve weeks old, he may only be the size of an Oompa-Loompa but this sweet puppy is already showing signs of being a great assistance dog. One day he will be able to do a range of tasks including opening and closing doors, emptying the washing machine and even helping a person undress. Most of all, an assistance dog can open up new opportunities and adventures to disabled person’s life.

Dogs for the Disabled is a national charity that trains dogs to help disabled people live independently. Since the charity was founded in 1988 by Frances Hay it has trained over 300 partnerships to help disabled children and adults. Frances was disabled herself and saw the benefits a dog could bring to others with disabilities and founded the charity.