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Lucky Lab!

THE VETERINARY profession nowadays comes in for its fair share of criticism, but if Bobby the Labrador pup could only speak, it is certain that he would have nothing but praise for the kind hearted staff at one particular surgery in Warrington, Cheshire.

Eleven month old Bobby, the product of a puppy farm, was born with hip dysplasia so severe he can barely walk. Urgently in need of a hip replacement, Bobby’s luck took an upward turn when he was handed in to District Dog Rescue, based at Rose Tree Farm Kennels, a small, independently run charity which helps dogs in need of urgent veterinary treatment.

Volunteers at the Rescue contacted Maple Veterinary Surgery for help and their appeal was answered by Vet John Cartwright and his kind hearted staff. Mr Cartwright agreed to do the operation at cost price and he and his nurses gave up their Sunday off to perform the operation without pay.

Rose Tree Kennels in Cuerdley are generously supporting Bobby, too, by providing free board and twice daily hydrotherapy sessions, which must continue after the operation to help strengthen the pup’s muscles.

District Dog Rescue is ultimately looking to rehome Bobby with a loving family in the area so that his swimming sessions and veterinary consultations can continue.

l If you would like to know more about Bobby, or help District Dog Rescue, contact Manager Catherine Moore on 07812 137177.